April 29, 2008

Supply-Side Stunner: April US Receipts on Track for Record

Those of us, including myself, who thought that the supply-side boom in federal receipts had totally played out, as well as those who are concerned about the condition of the economy, have received a surprising bit of good news this month.

Old Media, which doesn’t seem interested in looking for, let alone finding, good news, is not reporting a very interesting development. With two business days remaining in April, Uncle Sam’s Daily Treasury Statement shows that federal receipts from income and employment taxes, before refunds, are actually ahead of all of April 2007:


(Prior-year links: April 30, 2007 Daily Treasury Statement; April 2007 Monthly Treasury Statement.)


TILTPAT-BIDHAT4 (042908, Morning)

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“Things I‘d Like To Post About Today; But I Don’t Have Any Time ‘4‘”:

  • Clinton requests $2.3B in earmarks – three times largest amount ever by a Senator.
  • From Drudge: Katie Couric was down to a new record low 5.34 million viewers last week.
  • The Supremes’ ruling on Indiana’s voter ID law went the right way, and was long overdue. John Fund has more (“A Victory Over Voter Fraud”; HT Instapundit).
  • Obama talks about “provocative” Wright sermons — none on the truly “provocative” topics.
  • Arianna is a global warming globaloney hypocrite. And your point is, what, that we’re supposed to be surprised…?

Positivity: Resolute teen finds her own way to health

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From Brookville, Ohio (videos are also at link):

Sunday, April 27, 2008

When Heather Grill Gruber was 17, her biggest fear was not waking up.

At 21, her biggest fear is the same as any other person her age. “I’m scared that I won’t make anything out of my life,” she says.

That’s the difference weight-loss surgery — and 280 lost pounds — can make. Even her fears have become ordinary.

Lounging on the couch listening to music was once her favorite activity; now it’s taking long walks in the park with her husband of five months, Sanford Gruber.

“It’s a Cinderella story,” said her aunt, Danetta Brubaker of Brookville. “On her wedding day I was just ecstatic she was still with us. It was a miracle day.”

At times the wedding resembled something out of a TV sitcom. The justice of the peace, Brookville Mayor David Seagraves, kept getting lost on the way to the Memories banquet hall in Huber Heights, calling every few minutes for fresh directions.

A button came loose on the lace jacket of Heather’s wedding dress, with the bride calling out, “Does anybody have a safety pin?”

But nothing ruffled her deep-seated happiness as she prepared to marry Gruber, the man she met at the home of a mutual friend in July 2006.

“I’m wearing a fairy-tale dress and I’m about to marry the man of my dreams,” she declared. “So nothing else matters.”

Brubaker calls her niece “an old soul” whose long experience as a social outcast has made her more sensitive to the needs of others.

“People are apt to read a book by its cover,” said Heather. “When you’re obese most people won’t take the time to get to know you. But my real friends know I’m a good person and a great listener. I’m not a slob; I’m actually a neat freak. When I get mad, I do the dishes.”

She is saving money to have the excess skin from her rapid weight loss surgically removed. She could lose an additional eight to 20 pounds from that procedure. Her weight loss has slowed considerably, but her bariatric surgeon, Dr. John Maguire, remains optimistic about her progress. “She is maintaining well,” said Maguire, who now practices with Premier Bariatric Associates at Miami Valley Hospital. “When patients have kept the weight off for several years after the surgery, they tend to keep it off.”

Kim Hedgcorth, Maguire’s assistant, notes that Heather’s maturity enabled her to do better with the dating scene than many bariatric patients: “Sometimes they don’t know how to date and they pick the wrong people. But Heather did a great job. She and Sanford are so dear together.”

They were married on Nov. 9, 2007. At the wedding, Maguire almost couldn’t believe he was watching the same person he met as a 535-pound teenager.

She has shed 280 pounds, the equivalent of “a very big linebacker,” Maguire said.

“Her life was very limited,” he recalled.

It didn’t look limited at the wedding. One minute she was dancing with friends to “Another One Bites the Dust,” and the next she was touting the sugar-free wedding cake her groom had just smashed into her face. …..

Go here for the rest of the story.