May 30, 2008

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Big-Government Environmentalism Wears Out Its Welcome’) Is Up

It’s here.

Their home-page tease is pretty good too — “America’s presidential hopefuls are pushing government-heavy approaches to climate change — just as the rest of the world is rebelling against them.”

I will post the column here at BizzyBlog Sunday morning (link won’t work until then) under the title “Governments Find It’s Not Easy Being ‘Green’ While Trying to Fleece Citizens” after the blackout expires.

Follow-up thought: It’s interesting how the “we ought to follow world opinion” crowd, and their media water-carriers in the US, are stone silent on “the world’s” rejection of draconian taxes and living-standard reductions to fight “global warming.” Maybe it’s because the “rest of the world” has figured out that it’s all a bunch of globaloney.


UPDATE: Today’s edition of the CCNet daily e-mail I referred to in the PJM column has these three stories leading it, each from the UK (links added by me) –

(1) GREEN TAXES ON THE ROPES AS PUBLIC BACKLASH GROWS — Local Transport Today, 30 May 2008

The Government was struggling to maintain its green taxation agenda on transport this week amid truckers’ fuel protests, a media onslaught and a revolt by its own backbenchers. Ministers, already alarmed at Labour’s plummeting poll ratings and stung by this month’s byelection defeat in Crewe and Nantwich, this week insisted that they were in listening mode to the protestors, which suggests they may be prepared to abandon policies that are central to their attempts to reduce transport’s carbon dioxide emissions.

(2) BROWN HIT BY WORST PARTY RATING EVER — Jeremy Lovell, Reuters, 30 May 2008

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ruling Labour Party has registered its worst opinion poll showing since surveys began in 1943, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday. It said the YouGov poll showed Labour on 23 percent against 47 percent for the opposition Conservatives, underlining voter concerns about a slowing economy, rising fuel and food prices and a botched tax reform that have battered Brown’s popularity.

(3) GAS BILLS SET TO CRASH THROUGH THE £1,000 BARRIER — Gerri Peev, The Scotsman, 29 May 2008

Householders have been warned to brace themselves for “catastrophic” rises that could take their gas bills to £1,000 a year, after prices nudged to a record high yesterday. The average bill is set to soar by nearly £400 as energy companies prepare to pass on the costs of wholesale gas prices, which have surged. This would take the average gas bill from £665 to £1,091, the first time it has been more than £1,000. This is double what it was in January last year and treble the average bill just six years ago.

How is this not news in the US? If this were happening to Tony Blair over opposition to British military involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’d be reading about it daily.

UPDATE 2: In light of the previous update, isn’t it “amazing” that the New York Times’s coverage of Labor’s Crewe and Nantwich losses last week says absolutely nothing about unpopular “green” taxes on older vehicles or the truckers’ protest? In fact, you’ll see a bit of blame-shifting to the US (not kidding) for Gordon Brown’s troubles.


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  1. They are too busy bashing Hillary in support of Obama to even pay attention to world issues. Besides, as all liberals know, as soon as the public becomes aware of the true costs and effects of liberal advocacy, they promptly loose interest stopping following. The libs are banking on the interia of the AGW movement to carry the day for them, they know their time is running out, that’s why we get ever more shrill in pronouncements of doom if we don’t cut NOW! Like any well skilled conartist, you try to make the mark rush into a decision lest they think too deeply and don’t do what you want them to do. Salespitches are based upon emotion, facts bleed the life out of the emotional ploy.

    Comment by dscott — May 30, 2008 @ 1:30 pm

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