June 8, 2008

Quotes of the Day: On Enviro-Nonsense and World Living Standards

U.K. Business Secretary John Hutton speaks, and in this case people should listen.

From Bloomberg, a quote from (HT the indispensable CCnet e-mail from Benny Peiser):

“We must strongly resist the temptation to demonize the new Asia economies,” Hutton told executives in Hong Kong today, according to a text released in London. “Those who think the answer to dealing with the challenges of climate change is to tell the people of China or India to sacrifice the sort of living standards that we have enjoyed are deeply misguided.”

….. “It is the right of every person and every nation to strive for a better way of life,” Hutton said.

The environmental movement ought to be renamed the “Y’all Stay Poor Coalition.”

Peiser scolds Hutton in his e-mail:

Well said, Mr Hutton! But what about the British people? Don’t they also have the right to strive for a better way of life, without having to sacrifice their standards of living on the altar of green taxes?


Positivity: Rediscovering Lindsay

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From Richmond, Virginia (video slideshow is at link):

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 – 12:00 AM Updated: 08:35 PM

Her days can be tiring and tedious, made worse by pain, frustration and doubt.

But just as often — maybe more so — the days yield little victories to celebrate in the larger battle that has become her life.

Recently, in the course of a long and not exactly pain-free afternoon spent sitting in a medical office, Lindsay Aronson Ess reached up to adjust her cap, high-fived a friend and, before her visit was over, signed her name. The signature was little more than an awkward scrawl, but to Lindsay it was a thing of beauty.

As she lifted pen from paper, a weary but satisfied smile crossed her face, and she let out a small cheer.

No big deal, you say.

But only if you have hands.

Then she walked — a bit wobbly but unaided — to her mother’s car.

Again, no big deal.

But only if you have feet.

That Lindsay is upright at all is a wonder, considering only months ago she was lying near death in a hospital, her body wracked by massive infection. Doctors saved her life but had to amputate her arms below her elbows and her legs below her knees.

She was 24 years old, a recent college graduate with a job waiting for her and a boyfriend wanting to marry her. Before her harrowing four-month hospital stay, her future had looked so bright.

By her reckoning, it still does.