June 11, 2008

Positivity: Last Night at Work Spared Storm Survivor

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From Madisonville, a Cincinnati neighborhood:

Last Update: 6/05 2:01 am

Every weather emergency brings at least one amazing story of survival.

Wednesday night was no exception.

A Madisonville woman owes her life to getting stuck late at work.

Police and rescue crews darted from one toppled tree to another as limbs brought down power lines and entire utility poles snapped in two.

One of those poles not only knocked out electricity, but also shut down Plainville Road in Madisonville.

And while the large tree that fell in front of Hyde Park Community Church spared the house of worship – there was an even bigger miracle down the road.

“Tree fell on the house and the house was split in half,” said homeowner Dianna Wallace.

Wallace is alive tonight, simply because she had to stay late at work.

She would have been right in the line of the tree when the storm hit, in the kitchen now covered by a pile of rubble.

“Yes, yes. I would have. I would have been fixing something to eat,” said Wallace.

The same violent storm that took down a 250-year-old tree in Norwood, ripped through Wallace’s Madisonville neighborhood.

The tree that fell on her house flattened the kitchen, the dining room and two bedrooms.

She was spared, along with her children.

“So, I thank God. I really do,” said Wallace. “Thank God that I was not here.” …..

Go here for the rest of the story.


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