June 21, 2008

Excerpt of the Morning: On Dems v. Bush

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From Politico.com:


Hmm. I wonder if that turnaround has anything do with that party’s selection of the candidate I refer to as “Mr. BOOHOO-OUCH” (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama – Objectively Unfit Coddler of Haters) as its presidential nominee?

I have a guaranteed solution for restoring the Democrats’ lead: In the polling question, ask who is “the stronger leadership farce in Washington.”


UPDATE: The Gallup detail:




  1. Notice that the Presidency also beats out Television news and Newspapers…no wonder media keeps attacking Religion and the Military.

    Also note that the SCOTUS is the highest performing branch, but it is the “Police” that score the highest marks in government. Unless, of course, they are talking about Sting’s old rock group…

    It is kind of funny to hear Democrats saying that government should run healthcare when the medical system outperforms the government (except for the aforementioned The Police)…

    This was a pretty fun stupid poll…

    Comment by Matt Hurley — June 22, 2008 @ 10:21 am

  2. “Sting’s Old Rock Group…”

    That’s good.

    Comment by TBlumer — June 22, 2008 @ 1:25 pm

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