June 25, 2008

Obama Campaign to America: Step Away from the Oil

Of all the excuses (bolds are mine):

Barack Obama on Tuesday vowed he would break America’s addiction to “dirty, dwindling, and dangerously expensive” oil if he is elected U.S. president — and one of his first targets might well be Canada’s oil sands.

A senior adviser to Mr. Obama’s campaign told reporters it’s an “open question” whether oil produced from northern Alberta’s oilsands fits with the Democratic candidate’s plan to shift the U.S. sharply away from consumption of carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

….. The remarks amount to a shot across the bow of Alberta’s oil sands industry, which is planning to boost production from 1.3 million barrels a day to 3.5 million barrels over the next decade.

The industry has come under sustained attack from U.S. environmentalists over the past year because the production of its heavy oil emits an estimated three times more greenhouse gases than conventional oil.

….. Mr. Obama is committed to supporting energy sources that help slow climate change if elected — and he will reward industries that meet tough new greenhouse gas standards, Mr. Grumet said.

“It’s a meritocracy. We are going to support resources that diversify petroleum supplies, that bring more production to this hemisphere, and that meet our long-term obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” he said. “And I think it’s an open question as to whether or not the Canadian resources are going to meet those tests.”

Who died and put them in charge of the marketplace?

Once again, we see that “globaloney” — my term for the belief that the earth is warming (probably wrong), that humans are the primary cause of it if it is taking place (almost definitely wrong), and that drastic actions to reduce “greenhouse gases” is necessary to “save the planet” (how convenient for the command-and-control types) — leading to the conclusion that we can’t consume energy that is in abundance literally in our neighbor’s back yard.

Can’t drill offshore. Can’t drill in ANWR. Can’t build refineries. Can’t get use new technologies to get oil. Instead, bet on the come that some marvelous “alternative technology” will appear — and ridiculously quickly.

Isn’t it amazing that every time Barack Obama has a choice between continued economic growth and government control that either could or will jeopardize it, he chooses government control? Income taxes, capital gains taxes, energy, education, Social Security, health care — it goes on and on and on. Is there nothing he doesn’t want under his thumb?

Mark Levin is right — this guy is a blind ideologue, and a dangerously ignorant one at that. Facts don’t matter. Economic progress doesn’t matter. Only power does.

Couldn’t Help But Comment (062508, Morning)

Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah was defeated by Jason Chaffetz in Utah’s GOP Primary last night. The correct word, especially considering that Cannon was a six-term incumbent, is “trounced.”

Illegal immigration was a big issue, and Cannon was on the wrong side of it. The Wall Street “There Shall Be Open Borders” Journal will not be pleased.

With Cannon’s defeat, and a couple of successful insurgencies by the Club for Growth, I’m starting to believe that whoever is going to be president is going to face a slightly more conservative Congress, even if the Dems keep their majority. Even the GOP losses in Illinois and Mississippi were to Dems with non-PRO (Pelosi-Reid-Obama) positions. How much they were pretending is of course relevant and bears watching (see Bob Casey below).

Towards that end, House Republican leader, Ohio 8th District Congressman, and great American John Boehner would be well-advised to use Cannon’s defeat as a club to knock some sense into certain wandering RINOs.

Michelle Malkin has more, with a great assertion — “Now, this is real hope and change from a real maverick–a Republican running unashamedly and unequivocally as a conservative.”


So Jim Dobson is getting or soon will get grief for his comment that the presidential candidate I refer to as “Mr. BOOHOO-OUCH” (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama – Objectively Unfit Coddler of Haters) is “dragging Biblical understanding through the gutter.” I’ll be receptive to those criticizing Dobson when someone shows me the passage in the Bible saying that partial-birth abortion is acceptable, or further, that killing a baby that has survived an abortion — something Obama supported as an Illinois legislator — is okey-dokey.

Which reminds me — Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, with his ringing endorsement of Obama, has shown that he is a first-class fake, phony, and fraud on life issues. His late father, who was uncompromisingly prolife, is surely spinning in his grave.


I’ve been meaning to post this item, which was originally posted in a NewsBusters comment, for some time, as it points to something I had previously missed (yeah, that happens occasionally :–>):


Actually, Gary, revenues increased 181% from 2003 to 2007. Congressional Budget Office data (scroll down a bit at the link) show that 2000 was the previous high-water mark for corporate tax collections, until 2005 through 2007 blew away the previous record.

In 2008, corporate tax collections are down about 10%. After four years of ignoring them, 2008 is when the AP (and a writer at the Wall Street Journal) “somehow” began noticing what was happening. Great point by Gary.

For being such a “tool of corporate interests,” Bush 43 has sure extracted a lot of money from them.


Maggie Thurber, on the misnamed “Healthy Families Act” that may get onto the Ohio ballot in November:

There is nothing ‘family-friendly’ about a proposition that drives employers and jobs out of the state!

Her first commenter makes a great, sarcastic point:

The good news is that if this act passes, many Ohioans will have additional time to spend at home with sick family members … having no job to go to any longer.

Last year, I voiced objections to this nonsense here and here.

Positivity: Reluctant hero fought in the D-Day invasion, Battle of the Bulge

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From Redding, California (HT Good News Blog):

Monday, 2 June 2008

With two Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star to his credit, Milt Staley might have a hard time convincing people he’s not a hero.

Staley’s light weapons platoon landed on Utah Beach only a few hours after the initial D-Day assault, and corpses littered the beach as German snipers and enemy artillery continued to attack U.S. and Allied troops.

Although Staley was not injured in the amphibious landing, he was wounded by enemy mortar shrapnel six days later and wounded again by either mortar or grenade shrapnel during the fierce Battle of the Bulge.

But the 88-year-old, a Redding, Calif. resident since 1970 and a charter member of the Shasta County chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, does his best to downplay his wartime heroics.

“I was just one of a million guys doing his job,” Staley said.

Bill Philen, commander of the Purple Heart chapter, says Staley’s modesty is typical of World War II-era veterans.

“Without a doubt” Staley is a full-fledged hero, said Philen, citing his friend’s courageous war accomplishments. But, he said, Staley is more than a hero.

“He’s an all-around delightful man,” he said.