June 26, 2008

Things I’d Like to Post About Today ….. (062608, Morning)

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….. But I Don’t Have Any Time For:

  • Yeah, that’ll show him — “Mugabe, a Knight No Longer”
  • Ambrose Evan-Pritchard, in the wake of the Irish rejection of the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty — “Henceforth, Brussels will struggle to retain powers already amassed. Functions will flow back to the nation states, the proper venue for authentic democracy.” One hopes he is correct.
  • Obama loses his Teflon sheen in a trifecta of gaffes, along with any illusion that he’s in the lead.
  • From Gateway Pundit — Two more provinces, including Anbar, will be under Iraqi control effective Saturday. Media silence is deafening.
  • Alan Greenspan is trying to talk down the economy again.
  • Bill Bennett has 10 concerns about Obama. He barely scratches the surface.
  • An e-mailer tipped me to a great column by Thomas Sowell (there is no other kind) about the folly of imitating Europe in most public-policy areas.
  • There appears to be little doubt, based on info through today at icasualties.org, that the May-June death toll of US soldiers in Iraq (45 thus far) will be by far the lowest two-month total ever. The previous two-month low was 60 in November and December 2007.
  • The children at the New York Times outed a CIA interrogator (accordingly, no linky-dink for them; HT The Point via NixGuy) for no other defensible reason besides the fact that they could. What will they do if someone kills the guy for no other reason besides revenge — and the fact that the Times gave them the ability?

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