July 11, 2008

Couldn’t Help But Comment (071108, Morning)

Frequent commenter and discussion contributor dscott pointed me to the most recent monthly metro-area unemployment rates at Uncle Sam’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Out of 369 areas listed, the 16 metro areas with the highest unemployment rates, ranging from 8.8% to 19.2%, are all in either California or Michigan, including relative biggies Detroit and Flint in Michigan, and Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield in California. That fits the two-state recession, rest-of-country better model better than the “everything is seemingly out of control” media meme.

Talk about skewed: over 77% of all metro areas listed (286 of 369) have unemployment rates of 6% or LOWER.

But the rest of the country may not be feeling left out for too long: The POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy is attempting to spread the misery far and wide.


President Bush got heckled during a new citizen swearing-in ceremony last Friday. Add this to the under-reported interruptions of Gen. Petraeus’s testimony last year, and of Bush’s second inauguration speech (note how the Old Media headline disgracefully calls it “loud” and “peaceful”). Don’t forget the routine campus shout-downs of conservative speakers, sometimes to the point of forcing an end to the presentations.

Why is it that the incivility and intimidation always (and I believe that is not an exaggeration — if it’s not, there’s no way that it’s below 99%) comes from the left?

I also had to mention this because during my trip on Monday I heard a talk-show caller justify the Bush heckling by saying that they have no other outlet where they can vent. Gawd, what rubbish. They only have the comment sections after most online news stories, talk radio (which, uh, he was on), YouTube and its imitators, Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Air America, calling their congressmen, good old snail mail, plus a gazillion lefty blogs and forums — and of course they can start their own. The bottom line is that they think “free speech” also includes an automatic right to be heard. Nope.

Finally, don’t the new citizens have a right to an uninterrupted celebration of the blessed event? Yes they do.

Finally II — Note the total lack of any negativity towards the interrupters in the Bush July 4 coverage. But the ONE TIME I can immediately recall in over 30 years of paying pretty close attention to things that a liberal president got heckled by someone from the right — where a woman shouted at President Clinton about his personal scandals while he was jogging, not speaking — CNN-TV treated it like it was a high crime.


Here’s some really good news for Michigan, Detroit, and the US, with a stat-shocker throw-in (bolds are mine):

Michigan’s only gasoline refinery, Marathon Oil in southwest Detroit, received final permission Friday to begin a $1.9-billion expansion of its plant, which will create 800 construction jobs and more than 100 permanent jobs …..

….. The company had pile drivers in the ground at the site minutes after the Department of Environmental Quality announced it had approved its air pollution permit.

….. the new addition will be geared for squeezing gasoline and diesel fuel from controversial Alberta tar sands — unconventional heavy oil that has become more attractive as oil prices skyrocket.

….. Michigan once had more than 150 refineries.

The actual permanent job estimate is 135. If anyone knows of an increased output estimate, e-mail me.

It would be even better if the refinery would use US tar sands — but, as I understand it, the stewards of the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy would never dream of doing that.

You’ll see at the link that enviros are not pleased. Too bad, so sad.


Can’t let this one from Mao-excuser Nicholas Kristof at the International Herald last week slide by without my $.02 (bold is mine):

Patson Chipiro, a democracy activist, wasn’t home when Robert Mugabe’s thugs showed up looking for him.

So they grabbed his wife, Dadirai, and tormented her by chopping off one of her hands and both of her feet. Finally, they threw her into a hut, locked the door and burned it to the ground.

This is too much to take. In Nick’s world, to chop off body parts to intimidate political opponents is to “torment” (as a verb), while using aggressive interrogation techniques and waterboarding to get information that might save soldiers’ or others’ lives is “torture” that should never be allowed.

The howler headline of Kristof’s piece is “If Only Mugabe Were White.” Indeed: If Mugabe were white, Kristof might have written his report with accurate words.

It gets “better.” In a News York Times column Sunday, Kristof called for a “Truth Commission, with subpoena power, to investigate the abuses in the aftermath of 9/11.” I’m all for throwing the book at any person or group who stepped over the line. But Kristof surely wouldn’t be qualified to prepare a report. His Times column describing what our guys have allegedly done used the word “torture” six five times; the objectively less-negative word “torment,” not once.

So Nick, where’s the evidence that our guys have chopped off body parts?

An extended version of the last item at this post is at NewsBusters.org.


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