July 16, 2008

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Big Brother Doesn’t Want You Eating Burgers in LA’) Is Up

NoFastFoodCrossOut0708It’s here at Pajamas Media.

Here’s my tease (appetizer, if you will) for the column:

In a proposal that is stunning in both its ignorance and arrogance, a South-Central Los Angeles politician wants to place a moratorium on the construction of new fast-food restaurants in her area.

What is unfortunately not nearly as surprising is how Washington Post reporter Karl Vick let some huge, uh, whoppers go by without challenge when he covered this development.

It will go up at BizzyBlog on Friday morning (link won’t work until then) under the title “Oh (Big) Brother: LA Pol Wants New Fast-Food Outlet Halt; WaPo Reporter Eats It Up.”


UPDATE: Mary Katharine Ham was on this on Monday at the Examiner. Well, so was I, except there was editing and review time from above. :–>


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