July 24, 2008

‘The Case Against Mitt Romney’ Collection (072408)

The case, in one sentence — Mitt Romney’s constitutional subversion and poor economic stewardship while he was governor of Massachusetts; his risky and unvetted foreign, business, and political entanglements; and his conduct during the GOP primary campaign make him an objectively unfit and unacceptably risky vice-presidential pick for John McCain.

Don’t do it, John.

The Detailed Case:
- Part 1 — As Governor, What He Did to Massachusetts
- Part 2 — As Governor, What He Did to the Nation
- Part 3 — His Risky Associations and Entanglements
- Part 4 — His Disgraceful GOP Primary Campaign

Other Posts:
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From the Primary Season: Feb. 4 — The Pre-Super Tuesday Comprehensive Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney Index

UPDATE: At the Values Voter’s Blog — “Gregg Jackson makes some very serious charges against the conservative media establishment.”

UPDATE 2: My comments on yesterday’s disgraceful column by Ann Coulter are below the fold –

Coulter’s latest column claims that Romney hasn’t flipped on:

tax cuts, health care, same-sex marriage, illegal immigration and the surge in Iraq.

Baloney, Ann. You’re demonstrably wrong on each and every issue:

  • Taxes (“Romney Was Against the 2003 Bush Tax Cuts Before He Was For Them”).
  • Health Care — Romney’s campaign health care proposal (since taken down) was nowhere near the government-run fiasco he foisted on Massachusetts — the one that’s falling apart (backup link) while national conservatives are mostly pretending not to notice. Additionally, he has blamed Democrats for imposing costly mandates in the bill. Horse manure; he didn’t have to sign it and have a lovefest with Ted Kennedy at the same time. In February 2007, Liz Mair at Human Events saw through this charade. Human Events has since been observing radio silence on any substantive criticisms of Romney.
  • Same-Sex Marriage — Romney promised Log Cabin Republicans in 2002 that he wouldn’t get in the way of the impending Goodridge ruling. He didn’t; he imposed same-sex marriage on Massachusetts when he was not under any “order” to do so. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has done the same thing. Paul Weyrich has come around to the idea that accepting judicial supremacy is constitutionally wrong, and barring a miracle will condemn conservatives to minority status forever. Ann needs to do the same.
  • Illegal immigration — He allowed sanctuary cities to roll merrily along without criticism most of the time he was governor, and didn’t take an interest in the issue until his last year in office when he knew that appearing to be tough would help his presidential run.
  • Surge in Iraq — Romney supported deadlines and timetables (see the first video at “The Case, Part 4″ link). As late as December 2007 (2nd last paragraph), when most could see that the surge was working and casualties were way down, Romney said “It is a mess.”

The sincerity of Romney’s “epiphany” on abortion, the one flip-flop Coulter acknowledges, is not credible. By signing the post-”epiphany” CommonwealthCare (aka RomneyCare) into law, Romney put $50 taxpayer-subsidized abortions into the legal statutes in Massachusetts for the first time. To make his “epiphany” credible, he trashed Ronald Reagan’s and Henry Hyde’s prolife legacies. This apparently doesn’t bother Ms. Coulter.

I’m not thrilled with McCain; in fact, I’m unhappy about quite a few of his positions. But given the disastrous, incompetent alternative, I know what I’m doing on November 4 — unless McCain picks Romney as Veep. Then I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m not alone, as Romney’s consistent underperformance in the GOP primaries shows.


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  1. Ann (as well as Laura Ingraham) have been a huge disappointment throughout the last year. Many of us have tolerated Ann’s personality because her conclusions were at least indicative of someone who wanted to set the record straight. Clearly that is no longer true and being lawyers, they are both without excuse.

    Additionally galling is that their continue lying assumes that we, the people are either too dumb to understand and/or find out the truth.

    Laura Ingraham is speaking at the Dayton Right to Life dinner this year…what a joke, the woman who gushes over Mitt Romney, the man who instituted $50 abortions and shut down abortion alternatives (Catholic Charities) b/c he was forcing them to offer children to same-sex couples.

    We won’t be going this year…and since receiving the promo, our tithe has gone from DRTL to our local care center. Do they not vet-out their speakers?

    Thanks ladies, thanks a lot.

    Comment by Rose — July 24, 2008 @ 2:17 pm

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