August 6, 2008

Things I’d Like to Post About Today ….. (080608, Morning)

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….. But I Don’t Have Any Time For:

  • I hung on to this Hot Air link from a couple of weeks ago. In it, Captain Ed Morrissey speculated that maltreatment of reporters by the increasing arrogant campaign of “The One” I refer to as “Mr. BOOHOO-OUCH” (Barack O-bomba Overseas Hussein “Obambi” Obama – Objectively Unfit Coddler of Haters) might lead to a falling out and some less adulatory reporting.
    Has anyone seen any signs of that yet in Old Media? Didn’t think so.
  • Al Gore, call your office — “The new findings will add to fears of a serious risk of this (a new Ice Age) happening again in the UK and western Europe – and soon.”
  • Great points are made by James Pethokoukis at his US News “Capital Commerce” blog — “How General Petraeus Saved the U.S. Economy.” No wonder the Dems dislike Petreaus so much.
  • Separately, Pethokoukis hurled out this gem on Monday (bold is mine) — “The ’90s expansion was really two expansions. After the 1993 Clinton tax increases, the economy grew 3.2 percent—a so-so performance coming out of the 1990-91 recession. (By the way, the four quarters of 1992 saw GDP growth of 4.0 percent, 3.9 percent, 4.0 percent, 4.5 percent, so the Clinton economic team really started out on third but somehow think they hit a triple.) But after the 1997 cap gains cut, the economy grew at an average annual rate of 4.2 percent. When people refer to the ’90s economic boom, it’s really the 1997-2000 era that they’re taking about.”
  • Unbelievable — “Coburn renews battle with Ethics over baby deliveries.” That’s FREE baby deliveries. I dare someone to articulate a coherent reason why this is an ethical problem. I believe that the “problem” is that it is a powerful, positive example.
  • Hey Rahm Emanuel, Russ Harding of the Makinac Center and I have an answer to this (“Emanuel Asks McCain to ‘Clarify’ Stance on Great Lakes Oil Drilling”) — Drill in the Great Lakes, ASAP. Michigan’s and Ohio’s economies would both benefit. Did you notice that each state could use something, from somewhere? Memo to recent coastal drilling convert and still Great Lakes drilling opponent George Voinovich: Read Harding’s analysis and come on board. The water’s fine, and it will stay fine.
  • Noted “non-person” and Second Amendment scholar Brain Shavings has e-mailed this link to get this free bumper sticker (with a self-addressed, stamped envelope) –


    Good idea. Get an extra one to make up for me. In some parts where I travel, such a sticker would make me a likely candidate for a keying treatment I can ill afford.


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