September 9, 2008

Obamirage? Asian Times’s ‘Spengler’ Describes ‘Melancholy, Sour, Acrid’ Invesco

On September 3, an Asian Times writer known only as “Spengler” described a radically different scene at Invesco Field during the final night of the Democratic Convention from that conveyed by the networks and pundits. If Spengler’s take is accurate, it reveals a media elite more in the tank than even its harshest critics have imagined.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned Spengler’s column during his show today (see Item 9 at the link; page will go behind Limbaugh’s paid subscription wall in a week). As usual, Rush is right; it’s a read-the-whole -thing item. Here’s one important point Rush noted:

This guy thinks (Barack) Obama is going to lose because he has no character, he has no friends, all he has are people that he has used and stepped on as rungs of a ladder to get where he goes. He has no room for a real friendship because his angry wife, Michelle, crowds them all out.

If you think that’s something, wait until you read some of Spengler’s description of the atmosphere at Invesco Field on the night of Obama’s Greco-Roman Oration. Rush says that what Spengler has written confirms what an unnamed friend of his relayed to him from another final-night attendee:

Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last week seemed vastly different from the stands of this city’s Invesco Stadium than it did to the 40 million who saw it on television. Melancholy hung like thick smog over the reserved seats where I sat with Democratic Party staffers. The crowd, of course, cheered mechanically at the tag lines, flourished placards, and even rose for the obligatory wave around the stadium. But its mood was sour. The air carried the acrid smell of defeat, and the crowd took shallow breaths. Even the appearance of R&B great Stevie Wonder failed to get the blood pumping.

….. Al Gore, the famously wooden former vice president, gave a more lively and convincing speech than Obama did.”

On television, Obama’s spectacle might have looked like The Ten Commandments, but inside the stadium it felt like Night of the Living Dead. The longer the candidate spoke, and the more money he promised to spend on alternative energy, preschool education, universal health care, and other components of the Democratic pinata, the lower the party professionals slouched into their seats.

….. The Democrats were watching the brightest and most articulate presidential candidate they have fielded since John F Kennedy snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And this was before John McCain, in a maneuver worthy of Admiral Chester Nimitz at the Battle of Midway, turned tables on the Democrats’ strategy with the choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

….. Obama is the most talented and persuasive politician of his generation, the intellectual superior of all his competitors, but a fatally insecure personality. American voters are not intellectual, but they are shrewd, like animals. They can smell insecurity, and the convention stank of it. Obama’s prospective defeat is entirely of its own making. No one is more surprised than Republican strategists, who were convinced just weeks ago that a weakening economy ensured a Democratic victory

Especially if you follow my suggestion and read the whole thing, ask yourself, “Didn’t the media (that would include Fox) see what Spengler saw? If not, why not? And if they did, why didn’t we hear about it?”

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Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Think Enron Was Bad? Fredron and Fanron May Be Worse’) Is Up

It’s here.

It will go up at BizzyBlog on Thursday afternoon (link won’t work until then) under the title “Fredron and Fanron.”

Palin Killed Bridge to Nowhere, per ….. AK Dems

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The indefatigable Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has the news:

Alaska Democratic Party Deletes Page Crediting Sarah Palin with Killing ‘Bridge to Nowhere’

A web site paid for by the Alaska Democratic Party says unequivocally that the state of Alaska officially abandoned the Bridge to Nowhere project, and credits Governor Sarah Palin.

Or … it used to say that, before the page mysteriously vanished some time during the past few days

Indeed, the link goes to a now-empty page.

But Johnson notes that it has since been revived at another URL.

The original story comes from “The Senate Conservatives Fund,” and was also noticed by Jake Tapper at ABC shortly after Johnson caught it (considering the three-hour time difference between Johnson and Tapper on the west and east coasts). I should also point out that it’s conceivable that the story was merely moved, or that the remainder of the original URL (“/ted-earmarked-funds-for-bridge-that-goes-nowhere/”) was simply dropped.

Nonetheless, enjoy what Alaska Dems are saying about the Bridge (oddly titled), especially Palin’s role in it, because you won’t see it acknowledged at traditional media outlets:

Ted Earmarked Funds for Bridge that Goes Nowhere

The proposed Gravina Island Bridge, also known as the “Bridge to Nowhere,” became a national symbol of wasteful congressional spending and driver of earmark reform. On Sept. 21, 2007, the State of Alaska officially abandoned the controversial project.

The Gravina Island Bridge initially received $223 million in 2005 via earmarks by Alaska Senators Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski. The bridge would have connected Ketchikan, Alaska with its local airport on nearby Gravina Island (population 50). Congress stripped the earmark after a national uproar about it but appropriated the money anyway for unspecified transportation uses. Former Gov. Frank Murkowski’s administration set aside about $113 million of the appropriation for the Ketchikan bridge. However, Gov. Sarah Palin said the $398 million bridge was $329 million short of full funding, and only $36 million in federal funds were set aside for it. She said it was clear Congress had little interest in spending any more money for it and that the state had higher priorities.

We can quibble about specifics. But the fact is that Palin was governor when the project was abandoned, and no amount of spinning can change that.

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Blogging Adjustment Alert

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The Mothership Mac is in for repair for a few days, so I’m on an older Mac on an older system for a while.

While I’m getting used to some tech constraints, posts will probably be graphics-free, and posts of and responses to comments will be (even) slower.

While reorienting, here are some interesting posts elsewhere during the past day or so:

What’s really unfortunate is that the Mothership’s mechanical malaise will cause me to miss the McCain-Palin rally in Lebanon. Fortunately Nix, who says he’s going to the “Palin rally” (John McWho?), has it covered . It’s possible that Matt “People Should Know Him” Hurley at Weapons of Mass Discussion is there too, assuming he didn’t accept his invitation to go to the rally in Pennsylvania instead.

Positivity: Hero waitress saves diner’s life

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From Havertown, Pennsylvania (video is also at link; HT Daryn Kagan, who also has video):

Wednesday, March 05, 2008 | 10:00 AM

A Gwynedd-Mercy College student put her knowledge to good use in order to save a life.

It was Sunday night at dinnertime at the Lamplighter Tavern in Havertown. 19-year-old Genevieve Jordan was one of several waitresses there when an elderly diner became very ill.

“He was just slumped over and his son was going ‘Dad, dad.’ We didn’t know if he was choking,” Stefanie Hamnold said.

“He didn’t look like he was breathing. His lips were turning purple; his face was turning purple. He didn’t look good,” Kate Pfeffinger said.

911 was called, but the man had no pulse. CPR was required.

“Someone said who knows CPR, no one else said anything, I said I do,” Genevieve Jordan said.

As fate would have it, Genevieve is a cardiovascular technology major and she went to work, for the first time, on a live person, not a mannequin.

“At one point he started to cough. It was just a little cough&it was a good sign. It means air was getting into his lungs,” Genevieve said.

Along with the cough, the man’s pulse started picking up.

The ambulance arrived and the man was whisked to Delaware County Memorial Hospital where he is now listed in critical condition.

Genevieve learned CPR at Gwynedd Mercy College. Her professor says she tells her students to be prepared because an emergency can happen anytime. …..

Go here for the rest of the story.