October 24, 2008

Positivity: Rare Case, Quick Action

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From Abilene, Texas:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Twelve-year-old Sarah Robinson can’t fully understand how rare the cancer is that struck her suddenly one Friday afternoon or why it took four doctors and two operations to keep her alive.

But her mom, Michelle Robinson, sure does, which is why she can’t stop gushing about everyone who helped Sarah.

“What they did at Hendrick (Medical Center) saved her life,” Robinson said.

Sarah and her mother aren’t likely to forget that night anytime soon, nor are the doctors and nurses who handled Sarah’s case. When Sarah came through the doors of the emergency room that day, they had to act quickly to fix a problem that was like none other they had ever seen.


Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘POR [Pelosi-Obama-Reid] Congress the Most Profligate of Bush Years’) Is Up

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Conveniently timed to appear on the same day as today’s Never Find Out post on earmarks, my latest PJM column notes the free-spending ways sanctioned by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (with the unfortunate absence of sufficient vetoes by President Bush) during the budget year that just ended on September 30.

This “just happens” to be the first year over which the Democratic Congress had full budget-passing responsibility, and resulted in the largest annual spending increase in any of the Bush years:


HOPE ON Project, Day 5: Let’s Never Find Out Part 5 — ‘Earmarks’

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HOPEONlogo.jpgNote: This is the fifth of what will be 13 daily posts on why Barack Obama is a dangerous, objectionable, and objectively unfit candidate to be president of the United States (while many of the other candidates are not). Previous Posts — Part 1 (Obama “Part of the Problem” on Fan and Fred); Part 2 (“Energy”); Part 3 (“Punished”); Part 4 (“Number One”).

The daily videos involved are from NeverFindOut.org, a project of Let Freedom Ring (donation link is here).

This post is part of the HOPE ON Project (Help Ohio Prevent Electing Obama Now).

Today’s SOB Alliance author is Mario at Porkopolis. UPDATE: Other posters (surely not all) — Return of the Conservatives, Right Runner, NixGuy.


Video (direct YouTube link):


WOMAN: Senator Obama, you tell us that you are the candidate for change and that Senator McCain is just more of the same. But I’m confused. In just three years in the Senate, you’ve asked taxpayers for over a hundred earmarks totaling $740 million dollars. John McCain has been in the Senate for twenty-six years. Guess how many earmarks he has asked for?

VIDEO: 0 Earmarks

WOMAN: So who’s really “more of the same?”

ANNOUNCER: What happens when we elect a President who asks for three quarters of a billion in earmarks? Please, America, let’s never find out.

Commentary from Porkopolis:


neverfindout.org asks the provocative question:

What happens when we elect a President who asks for three quarters of a billion in earmarks? Please, America, let’s never find out.

The $740 million in requests claim is backed-up by the New York Times in this March 14, 2008 story where they highlighted:

…The list included $1 million for a hospital where Mr. Obama’s wife works…

Jim Addison at Wizbang commented:

…It sure is a small world, isn’t it? You are NOT going to believe this, but this happens to be the same UCH [University of Chicago Hospital] which employs Michelle Obama! The same employer which raised her pay grade more than double, from $129K in 2004 to $316,000 in 2005 after Barack was elected to the Senate. I know! Isn’t that weird?

But wait! There’s more – guess who was the #1 source of campaign contributions for Barack Obama through 2006? No, GUESS.

Aw, you peeked, didn’t you?

I just LOVE coincidences. I know cops and detectives and prosecutors and those types don’t believe in them, but I do! I believe in coincidences. And hope. And change. And etc.

Human Events provided details and specifics on many of the requests.

Obama conveniently called for a hiatus on earmarks during the Presidential campaign.


Additional BizzyBlog commentary:

If every senator went after pork (i.e., earmarks) at Obama’s rate of roughly $250 million per year, there would be $25 billion in earmark requests each year — just from the Senate. If every congressperson exhibited similar behavior, there would be $25 billion more. $50 billion a year is I believe quite a bit higher than the actual annual rate, so I believe it’s fair to say that Obama’s rate is at or higher than the average senator. Some “change.”

The fact that Obama worked with Sen. Tom Coburn in early 2006 to make earmarks transparent is nice (a seasoned cynic might say “opportunistic”), but if transparency doesn’t ultimately affect a legislator’s trough-feeding behavior, what’s the point?

Meanwhile, as the vid points out, this is one area where McCain irrefutably shines.

Must-See: Catholic Vote 2008

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