November 2, 2008

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘The Obama Campaign’s Credit-Card Crack-up’) Is Up (See Update)

It’s here.

If there’s a single most underreported story of the campaign, this is probably it.

Here’s the first paragraph, which unlike the original at PJM is bulleted for instant understanding:

  • The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has been and may still be accepting credit-card and prepaid-card contributions from overseas.
  • It has done so in a way that may very likely prevent it from refunding the contributions to “donors,” many of whom may have had their credit cards used without their consent.
  • It’s virtually impossible that the system for accepting card contributions was inadvertently set up without adequate controls, and almost certain that existing controls were instead deliberately disabled to create untraceability.
  • Finally, it is likely that the total dollar amounts involved run into millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars.

Old Media was obsessed with campaign money when Republican candidates had the upper hand. You will see in the rest of the column that even though Obama has shirked the media-beloved campaign finance limits, and accepted millions in untracable contributions from foreign sources, the coverage of this fraudulent enterprise has been virtually ignored, and when noticed at all, whitewashed.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Tuesday afternoon (link won’t work until then) when the blackout expires.


UPDATE, Nov. 3: Obama Shrugged concludes that “$181 million of Obama’s donations fall into the ‘potentially fraudulent’ category” (summary of situation here [go to Point 6]; detail here).

That is of course not saying that ALL of it is, just that SOME of it is. Even if “only” 5%, that’s $9 mil.

Obama could prove that there’s no problem, or that its scope is minor, by releasing his full donor list. He won’t (the “Internet candidate” claims he can’t). McCain has.



  1. I don’t know Tom, there are so many underreported stories, it’s hard to choose just one!!!

    Comment by Dave — November 2, 2008 @ 9:28 pm

  2. #1 Dave, I didn’t even grasp the significance of what was going on with this in mid-August until the John Galt post over two months later.

    There are a slew of others, though.

    Comment by TBlumer — November 2, 2008 @ 9:49 pm

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