November 18, 2008

Things I’d Like To Post About Today ….. (111808, Morning)

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But I Don’t Have Any Time For:

NewsBusters Highlights (the highlights are in the posts, not in the press’s performance documented in those posts) –

  • From Tim Graham, “AP Helps Liberal Group Scold a Stubbornly Racist America” — The group is the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group with a long history of one-sided hysteria. The underlying AP story says that “From California to Maine, police have documented a range of alleged crimes, from vandalism and vague threats to at least one physical attack.” One. In a country of 300-plus million. Well, THAT proves their point that we’re still a stubbornly racist nation (/sarcasm). I’ll betcha that, if it cared to, AP could work up a much longer list of “vandalism and vague threats to at least one physical attack” by those in California who can’t handle the idea that voters rejected legalizing same-sex marriage. Plus, the anti-Prop 8′s are engaging in de facto extortion.
  • From Jack Coleman, “Ed Schultz Suspects Right-Wing Conspiracy Behind Lower Oil Prices” — The lib talker obviously doesn’t get that lower gas prices are keeping the economy from declining further, freeing up money for other things like Christmas shopping, and helping it to recover (maybe) in time for Obama’s inauguration — if Obama doesn’t blow it by going after the tax increases or draconian regulations he says he wants during the campaign.
  • Noel Sheppard, “Murdoch: Newspaper Editors and Reports Betrayed Readers’ Trust.” True that. I’ll be more impressed with Murdoch’s contention if Rush and Malloy’s evidence that Fox News is deliberately going easy on Obama lasts beyond January. How about going fair and balanced on Obama in the newsroom, as has been the case all along?

Pajamas Media Highlights –

  • Jack Dunphy, “LAPD Treats Gay Marriage Protests With Kid Gloves” — It’s really a bad idea to let the 21st century’s first large-scale intimidation-inflicting and violence-condoning movement run amok.
  • Henry Gomez, “Cuban-Americans Watch Obama and Worry” — They should. It ought to become a free island after Fidel Castro dies. The instinct of Obama’s advisers, if not Obama himself, will be let its half-century of unspeakable tyranny and hopelessness continue.
  • Donald Kent Douglas, “Schwarzenegger Republicanism Won’t Save the GOP” — Heck, it’s not even Republicanism. I didn’t even know that was a word.