November 21, 2008

Couldn’t Help But Comment (112108, Morning)

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air had a great supplemental point yesterday that went beyond what I noted at NewsBusters about that Phil Richter LA Times story. Richter reported that peace activists are upset that President-elect Obama is leaning towards “centrist” (LOL) and “hawkish” (ROTFLMBO) defense advisers.

Morrissey added this:

I wonder what Jodie Evans thinks of all this? The Code Pink founder bundled cash for Obama and helped harness the energy of her organization for his election. Richter didn’t interview Evans for this story, which is a shame; it would have been very entertaining indeed to hear her spin Obama’s reliance on pro-war Democrats in the incoming administration. I’d say that her Code Pink associates may have a few questions for Evans in the coming days.

Hopefully I’ll have some choice words for a Code Pink principal in the coming days that will refer back to events in 2002.


Meanwhile, Allah at Hot Air thinks that Congressmen who actually sleep in their offices (one outgoing rep thinks there may be as many as 40) are pulling a “stunt.” No, they’re saving money and being frugal. Given the crazy hours Congress can have when they are in session (which is, what, maybe 120 days a year?), and the sky-high rents for holes in the wall in DC, I don’t blame them a bit.

An interesting follow-up would be to track the party ID and the fiscal conservatism of those engaging in the practice. I would guess that there’s a high correlation.


The Big Three bailout appears to be in trouble:

The $25 billion rescue plan for the auto industry, desperately sought by Detroit’s beleaguered Big Three, collapsed Thursday as Congress drew the line at one more bailout and Democrats said they wouldn’t even consider it until the companies produced a convincing plan for rebuilding their once-mighty industry.

I think this is misdirection.

I believe that a “(not really) convincing plan” will arrive on about, oh, January 22, 2009, in time for the Saviour to create His First Save and a larger Democratic majority to ram it through, while making it appear as if they “got tough” before doling out the dough.

This is advance notice that yours truly won’t be fooled. If POR Economy architects Pelosi, Obama, and Reid want to make their case, have the Big 3 execs submit their plans to real bankers and venture capitalists. More than likely, they will then have to stand back and cover their ears, as the db level from the howls of laughter will be ear-splitting.


Yet more evidence that that alarmists pushing global warming (referred to around here as “globalarmists” and “globaloney,” respectively) are guilty of scientific and public education malpractice:

Global warming predictions are overestimated, suggests study on black carbon

….. soils are by far the world’s largest source of carbon dioxide, producing 10 times more carbon dioxide each year than all the carbon dioxide emissions from human activities combined.

Where have you heard this before? My guess is “nowhere.” You would think from the hype that humans are causing almost all of it.

Assuming there are no other sources of CO2, even if planetwide human emissions were to be cut by 50%, that would only result in a 4.5% reduction in total worldwide CO2 emissions (50% times 1/11). More positively, if humans doubled their CO2 production in the name of lifting the world’s population out of poverty — something free-market capitalism has been doing quite well — it would only increase CO2 emissions by 9%. If there are other sources of CO2, the impact is even less.

The idea that an atmosphere that can “somehow” absorb and adjust to the impact of volcanoes and sunspots can’t deal with small annual increases or decreases in CO2 is absurd on its face.


Another Al Qaeda biggie got taken out in Afghanistan.

Two thoughts:

  • There’s probably a correlation between successes such as these and the falling monthly coalition troop death numbers in Afghanistan (7 this month so far, down from 19 in October and 46 in September).
  • We’d better get as many of the major players as we can before January 21, because after that, if history is any guide, the people in charge won’t pull the trigger, even when the target is right in front of them — “….. the Clinton Administration had eight chances to get Bin Laden and in each instance, Bill Clinton chose to pass on it or to make no decision (which in essence was a decision, as the opportunity passed).”


  1. We are 2 years into the Democrat/Obama economy. All of the economic downturn that we are seeing is a direct result of Democrat policies – increase minimum wage, refusal to make tax rate cuts permanent let alone affect further cuts, blocking Fannie/Freddie and other financial reforms – regardless of a Republican president. Bush has essential been a Democrat since 2004, but even a RINO Congress were able to keep things afloat. Then with a Democrat Congress since 2007 we have had essentially one-party rule, and you se what we got. Since things weren’t bad enough, 53% of voters wanted worse, now we have a socialist government, and look what is happening – even before inauguration.

    I keep laughing at my Obama friends who keep trying to blame Bush as I explain the above. I tell them, wait ’til next year as the complaints start about rising unemployment, even higher deficits, and the coming inflation. I promise to laugh and remind them, “This is what you said you wanted. You were warned that this is exatly what was going to happen, but you wanted a Black president regardless of the consequences. Now you got it, so shut up and enjoy the misery you voted for.”

    A conservative and president with a conservative (not just Republican) Congress is what we need; and this is the only combination that we haven’t had since Coolidge – at least one or the other gives us social stability and economic growth. However, we voted for the exact opposite, and I vow to be the biggest “I told you so” in history.

    My 16-year old son thinks I’m a prescient genius since I predicted this economic course months ago if Obama won, before the news spouted anything of AIG, the Democrat-Paulson manufactured credit crisis, and the failed Obama-Bush bailout. When he asks, How did you know?” I tell him, “History. Dem president with Dem Congress equals economic nightmare and social upheaval(i.e. Carter, LBJ, FDR). He now has a new appreciation for history, economics, conservatism, and his Dad.

    Comment by Joe C. — November 21, 2008 @ 11:07 am

  2. He now has a new appreciation for history, economics, conservatism, and his Dad.

    Perhaps in a different order. :–>

    Comment by TBlumer — November 21, 2008 @ 12:59 pm

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