January 16, 2009

Positivity: Woman makes full recovery after nearly freezing to death

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From Duluth, Minnesota:

Jan. 10, 2009

A 64-year-old Duluth woman who nearly froze to death after falling in a snow bank is out of the hospital.

Janice Goodger’s family and doctors say her recovery is nothing short of a miracle because her body temperature dropped to 78 degrees.

Goodger slipped and fell into a snowbank two weeks ago after checking in on her daughter’s dog.

“I got rheumatoid arthritis so I couldn’t get up,” says Goodger.

She was able to booster herself backwards toward her car. “I was so weak by then,” recalls Goodger, “I just laid down and covered myself up as best I could and said God take me or leave me.”

Goodger spent five hours in the snow. The temperature started to drop as night time fell.

“I wasn’t awake that long,” she says. “I was cold, shivering, then I passed out. That’s all I could remember.”

Goodger’s son-in-law and his wife found her later that night.

“We pulled up to see her lying on the snow,” says Wade Patrich. “My wife checked on her, realized she was almost as cold as a corpse.”

At the hospital, doctors say they weren’t optimistic about Goodger’s chances of survival. Her family was just hoping for a miracle. And she did. Goodger made a full recovery.

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