January 28, 2009

Things I’d Like To Post About Today ….. (012809, Morning)

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….. But I Don’t Have Any Time For:

  • Deceptive Lying Reuters Headline from Last Friday — “FDA allows first test of human stem cell therapy.” Fox, of course, got it right — “First Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Gets FDA Approval.” This Google News Archive search from 1/21/2001 thorugh 1/20/2009 shows plenty of evidence that “human stem cell” tests have been approved in the past (otherwise, the tests described at the myriad links wouldn’t be taking place) — just not embryonics.
  • Here’s a brave statement:


    Yeah right — until new Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner “puts a (figurative) gun to their heads” like his predecessor Hank Paulson did.

  • Sunday, Anchoress put out a fabulous round-up of pre- and post-January 20 inconsistencies on the part of Democrats and the press (I know, that’s redundant). It only took five days for her to hit double digits; this post from yours truly is among the examples. Amazing.
  • On a related note, the Punk Clock is back to five days, based on Obama’s “I won” statement (HT Instapundit) on Friday. Not “we won,” or “my party won,” or “my team won.” Nope, it’s all about him, and he’s in your face with it. That’s pure punk. It’s Nixon’s “I am the President” with an arrogant exclamation point. The revised expiration date on the term “Punk President” has now been moved to March 24.
  • Marc Thiessen on Geithner — “The problem is that now, when the next nominee comes up with these kinds of issues, there will be a ‘Geithner precedent.’  And if it’s a woman or a minority, they will argue that you gave the white guy from Wall Street a pass.  And that will weaken their hand in opposing someone who might not only have failed to pay their taxes, or employed an illegal nanny, but also have dangerous policy ideas.” This is why the excuse proffered by some who voted “yes,” including George Voinovich, that “the alternative would have been worse” (see Update 5 at this link for my full response), is so completely hollow.

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