March 17, 2009

One Person Is Definitely Not Mourning the Passage of the Seattle PI

I’m not using the person’s name, because it appears to be from a search engine’s user group, but you can rest assured that what is excerpted below is part of what arrived in my e-mail box word for word.

My limited Internet exposure to the PI’s output over the last decade or so at various times gives me reason to believe that this person is correct in his characterizations.

Here goes, after editing out references to specific events that I can’t verify:

Today in Seattle it was announced that the Hearst Corp.’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer, would stop publishing tomorrow, although a smaller online edition will be tried.

Locally, there was a lot of carefully censored opinion on the closure of the Seattle PI: Peoples said it was a great tragedy, a great loss for our community, even a loss of for Freedom of Speech or Democracy.

One comment, repeated again and again, was that it would create a gap in local reporting. If you did not say these approved things, you comment vanished into the memory hole. (In the seventeen years I have lived in this city, I have never heard ANYONE say either local newspaper was any good at all.)

But the Seattle PI (and its competitor the Seattle Times) is not about local reporting, or indeed news of any kind, and certainly never believed in Freedom of Speech, but rather about censorship. The closure of the PI will only create a censorship gap. If 100,000 people no longer read a local newspaper in this region, that will be 100,000 less people reading censored news. Maybe they will open their eyes and see what the PI has concealed from them.

The Seatte PI (and the Times) are filled with columns by Black nationalists, Asian nationalists, Mexican nationalists, Jewish nationalists, Hindu nationalists Muslim nationalists and drip with hatred for the European-American middle class who buy the newspapers.

Gang rights, Gay rights, Illegal Immigrant rights…. celebrations of gang attacks on European-Americans…. and censorship, censorship, censorship….

….. And so why did so few people buy the Seattle PI?

Because we, as a community, despise the PI, and everything it stands for. We, as a community, have killed this Multicult hate organ and it dies a deserved death. May all its minions rot in Hell. May it begin for them with unemployment.

The Death of each such Multicult organ is a blow for freedom. Boycott them all to death.

Boycott. Bankrupt. Fire. Them. All.

Wow. Even it was even 10% as bad as described, the PI got what it deserved — and the Internet, the economy, and other excuses not related to bias had little to do with it.


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