March 17, 2009

Positivity: Miracle babies defy death in two continents

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Good news from two far-apart places:

3/13/2009 9:37:24 PM

n an amazing story of two babies who defied death from two different continents have nothing in common except their fate. Two young children in two different corners of the world have survived two grizzly accidents.

In Peru, a six inch metal rod pierced through the head of a little boy Juan. The Peruvian boy was injured when playing with a metal piece of a toy truck which pierced through the back of the eye, grazing the brain. In the National institute of Children’s health, Neuro Suregeon Luis Guitierrez, speaking on the miracle survival said, “The child was attended in emergency and once he was stabilized he was prepared for surgery. The operation lasted approximately two hours and the metal object was removed.”

Meanwhile, in India doctors on Friday (March 13) removed a 4-foot rod from 3-year-old boy’s stomach. 3 year-old Mehul Kumar was injured when he was playing Holi on the terrace of his grandparents’ house. He is out of danger after a three-hour-long operation. The rod was removed and then efforts were diverted to the repair of the vital organs that has been injured. The rod pierced through his body and then broke, resulting in his fall from the roof.

According to sources, Dr Sandeep Agarwal, who led a team of 5 in the operation to remove the rod from the boy’s body declared, “Mehul Kumar is out of danger.” Mehul was playing with colours on the terrace when he suddenly fell on an iron rod left standing on the under-construction terrace. The rod pierced through his body and then broke, resulting in the boy falling from the roof.

He was rushed to hospital from where they were referred to RIMS hospital, where doctors performed an operation to repair vital organ that were injured. …..

Go here for the rest of the story.


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