March 20, 2009

SOB Alliance Blogger’s Food Stamp Post Leads to Exposure of OH’s New Middle-Class (and Above) Entitlement

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An important story appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Tuesday. Here’s how it began (Warren County is adjacent to and northeast of Cincinnati’s Hamilton County):

County: no more food stamps for rich

Warren County’s poor (population) does not include someone with $80,000 in the bank, a paid-off $311,000 home and a Mercedes, members of the Warren County Board of Commissioners said Tuesday.

And if they have to fight the state and federal government over it, they will.

Recently the commissioners learned that this person, with the before-mentioned property, qualified for $500 a month in food stamps after she lost her job.

The Enquirer never told us why the County suddenly became motivated to do what it did.

Here’s why (and how typical it is that the Enquirer either doesn’t know this, or refused to give credit where due).

Someone who is “a source in the business” e-mailed State of Ohio Blogger Alliance founder Matt Hurley of Weapons of Mass Discussion. Matt put up a memorable post on March 13 containing the text of that e-mail:

Subject: Food Stamp Case

One of the workers here just approved an ongoing food stamp case where the family have over $80,000 in bank, own a 2001 Toyota and 2006 Mercedes Benz, and a $311,000 home that is paid for. Monthly benefits of over $500 in FS, received over $300 in expedited.

3 household members–husband, wife and child. Wife recently lost job, husband receives SS benefits.


This is where things have gotten to. I would think the world would want to know about this.

Well, Warren County and Southwestern Ohio certainly found out.

That’s It; Proven Liar Geithner Must Go

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He knew about the AIG bonuses on March 3.

He said he first learned of them on March 10.

He lied. The gun smokes. At a private company, he’d have been gone at least 24 hours ago.

I don’t know how anyone inside or outside the Beltway can stand any more of this. He must go.

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Has the POR Economy Bottomed Out?’) Is Up

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It’s here.

It will go up at BizzyBlog on Sunday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

The column has two graphics. I posted the first here yesterday. Here it is again, showing how far the indices as of March 9 had fallen since their October 2007 highs and May 30, 2008, just before The POR Economy began:


The POR Economy’s beginning and its initial causes were observed by yours truly in early July 2008.

Here is the second graphic at the column, which is an update of similar graphics posted during the past couple of weeks, showing how, in real, inflation-adjusted terms, the POR Economy has undone virtually all of the markets’ gains since the beginning of the Gingrich Revolution in 1995:


After yesterday’s 1% or so pullback, the Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ are at 7401, 784 and 1483, respectively. These values are:

  • 47.8%, 49.9%, and 48.1% below their October 2007 highs.
  • 41.4%, 44.0%, and 41.2% below their closes just before The POR Economy began.

I hope we don’t see the March 9 troughs again. Yesterday’s performances by Tax Cheat Tim Geithner, Chris Dodd, the People’s House, and the ‘Prompter President, especially his claim that Geithner is doing an “outstanding job,” provide little comfort in that regard.

Positivity: Daily News reader finds angel on Web: Suicidal Bronx woman saved by comment board

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From the Bronx, and East St. Louis, IL:

Saturday, March 7th 2009, 11:32 PM

It was just two weeks ago that Suena Williams was finalizing her suicide plans: A fistful of sleeping pills, a bottle of rum, a note already written.

Out of work and overwhelmed, the Bronx woman looked forward to death. And then, amid the anonymity of cyberspace, she found an angel: an Illinois woman who saved her life.

“You live with the pain every day, feeling so alone, so isolated,” Williams said Saturday, alive and upbeat in her neat-as-a-pin Riverdale apartment. “I never expected a perfect stranger to help.”

Williams found Linda Lawson, 44, of East St. Louis, Ill., on the Daily News Web site on Feb. 20. Both were reading about an aspiring male model who committed suicide at a Brooklyn park after posting a note on Facebook.

Williams, 43, posted on a readers’ message board about the cavalcade of woe that had buried her: No job prospects. A year’s worth of unpaid rent. Feelings of depression laced with desperation.

Lawson recognized herself in those words. A suicide attempt survivor herself, she posted her e-mail address and asked Williams to reach out.

“When I saw her comments, I distinctly knew she was going to be out of here in about two days,” Lawson recalled. “It was just a desperate move: ‘Here is my e-mail, don’t give up.’”

The message resonated with Williams, and the women swapped e-mails for the next 11 days as Williams’ suicidal feelings slowly abated.

“She kept me alive,” Williams said. “I didn’t expect to find help reading the Daily News articles that day. That’s one of the biggest miracles in all of this.” ….

Go here for the rest of the story.