March 23, 2009

Just In Time For ‘Earth Hour’: A Thorough Globaloney Debunking

SmokestacksOn Saturday, March 28, “World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals, businesses, governments and organizations around the world to turn off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour – to make a global statement of concern about climate change and to demonstrate commitment to finding solutions.”

Of course, the UN has endorsed it. Scroll through the list of supporters and you’ll find among them many of the usual suspects: The American Federation of Teachers; the National Education Association; the National Science Teachers Association; the Weather Channel, whose Heidi Cullen called in early 2007 for removing the meteorological society’s “seal of approval” from meteorologists who dared to question global warming in early 2007. You’ll also note a sad chronology of those who have been taken in and opportunistic businesses, many of whom probably know better than to buy what Earth Hour is selling.

The Earth Hour folks had better hope that the following news out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee either stays under the media radar or gets ignored until Saturday (bolds are mine):

The idea of a global climate change event which is caused by human activity and most specifically by the use of fossil fuels is considered by some people as a concept which cannot be denied.

Others who study the current changes in weather patterns and mean temperatures are far from convinced and posit other causes or sometimes admit they don’t know the “why” but can chart the changes.

Dr. Anastasios Tsonis from the University of Milwaukee is one of the latter. Dr Tsonis is willing to say that there is a climate shift occurring, but admits he can’t fully explain why it happens.

Dr. Tsonis and the rest of the team of scientists at the University are using a math application called synchronized chaos.

The synchronized chaos was applied to data from the past 100 years and found it works well in describing the actual events which now seem to be occurring.

….. The University team suggest the act of synchronization is capable of creating the resulting climate shift.

They also note the last climate shift probably occurred in 2000.

That would be the end of the warming trend which had been happening for the thirty years prior, and ushered in a cooling trend.

The synchronized chaos math application also appears to account for the global temperature trends over that 100 year period.

In other words, the UW-M’s Dr. Tsonis claims to have a global temperature variance theory that correlates to reality and has nothing to do with human activity — especially because so much of the period studied is well before anyone could even try to claim that human activitiy signficantly influences temperatures.

Globalarmists have a problem. The media will probably ignore Tsonis’s work for now, but it can’t last, and there are other debunkers, as well as thousands of scientist-skeptics willing to put their names on their skepticism. The worldwide pushback against climate-related strictures is gaining steam daily.

Speaking of raising temperatures, here’s an exit question: Does anyone else think that “synchronized chaos” really describes “the hand of God”?

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Lucid Links (032309, Morning)

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Noteworthy Net-Worthies:

So, did anyone get a visit this weekend from one of the “13 million people on his campaign e-mail list” who were asked by Obama for America “to go door-to-door to raise support for his agenda”? If so, were they coherent? Was anyone “asked for their e-mail addresses so the Obama-ites can keep in touch”? Much more of this, or of things like the harassment of AIG bonus recipients, and we’ll see a lot of those who can afford to live in them start to develop an affinity for gated communities.

Speaking of grass-roots movements, another round of Tea Parties took place this weekend. Instapundit caught wind of this: “In the comments at the ABC item, I’m noticing some lefties making unsubstantiated claims of ‘violence’ at the tea party protests.” Typical, and sort of like WCPO (We Constantly Promote Obama, or something similar, according to one commenter here last week) making unsubstantiated claims that their safety was threatened at Cincinnati’s Tea Party last week. Given that there has been no response to my e-mail to the station and follow-up later in the day requesting an official statement or other substantiation, my conclusion concerning this stands: No evidence (or statement), no credibility. WCPO’s reporter is no more or less believable than the reporters who claim less troubling things happened, or Tea Party participants claiming to be eyewitnesses who say almost nothing happened. And thus it will remain until evidence appears.

From the “You Don’t Say?” Dept. — “Obama’s embryonic stem cell decision ignored pro-life Democrats.” Democrats who claim to be pro-life who voted for Obama in the first place and knew his record and beliefs can’t credibly claim to be pro-life anyway.

Imagine that — “Craig Loehle has analysed the data from only the profiling floats for ocean heat content from 2003 to 2008.   In a paper recently published in the journal Energy and Environment he has concluded that there has been ocean cooling over this period.” And “Dr Loehle’s findings are consistent with satellite and surface instrumental records that do not showing a warming trend over recent years.”

From Michael M. Bates at NewsBusters — “The Boston Globe reported in December, 1979 that ‘Carter Administration officials feel they have scored a major foreign policy success in Rhodesia.’” Rhodesia is now known as Zimbabwe, and is headed by Robert Mugabe, the person Parade Magazine, which apparently has a Top 10 for anything and everything, named as the “World’s Worst Dictator.” Nobel Peace (cough, cough) laureate Jimmy Carter can add Mugabe to his list of accomplishments, along with doing more than any other person on earth to bring about the rise of Islamofascism.

Speaking of which, here’s Phyllis Chesler and Marcia Pappas at Pajamas Media — “The issue of Islamic/Islamist gender apartheid is one of epidemic and global proportions. Although it has reached American shores, the feminist establishment here remains tragically ambivalent about how to deal with forced veiling, arranged marriage, separatism, and honor-related violence, including honor killings. Many feminists fear that, were they to tie the subordination of women to a particular religion or culture, especially to Islam, that they would be perceived as ‘racists,’ or ‘Islamophobes.’” This fear trumps their sincere concern for womens’ rights and womens’ lives.” I would suggest that those who allow that perception to keep them from speaking out against the practices of Islamist chauvinist thugs just identified don’t really have “sincere concern(s).”

Gallows humor — Here’s the Wall Street Journal on Obama’s deficit projections vs. the Congressional Budget Office’s, which happen to be $2.3 trillion higher over 10 years — “Hey, what’s a little rounding error among friends?”

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up — “Six weeks after President Barack Obama appointed a blue-ribbon panel to help him dig America out of its economic crisis, the board has yet to hold an official public meeting.”

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up II — “Despite receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in additional TARP funds, it appears that the current administration has performed zero oversight over it.” Specifically, the last FINSOB (Financial Stability Oversight Board) meeting took place on January 15th of this year — five days before Barack Obama’s inauguration. Sadly, Instapundit’s sardonic intonation that “The country’s in the very best of hands” may become quite popular in the coming weeks and months.

Positivity: Search and rescue team find disoriented Pine hiker

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From Arizona:

Archive for Friday, March 20, 2009

A Pine woman was rescued Friday night after being disoriented and lost on a trail a mile south of Pine.

Kari Boys was hiking alone Friday afternoon on the Donahue Trail, which leads to Milk Ranch Point. The trail starts at the Pine Trailhead, which is just a few miles south of town.

Around 7 p.m., authorities received a call that Boys had not returned home from the hike after several hours, said Tonto Rim Search and Rescue Commander Bill Pitterle.

“I am not sure what her plan was, but she might have gotten turned around at some point,” he said.

When authorities arrived at the trailhead, Boys’ car was in the parking lot and they found her tracks on the trail. A deputy from the Gila County Sheriff’s Office and an officer from the Tonto National Forest law enforcement division started hiking up the trail shouting Boys’ name.

After hiking several miles up the trail, the officers located Boys cold and exhausted, but uninjured.

Volunteers from Tonto Rim Search and Rescue (TRSAR) hiked up the trail and helped assist Boys down.

“At some point she reported she was missing her car keys and cell phone,” Pitterle said.

By 10 p.m., authorities had navigated Boys down the trail to the trailhead, where her parents picked her up.

Boys’ father, Mark, division chief of the Maricopa Fire Department, said he is deeply grateful to the officers, deputies and volunteers who located his daughter.

“As a result of the Tonto Rim Search and Rescue and the Gila County Sheriff’s Office’s aggressive action, my daughter was found shortly after beginning a search and safely returned to her family, avoiding a very unpleasant stay in the forest overnight without food or shelter,” Mark Boys said.

“Presently working in the fire service, I am acutely aware that organizations such as the TRSAR and its members largely go unrecognized for their personal sacrifices, training and dedication of which each member is committed. ….

Go here for the rest of the story.