March 27, 2009

Obama Gives Credence to a Bogus Children’s Homelessness Stat Media Has Never Challenged

KevinChappellEbony0309.jpgKevin Chappell of Ebony Magazine was among the reporters preselected to ask Dear Leader Barack Obama a question at his Tuesday press conference. Here was Chappell’s question:

Thank you, Mr. President. A recent report found that as a result of the economic downturn, one in 50 children are now homeless in America. With shelters at full capacity, tent cities are sprouting up across the country. In passing your stimulus package, you said that help was on the way, but what would you say to these families, especially children, who are sleeping under bridges and in tents across the country?

Chappell’s question was based on a report issued by the National Center on Family Homelessness. NCFH asserts that about 1.5 million children under 18 are homeless, just over 2% of the roughly 74 million children in the US (total population by each year of age is downloadable at a link at this Census Bureau page).

Last summer, as I noted in a Pajamas Media column, an advisory group known as a civil jury in San Francisco inadvertently proved how detached from reality NCFH’s most recent scare figure is, and how generally bogus homelessness stats are, when it pegged the homeless population in the City by the Bay at (get ready) ….:


Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Food Stamps for the Well-Off: A National Trend?’) Is Up

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It’s here.

I will post it here at BizzyBlog on Sunday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

Credit for an assist goes to fellow SOBer Matt Hurley at Weapons of Mass Discussion, as it was the e-mail he received from “someone in the business” that got the ball rolling on exposing an inexcusable food stamp program loophole, ultimately determined to be delivered courtesy of the Strickland administration’s Department of Job and Family Services, headed at the time by maximum Obama contributor and Joe the Plumber snooper Helen Jones-Kelley. As usual, local media never acknowledged that a blogger’s work first brought the situation to light.

As Update 3 at my original post on this controversy explains, the loophole is narrower than it first appeared to be. But it is real, as Warren County’s commissioners learned when they looked into it.

Lucid Links (032709, Morning)

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Noteworthy Net-Worthies:

A Pennsylvania poll shows that “Pat Toomey would win by 14 percentage points (41-27) in a one-on-one match against (Arlen) Specter if next year’s primary were held today.”

Totally related to the previous item — “Specter Will Vote To Block Union Bill.” The bill is the totally undemocratic betrayal of FDR’s labor legacy misnamed the Employee Free Choice Act, otherwise known as “card check.” It would enable unions to form at employers without a secret-ballot election if more than half of employees signed cards authorizing it. The potential for coercion is self-evident, which is why the secret-ballot option is so important — to management in cases of union intimidation, and to unions in cases of management intimidation. Previous related BizzyBlog posts are here, here, and here.

A Wall Street Journal editorial today tells the truth about RomneyCare (excerpts are not in the same order as they appeared) — “Mr. Romney should have known better before signing on to this not-so-grand experiment….. In Massachusetts’s latest crisis, Governor Deval Patrick and his Democratic colleagues are starting to move down the path that government health plans always follow when spending collides with reality — i.e., price controls. ….. The real lesson of Massachusetts is that reform proponents won’t tell Americans the truth about what ‘universal’ coverage really means: Runaway costs followed by price controls and bureaucratic rationing.” One of the most ridiculous memes I’ve heard in a while is the one saying that Romney was dragged kicking and screaming into coming up with a state-run health care plan because if he hadn’t, the Legislature would have concocted something worse. Baloney. Romney WANTED the Bay State to be HIS laboratory to prove that HE, unlike anyone before him could succeed in concocting a state-run health care system. RomneyCare is HIS baby, and no one should let him walk away from it. The only consolation is, as the Journal says, that the Bay State experience should be an “instructive” warning to the rest of the country. It won’t be if the GOP takes a Romney presidential candidacy seriously.

Byron York at the Washington Examiner — “If the Congressional Budget Office projections are correct, we’re headed for hell in a handbasket.” If history is a guide, that is not correct. Instead, though by less than the Obama administration, CBO is also probably underestimating the long-term deficit. CBO consistently overestimated deficits during the Bush administration because it did not recognize that the Bush tax cuts would increase Treasury receipts beyond those anticipated doing static analysis (assuming no receipt-generating behavior changes in response to tax cuts). It also overestimated the receipts that would flow into the Treasury as a result of the 1993 Clinton tax increases for an analogous reason (this time, assuming no receipt-reducing behavior changes in response to tax increases). Thus, it is probably overestimating receipts that would result from Obama’s tax increases. My recall is that Obama is assuming $7 trillion over 10 years, and that CBO is assuming $9.3 trillion. If Obama gets all he wants, based on historical experience, $10 trillion, and may be a lot more, i.e., worse than hell in a handbasket, would be the most likely result.

Uncle Sam’s final report on economic growth during the fourth quarter released yesterday showed that the economy contracted at an annualized rate of 6.3%, i.e., that it actually contracted 1.61%. For the year, the economy shrunk by 0.8%, consisting of two distinct phases. In Phase 1, the first half of the year, it grew by 0.91% (not annualized). In Phase 2, the second half of the year, thanks to the onset of the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy, it contracted by 1.71%. Tanks a lot, guys.

Positivity: Tarelton teenagers awarded bravery awards after saving drowning friend

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From Lancashire, UK:

A GROUP of heroic teenagers have been commended for their bravery after they rescued their drowning friend.

Nine pupils from Tarleton High were presented with prestigious bravery awards by the High Sheriff of Lancashire, Colonel Alan Jolley, in a special ceremony held at the school on Tuesday.

The terrifying incident happened on January 1 when the group were playing football on a field on Guide Road, Hesketh Bank.

During the game the football was kicked onto a large reservoir, which had frozen over.

Fourteen-year-old Nathan Rigby went onto the ice to get the ball and fell into the 15 ft deep, freezing water.

As Nathan struggled to get out of the water his friends formed a human chain and pulled him out to safety.

The group then contacted Nathan’s dad who took him home.

Sue Rigby, Nathan’s mum, said: “When Nathan came home he was grey. He looked like he had died and had been resuscitated!”

“I put him straight in a bath to warm him up slowly. I am an ambulance responder so I knew what to do with him.”

“I am eternally grateful to the boys who rescued Nathan. If it wasn’t for their quick thinking and teamwork he wouldn’t be here today.”

Nathan said: “I am very thankful that I have got such good friends.”

“I remember just panicking when I fell through the ice and luckily they all came to rescue me.” …..

Go here for the rest of the story.