March 31, 2009

Positivity: Two men catch toddler after 40-foot fall

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From Lawrence, Masachusetts (HT to an e-mail from Kevin at Pundit Review):

Robert Lemire made a catch of a lifetime last night when a baby girl came tumbling out of a Lawrence window three floors up right into his outstretched arms.

“It happened so fast. I just hoped I wouldn’t miss,” said Lemire, 45, who works as a contractor.“I was on the phone talking to my friend about my daughter’s softball league when I saw the baby dangling … I just freaked out.”

Lemire told the Herald today he saw the baby hanging outside the window after seeing several toys fly out the same window, which he thought seemed abnormal.

Seeing the baby in peril, he ran across busy Haverhill Street, screaming for help as he dodged cars and causing curious 23-year-old Alex Day, who was in the middle of a bible study at the time, to emerge from the first floor of the building and follow the screams to the dangling baby.

Lemire, under the window at the time, had just finished explaining to Day what was going on when the baby fell from the third-story window into the arms of the two men.

“Alex got the top half and I got the bottom half,” said Lemire.

“These two guys are heroes. In this day and age when we are seeing such bad news, this is a great story,” said Lawrence Police Chief John Romero. ….

Go here for the rest of the story.


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