April 15, 2009

Rush Gets It

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Heard this priceless monologue from Rush today on the way back from a trip to Columbus (link will be gone behind his subscription wall in a week).

It points with pride to the Tea Party movement’s progenitors, while pulverizing the paranoid who won’t acknowledge what they know is its genuineness:

More Tea Anyone?

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Admittedly, as I was getting ready to go downtown this morning, I was not as energetic as one would expect.  It’s a Wednesday, the skies looked like they would open up at any minute (which they never did), and it’s COLD out there!  In fact, about 20 degrees cooler than the CTP event in March !

Then I thought of the conditions under which General Washington’s troops suffered at Valley Forge and asked myself to what extent is the current generation of Americans willing to fight the good fight in order to lessen the monolithic burden that has been heaped upon our children and grandchildren?  The whiny attitude ended because let’s face it, most of us don’t know what real suffering is…we have been living high on the hog (pun intended), and it is now our turn to become a great generation of American citizens who will fight not just for ourselves, but for future generations.

For a brief moment I thought “well sure, I feel that way, but how many others are going to get up on a day like today and stand with me?”  As you can see from the pictures, the answer was about 4,000 or so!

(I’ll add here that unlike the March 15th event, most local television stations were in attendance today.  Although I trust Channel 9 didn’t send “Hazel” and his crew to do the reporting this time…of course they probably couldn’t keep track of the ONE counter-protester roaming the crowd).

The speakers at this event were phenomenal and as good as they were at the March 15th event.  After the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem, Cincinnati Tea Party Founder & President Mike Wilson spoke about the goals & objectives of the organization, namely that they are not going away, that they will continue to work within the system to turn things around, especially by going deeper into our communities.  He also reiterated that this is not a “political party” event and as such, will support logical, common sense, fiscally responsible candidates regardless of party affiliation…

That parlayed perfectly into what first speaker, Ray Warrick had to say.  To bolster the bipartisan nature of the event, he asked for a show of hands of any democrats in attendance (there were quite a few), then a show of hands for any “former” republicans in attendance (to which the crowd errupted).  THAT folks, says more about the condition of the Republican Party than any “poll” or focus group they will ever procure.  Witty and brilliant, Mr. Warrick warned of the devastating blow about to hit small businesses and the reality that we/they have no representation in DC.  Wrapping up, he reiterated what many of us conservatives know, that we did not leave the Republican Party, it left us (Michael Steele & Kevin DeWine, call your offices).

Lastly, Mr. Greg Knox of Franklin, OH.  Mr. Knox owns Knox Machinery Inc., a supply chain vendor for the manufacturing industry.  You can read the “official” story of his notariety here, but in a nutshell, he received a letter back in December 2008 from Troy Clarke, President of GMNA (one of Mr. Knox’s biggest clients).  Mr. Clarke sent the letter to all of their suppliers, asking them to call on their Congress-critters to support the auto industry bailout.  Greg’s response should be read by everyone and I will add that he speaks as passionately and articulately as he writes.  Both men gave a call to action, and most agree that the time for action is now.

The event was inspiring on many levels and it would be near impossible to do it justice (especially the speakers) so I would just ask anyone who reads this post to consider what they might say if asked to speak at an upcoming event.  You may be surprised to find out that there is an activist in you just waiting to affect change for the better.

“As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every silence.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Update: Dayton certainly knows how to parTEA!!

Rose’s Tea Party Pics, and Link to Report

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The Pics – From Downtown Cincinnati today (some of these are pretty big, so be patient; they all will open in a separate window):

100_0531 100_0544 100_0545

100_0547 100_0556 100_0558

100_0559 100_0568 100_0570

100_0574 100_0575 100_0582

100_0584 100_0532 100_0534

100_0548 100_0550 100_0551

100_0555 100_0565 100_0576

The Report – is here (“More Tea, Anyone?”).

UPDATE: Other pic sources — Virtuous Republic (well over 100), Doses of Reality, DADvocate. Added April 16: Righteous rantings (HT Michelle Malkin) has a couple of shots that would suggesting a crowd a few thousand less than ones seen at the city’s Thanksgiving Day Race (2008 finishers: 11,556).

UPDATE 2: Local media coverage (review and comment may come tomorrow if warranted): Enquirer, WCPO, WLWT, WKRC-TV.

UPDATE 3: 55KRC has a 77-pic gallery.

Tax Day Tea Parties… (and Introducing ‘Rose’)

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Intro from Tom Blumer: It is my pleasure on this Tea Party Day (which I will regretfully have to miss because of personal and business commitments) to introduce a new and hopefully fairly frequent poster here. Many BizzyBlog readers are quite aware of pithy, to-the-point comments made here by “Rose” over the years. Well, below is her maiden BizzyBlog post. Welcome aboard, Rose.

Appropriate to her longtime level of involvement at the grass roots, I have launched a new category called “Activism.”

This post will stay at the top today until Rose’s event reporting comes in. Pics from others are also welcome, and credit will be given to those who request it.



Reporting for our esteemed leader, I’ll be heading down to the Cincinnati Tea Party on Fountain Square this morning.  The organization set high standards for the rest of the state at their March 15, 2009 event and as such Dayton, Columbus,  and others will be attempting to hold their own!  Hope that many will come out to stand with us (not to mention get a healthy, brisk walk on their lunch hour)!

Until then, I’ll leave you with some sage advice from James Madison:

“Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.”


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- March 15 — Cincy Tea Party Pics (Update: Vid Added)

Latest Pajamas Media Post (‘Tax Receipts Plummet as Americans Go Galt’) Is Up

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It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Friday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

Big picture: The problem isn’t “only” that the creators of the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy, aka the POR Recession as Normal People Define It, are spending the inheritances of future generations as far as the eye can see. Making things worse, their non-stop confidence-killing campaign that began in earnest in June of last year has caused tax receipts to plummet almost 14% compared to a year ago. The level of the dive appears to be on the verge of getting worse — much worse.

Go to the column for the dreadful details.

Lucid Links (041509, Morning)

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Noteworthy Net-Worthies:

Just in time for the Tea Parties, we learn that the Department of Homeland Security believes that participants are subversives — as are returning veterans, people who believe in states’ rights, prolife advocates, etc., etc. Geez, Nixon didn’t work up an enemies list until at least three years into his term. These guys have gotten overcome with paranoia in less than three months, proving once again that power-mad pathologies continue to dominate the left far more than they have ever infected the right. I have put a copy of the document at my web host (1.9mb PDF) for those who wish to see the whole thing.

Karl Rove noted earlier this month at the Wall Street Journal an Obama statement to a Democrat who voted against the stimulus monstrosity: “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.” We are too, bro. You and your administration owe an apology to returning veterans for considering them presumptive domestic threats. The American Legion has demanded and is entitled to a full apology. Until they get one, the score is Brave Soldiers 1, Petty Tyrant Wannabes 0.

On Sunday, I expressed the hope that Obama’s okay to take out the terrorists in training holding Richard Phillips hostage wasn’t “a one-trick testosterone display.” Given what North Korea has decided to do, and the fact that the Somali terrorists in training are stepping up their piracy, Trick Numbers 2, 3, and more are not far from being overdue — that is, if they can step away from their domestic paranoia long enough to see who our real enemies are. Update: I see that the Associated Press has already start making excuses for inaction.

Glamour Dims as Hecklers Hit the (New York) Auto Show — Read it, and try to imagine that sales at General Motors and Chrysler aren’t tanking even worse after Obama’s power play on Rick Wagoner than they were before him. You can’t.

Repaving three miles of interestate highway in Los Angeles apparently costs $25 million per mile. Not building it, repaving it. How stimulating. And they wonder why the Tea Party thing is catching fire?

Positivity: Grandmother’s miracle survival revealed

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From New Zealand:

Mon, 6 Apr 2009

A friend of the 62-year-old woman was trapped for two days in a upturned car on the West Coast of the South Island says it is a miracle she survived

Alison McDonald’s family found her in blue Toyota Corolla in dense bush between Arthur’s Pass and Otira early yesterday morning after she crashed down a five metre bank on Friday.

She was taken to Grey Base Hospital with bruising to her ribs and lung area.

This morning she was in a stable and comfortable condition, a hospital spokesman said.

Mrs McDonald left Christchurch Friday morning and family and friends raised the alarm after she failed to arrive at her Greymouth home.

Her friend Teena Vincent said about a dozen family and friends spent the weekend searching anxiously.

After driving the route without success, they set out at first light on Sunday and her daughter and two granddaughters found Mrs McDonald about 9.30am.

“Finding her is proof that miracles do happen,” Ms Vincent told The Press, from her friend’s bedside beside yesterday.

“The last thing she can remember is the car hitting something and going over the bank.” ….

Go here for the rest of the story.