April 15, 2009

Lucid Links (041509, Morning)

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Noteworthy Net-Worthies:

Just in time for the Tea Parties, we learn that the Department of Homeland Security believes that participants are subversives — as are returning veterans, people who believe in states’ rights, prolife advocates, etc., etc. Geez, Nixon didn’t work up an enemies list until at least three years into his term. These guys have gotten overcome with paranoia in less than three months, proving once again that power-mad pathologies continue to dominate the left far more than they have ever infected the right. I have put a copy of the document at my web host (1.9mb PDF) for those who wish to see the whole thing.

Karl Rove noted earlier this month at the Wall Street Journal an Obama statement to a Democrat who voted against the stimulus monstrosity: “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.” We are too, bro. You and your administration owe an apology to returning veterans for considering them presumptive domestic threats. The American Legion has demanded and is entitled to a full apology. Until they get one, the score is Brave Soldiers 1, Petty Tyrant Wannabes 0.

On Sunday, I expressed the hope that Obama’s okay to take out the terrorists in training holding Richard Phillips hostage wasn’t “a one-trick testosterone display.” Given what North Korea has decided to do, and the fact that the Somali terrorists in training are stepping up their piracy, Trick Numbers 2, 3, and more are not far from being overdue — that is, if they can step away from their domestic paranoia long enough to see who our real enemies are. Update: I see that the Associated Press has already start making excuses for inaction.

Glamour Dims as Hecklers Hit the (New York) Auto Show — Read it, and try to imagine that sales at General Motors and Chrysler aren’t tanking even worse after Obama’s power play on Rick Wagoner than they were before him. You can’t.

Repaving three miles of interestate highway in Los Angeles apparently costs $25 million per mile. Not building it, repaving it. How stimulating. And they wonder why the Tea Party thing is catching fire?


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