May 1, 2009

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Exodus: Why Ohioans Are Voting with Their Feet’) Is Up

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It’s here.

It will go up at BizzyBlog on Monday morning (link won’t work until then) when the blackout expires.

Based on reax in the past, this sentence from the column will tweak Buckeye State lefties:

Though its chief executive was nominally Republican for 16 years until 2007, Ohio has been run economically like a blue state since the mid-1990s, when then-Governor Voinovich sold out to the tax-and-spenders.

That statement has the distinct advantage of being true, as was a similar assertion in my New York Post column that was published last September.

It’s so true that as far back as somewhere between 1995-1998, I distinctly remember that some Ohio Republican legislators mulled over the need to give a GOP response to George Voinovich’s State of the State message (see Update 2 — It was 1995).


UPDATE: The results of this Google News Archive search show that Voinovich indeed lost his way in Spring 1995, when he insisted on trying to impose a bottle and can tax that had, as best I can recall, been rejected by voters the previous November (see Update 2: Yes, it was rejected by voters).


UPDATE 2: Building on that thought, here’s an excerpt from a 1996 editorial from the Wall Street Journal (from the ProQuest Library database). The Journal was properly aghast at the possibility under consideration at the time that tax-and-spend Voinovich might become GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole’s running mate:

Rockefeller Voinovich

….. Mr. Voinovich’s record doesn’t mesh too well with what Bob Dole and most of the Republican Party stand for.

….. Following his landslide re-election in 1994, Governor Voinovich pushed through a new budget that increased state spending a whopping 13% and called for reinstating an unpopular one-cent tax on soft drinks even though voters had repealed it overwhelmingly. This year the Governor’s State of the State message was so supportive of state government that a leading GOP legislator asked his colleagues afterward: “I suppose you want me to give the Republican response to the governor’s speech?”

State legislators tell us that Governor Voinovich has made no secret of his disdain for key elements of the Contract With America, such as time limits on welfare. His staff has been even more explicit. “Much of the law passed by the House is trash; if it was enacted it would be a disaster,” Voinovich press secretary Mike Dawson told the Ohio Newspaper Association after the Contract passed the House.

Voinovich was an establishment media fave at the time, because they knew that Voinovich would dilute Dole’s fiscally conservative (relatively speaking) themes. Fortunately, the Journal’s editorial played a large role in Voinovich removing himself from VP consideration.

As I have said (you often have to repeat a point before Ohio’s far-lefties begin to comprehend it; heck, one of them can’t even spell “Galt” after seeing the word Lord knows how many times elsewhere, misspelling it a over a dozen times in one post; also note at the mini-pic how the author would appear to have been quite at home administering Stalin’s psych wards for political dissidents) — “Ohio has been run economically like a blue state since the mid-1990s, when then-Governor Voinovich sold out to the tax-and-spenders.”

All of this also clearly shows how clueless this guy was at the time my NY Post column appeared.


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