May 4, 2009

AP Ohio Writer Pulls a Calvin Woodward, Explains Fundamental Truth About John Kasich

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Last week, pigs didn’t quite fly, but a bunch of them seemed to sprout wings when the Associated Press’s Calvin Woodward, in a fact-check piece, documented the lack of veracity in many of Barack Obama’s 100th day press conference assertions.

Friday, an unbylined AP writer, in a report (saved here for future reference) on John Kasich’s next-step announcement towards an Ohio gubernatorial run, did a Woodward.

This sentence in the played-straight AP report should be emblazoned on the forehead of every voting-age Ohioan:

Kasich, a 9-term Congressman from Ohio, was the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Budget Committee in 1997 that balanced the nation’s budget for the first time in more than 30 years.

No one else in America can make that statement.

Kasich and his committee (with his senatorial colleagues) balanced the budget. Bill Clinton did NOTHING on the spending side to balance the budget except sign the related bills. What Clinton deserves some credit for is getting on board with the supply-side capital gains tax cut in 1997 that created a gusher on the revenue side — a cut passed by the GOP Congress over strenuous objections from some Democrats.

Savor the statement excerpted above, because you’ll probably never see it in an AP or Ohio establishment media report for the next 18 months — unless it has the qualifier “Kasich says” in front of it.


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