June 14, 2009

Mandel: Watchdog of Our Tax Dollars

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State Treasurer Boyce’s actions are exactly the kind that this state DOESN’T need.  From the Dayton Daily News:

COLUMBUS — As Ohio’s budget swells with red ink, state Treasurer Kevin Boyce spent $32,469 in taxpayer money on promotional items such as water bottles, grocery bags and pencils and plans to buy another $47,457 in swag plastered with his name.

Boyce defended the purchases as routine and said his marketing budget is about 30 percent less than what fellow Democrat Richard Cordray spent when he was state treasurer.

But state Rep. Josh Mandel, R-Lyndhurst, who is running against Boyce, said, “While families and small businesses are tightening their belts, it seems outrageous that the treasurer is using the hard earned dollars of Ohio families to promote himself.”

And Catherine Turcer of Ohio Citizen Action, a good government watchdog, said just because other statewide officers spend budget money on promotion doesn’t make it right.

“So many office holders see this as a perk of incumbency without thinking through the cost to the taxpayers,” Turcer said.

Boyce, 37, who was appointed treasurer in January to replace Richard Cordray, is running statewide for election in 2010. His office is charged with collecting, investing and protecting state funds.

…Shortly after his appointment to the treasurer’s post in January, Boyce assembled a team of top aides pulled from Ohio Democratic Party, Columbus City Hall and politically connected families.

He hired Liam Shanahan — son of Strickland’s energy advisor Mark Shanahan and budget director Pari Sabety — into a $45,011-a-year job. Shanahan, 24, who previously worked at a zoo and water park, drives Boyce places and acts as an administrative assistant.

Boyce hired Jessica Ford, 22, daughter of former Toledo mayor Jack Ford, to run his Toledo community affairs office at an annual salary of $45,011. Early in his career, Boyce served as Jack Ford’s legislative aide in the Ohio House.

Elizabeth Luken, the sister of former Cincinnati mayor Charlie Luken, landed a $45,011-a-year job running Boyce’s Cincinnati community affairs office.

…And Boyce hired a former Ohio Democratic Party fund-raiser Lakshmi Satyanarayana, 23, as an administrative assistant to Culp and Deputy Treasurer Amer Ahmad. She is paid $35,006 a year.

Boyce also hired two friends from high school, a man who goes to his church, and several people from Columbus city hall.

Newton Burris, 36, who is paid $105,019 a year as the treasurer’s economic development director, played football with Boyce at Columbus East High School. Boyce’s scheduler and administrative assistant, Angela Burks, 36, who is paid $67,000, is another friend from high school. Boyce and Burks also knew one another at Columbus City Hall where Burks worked for the mayor while Boyce was a city councilman.

Derek Anderson, 32, who makes $100,006 a year as human resources director, attends St. Paul AME Church with Boyce.

…Mandel said given the state’s lowered bond rating and huge deficit, “it is imperative that the treasurer be someone who understands the importance of hiring well-trained, qualified professionals, not cronies and political friends.

Read about the reckless spending here.  I just LOVE how the Democrats have “Turned Around” Ohio (eyeroll).

Had enough ”hope & change?”  Good, go to Josh Mandel’s website & get involved!



  1. Let me get this straight: The Treasurer’s Office(!) has an Economic Development Director of its very own? Over and above the entirely separate Ohio Department of Development, which is so effective it had no idea NCR was ready to ditch the state? And Boyce’s EDD does …. exactly what for $105K per year?

    Additionally, Boyce is paying virtual kids $35-$45K per year to be “admin assistants” and the like. These salaries based on the experience are wayyyyy out of whack with the private sector.

    While these clowns say they don’t haven’t anywhere left to cut, they feather their friends’ nests with patronage-based do-little or do-nothing jobs.

    A top-to-bottom clean-up is needed.

    Comment by TBlumer — June 14, 2009 @ 9:44 pm

  2. Yep, that about sums it up. What I love is the “hey, I’m spending less than Cordray!”

    That is Dem talk of course for “so that makes it OK…”


    Comment by Rose — June 14, 2009 @ 10:16 pm

  3. The bigger question is, why are the taxpayers of Ohio funding what amounts to Boyce’s re-election campaign? For that matter, why did we pay for Cordray’s? Especially at a time when the state is hemorrhaging jobs by the day why is “patronage” still considered the cost of playing politics? On top of all of this, why is it the apathetic imbeciles of this state being allowed to vote without knowing this is happening?

    Comment by Gribbit — June 15, 2009 @ 4:52 pm

  4. #3, agree that it’s a relatively unexplored valid point, as is the propriety of forcing everyone signing a check at the BMV over to Cordray or (I assume) Boyce.

    Comment by TBlumer — June 15, 2009 @ 5:18 pm

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