June 18, 2009

Why ABC Goes OBC on Health Care; Follow the Presidential Campaign Money

Earlier today, Julia A. Seymour of the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute (BMI) pointed to a fact-check done by her group showing that “from January 20 to June 16 those quoted in health care stories on ABC’s morning and evening news shows favored ObamaCare by a 3-to-1 margin (55 supporters to 18 critics).”

You think that margin is bad; wait until you see the ratio at ABC of Obama vs. McCain campaign contributions.

At its blog, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights (CPR) did the dirty work.

The McCain list (PDF) is pretty brief, and doesn’t amount to much:


The list of ABC employees’ contributions to Obama is, well, a bit longer.

The Obama (PDF) list has roughly 210 line items, with contributions totaling $160,813.

For those keeping score, that’s a 35-to-1 ratio.

A not well-formatted downloadable Excel version for posterity is here.

Great job by CPR keeping the debate about media bias alive, so to speak. What doesn’t have much life is ABC’s claim to be handling the heath care debate fairly.

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A Great Graph About John Kasich and Ted Strickland

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The Office of Management and Budget (corrected from previous attribution) put out a graph the other day that had John Kasich and Ted Strickland all over it.

Here it is:


Do you see them?


Hmm. I’m sorry, I’ll need to zoom in a bit:


Lucid Links (061809, Late Morning)

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Noteworthy Net-Worthies:

Michael Ledeen: “The Iranian people know that they’re on their own; they aren’t going to get any help from us, or the United Nations, or the Europeans. But paradoxically, this lack of support may strengthen their will. There is no cavalry on the horizon. If they are going to prevail, they and their unlikely leaders will have to gut it out by themselves. God be with them.”

Sadly, that makes 1956 Hungary more likely than 1980s Poland, and Ledeen is more likely than not engaged in wishful thinking. Hope I’m wrong.


Not one, not two, but three government Inspectors General have been recently fired or interfered with. Their names are Gerald Walpin (fired), Neil Barofsky (document stonewall), and Judith Gwynn (contract not renewed under suspicious circumstances). The second and third are subjects of a Chicago Tribune story.

Dan Riehl notes the oddity that the Trib would be on this, and not the alleged newspapers of record or the Associated Press. Empty AP searches on Barofsky and Gwynn returning nothing of relevance confirm the media indifference. An AP search on Walpin shows that his firing didn’t become news until a Democratic senator spoke out about it.

(Correction: AP ran an item on June 11 that ap.org’s “7-day” search engine did not pick up, and IMO should have [the story was 156 hours old at the time of the search]. I regret the error, which I found without prompting. Update to correction: This AP search on Walpin — screenshot and saved at my host — somehow includes a June 9 listing that pre-dates the June 11 AP item, but not the June 11 story about the fired AG. What’s with that?)

Frequent commenter dscott emails that “Once is an incident, twice is a coincidence and three times is a pattern! Can you say the phrase, impeachment for corruption?” If it were Bush that had done this, that’s all we’d be hearing.


The combined 169th-170th Carnival of Ohio Politics is up, assembled by Jill at Writes Like She Talks, in one convenient double-shot. Three stories by BizzyBlog’s Rose are linked therein.


Priceless video: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs “was unable to name one country where a single-payer health care system works.” That’s because there isn’t one.


ABC as OBC, via Drudge — “ABC is refusing to air paid ads during its White House health care presentation, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, including a paid-for alternative viewpoint!”


Finally, AP notices“Gas prices rise for 50th straight day.” But it’s basically dry numbers. There’s no hand-wringing about what high prices are doing to the economy, and no person-on-the-street quotes from aggrieved consumers. The average retail price has broken $3 in Los Angeles, up from $1.72 six months ago.

Positivity: 2-year-old girl revisits Lockport firefighters who saved her life

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From Lockport, New York:

Updated: 06/12/09 08:17 AM
A life saved—heavenly

Karli Parker could hardly bear to look as her 2-year-old daughter was rushed into an ambulance after fire tore through the family’s home six weeks ago.

Five firefighters had just fanned out into the house in a desperate search. Thick smoke swirled around them, including upstairs, where Jim Scapelliti found the young girl on a youth bed.

Neveah Parker was unconscious, and barely alive.

But the angels, it seems, had intervened for the little girl whose first name, with the letters rearranged, spells “heaven.”

“I was amazed she had no burns on her, just a little red on her stomach,” her mother said.

Neveah arrived at Women & Children’s Hospital a short time later, in critical condition. The smoke that had filled her rental house also filled her lungs.

She has made a remarkable recovery since the 6:30 a. m. blaze April 29, and is feeling so much better that she and her grateful family paid a visit Thursday to the firefighters who saved her life.

“Just a few minutes more, and we would have lost her,” said her grandfather, Terry Parker. “. . . Everyone is surprised at how well she’s doing now.”

Scapelliti and his fellow firefighters don’t fancy themselves as heroes.

The Parker family respectfully disagrees.

“From my point of view, they are heroes,” Neveah’s mother said. “All I can say is, they were just amazing. I never really paid attention before. They risked their lives and found her and lifted her out.

“I can’t imagine being them in that house. It was so dark, so black with smoke, you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face in the kitchen when I was exiting the house.”

Karli Parker broke down and began to cry as she again saw the firefighters who saved her daughter’s life. As she wiped away tears, other family members and several city firefighters were all smiles.

“We’re just so happy it was a great outcome,” Assistant Fire Chief Michael Seeloff said. “It’s a miracle. Our guys put their lives on the line.”

Neveah, who recently learned to knock knuckles, had all the firefighters laughing as she kept lifting her little fist to knock fists with them all.

Scapelliti carried her in his arms through much of the visit, showing her the fire station and fire equipment.

“You’ve got to come back and visit,” he told her before the little girl left. “We’ve got to keep up on you.”

Seeloff used a two-pronged plan to find Neveah on the morning of the fire. Several firefighters searched from the outside as others pushed inside. ….

Go here for the rest of the story.