June 18, 2009

A Great Graph About John Kasich and Ted Strickland

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The Office of Management and Budget (corrected from previous attribution) put out a graph the other day that had John Kasich and Ted Strickland all over it.

Here it is:


Do you see them?


Hmm. I’m sorry, I’ll need to zoom in a bit:


There. That’s better.

As even the Associated Press acknowledged on May 2 (saved here for posterity):

Kasich, a 9-term Congressman from Ohio, was the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Budget Committee in 1997 that balanced the nation’s budget for the first time in more than 30 years.

No one else in America can make that statement

Even though he left Congress earlier, the positive effect of Kasich’s work carried us all the way to the end of the 2000-2001 federal budget year.

Meanwhile, Ted Strickland, who said he would “turnaround Ohio,” dithered on real reforms (school and otherwise) during the first biennial budget on his watch (2007-2009). Then, in December 2008, he became a proactive participant in creating worsening the country’s serious financial problems when he went running hat in hand to Rahm Enamuel for $5 billion of other people’s money. Since then, he has watched almost listlessly as a group of rumbling, bumbling, stumbling fools who supposedly work for him can’t even close the books on time or submit accurate reports to the Legislature.

Thanks largely to John Kasich, federal spending as a percentage of GDP fell sharply.

Thanks to Ted Strickland and others with his mindset, federal spending is out of control.

The contrast is pretty clear now, isn’t it?



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