July 1, 2009

Resistance Is Futile: Alec Baldwin for OH Guv!

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There is no way I’m going to resist the link traffic forthcoming from a howler like this ….

Movie star ALEC BALDWIN has been given the opportunity to launch his political career in Ohio by a local law firm keen to back a bid to make him the state’s next Governor.

The Cooler star has often spoken about his political aspirations and now he has gone public with his plans to retire from acting in 2012, a group of leading Ohio businessmen want him to consider running for office there.

He tells Playboy magazine, “A law firm in a liberal Democratic bastion in Ohio state politics sent me a binder with a cover letter that read: “Mr. Baldwin, here’s who we represent, the kinds of cases we handle, our credentials in Ohio state politics. We want you to move to Ohio and run for Governor. We will launch your career.’”

Lawyers at the law firm Dewey, Cheetum & Howe, apparently worn out from stealing a US Senate seat in Minnesota for Al Franken, were apparently unavailable for comment.

Gee, I wonder what Baldwin’s party of choice would be?

Baldwin’s bio at Wikipedia shows no evidence that Baldwin has any meaningful connection to Ohio (unlike other celebrity state governors Schwarzenegger and Ventura of CA and MN, respectively).

But the Wiki entry does have these nuggets, and many more:

  • Ohio’s farmers will be pleased to know that “Baldwin is an animal rights activist. He is a strong supporter of PETA and has done work for the organization including narrating the video entitled Meet your Meat.” Andy at BuckeyeAg, call your office.
  • “When interviewed by the New York Times, Baldwin was asked what public office he would consider running for, he replied: ‘If I ever ran for anything, the thing I would like to be is governor of New York.‘” New York, Ohio, whatev.
  • “During his appearance on the comedy late night show Late Night with Conan O’Brien on December 12, 1998, eight days before President Bill Clinton was to be impeached, Baldwin said ‘if we were in another country… we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families, for what they’re doing to this country.’ Baldwin apologized, and the network explained it was meant as a joke and promised not to rerun it.” I’ve seen it plenty of times. Dude was not joking; dude was angry. God help us if he ever got any real power.
  • “(In an) editorial, Baldwin compared the ‘damage done’ by George W. Bush’s controversial victory in the 2000 election to that of the damage done by the September 11, 2001 attacks.” Because soooo many innocent people died during Florida 2000.
  • “On a May 12 Late Show with David Letterman appearance in 2009, Baldwin made a joke about getting a ‘Filipino mail-order bride…or a Russian one’ in order to have more children. Baldwin was targeted by members of the Filipino community who were offended, including Senator Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla, Jr. of the Philippines. Baldwin later apologized for the remark via his Huffington Post blog; the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs has not lifted the ban on the actor from entering the country due to his status as an ‘undesirable alien.’

Let me suggest that Baldwin would also be an “undesirable alien” in Buckeye State politics — which would of course make him the perfect Democratic Party candidate.

Well ….

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Matt at WoMD and DJT at 3BP have received an interesting e-mail.

The Cliff’s notes:

  • A statewide poll shows John Kasich ahead of T-Shirt Ted Strickland in the 2010 Ohio gubernatorial race 44-35.
  • In the Buckeye State’s 2010 US Senate race, the poll shows Rob Portman ahead of Lugubrious Lee Fisher 39-33, and ahead of Jennifer “ACORN” Brunner 43-31.
  • The results are “From a telephone poll, conducted June 23-26, 2009, included 824 registered voters statewide and carries a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percentage points.”

The pollster, “(Fritz) Wenzel Strategies” may be the same guy who worked for Steve Schuring in his unsuccessful race against John “I’m Not Really Pro-Second Amendment, Because I Support Barack Obama” Boccieri.

As to the poll’s credibility, I would suggest that perhaps Wenzel’s crew is finding Republicans and sensible conservatives the Columbus Dispatch has consistently failed to locate in polls relating to statewide races (Even in Obama-McCain, the Dispatch’s prediction of Obama by 6 erred on Obama’s side, though by a relatively small 2 points.)

OK, the news is pretty good…. But this is normally where Republicans give in to the temptation to go to the Tom Dewey prevent defense, which is only good at preventing winning, forget to articulate sensible conservatism, and just try to coast. Depending on where things stand 16 months from now, that’s a recipe for turning a close election into a rout for the other guys, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, or from missing landslide opportunities. Minimizing the influence of the hidebound Ohio Republican Party in Columbus would seem to be critical to avoiding said temptation.

Speaking of the Second Amendment, Matt at WoMD has John Kasich’s statement on the right of citizens to bear arms. This is good, because, as with Boccieri, Ted Strickland’s support of Barack Obama also renders the governor’s alleged Second Amendment credibility utterly null and void.

Stimulus Judgment Day 1: ADP Says Private Sector Jobs Fell 473,000 in June

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Yesterday, the Obama administration gave us permission (as if we need it; HT Third Base Politics) to judge the results of the mislabeled, time-delayed, historically ineffective stimulus that was rushed into law with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s deciding vote, and without anyone having read it, in February:

Robert Gibbs: “We should begin to judge it now.”

ADP issued its report on June private sector employment this morning:

June, 2009

Nonfarm private employment decreased 473,000 from May to June 2009 on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the ADP National Employment Report®. The estimated change of employment from April to May was revised by 47,000, from a decline of 532,000 to a decline of 485,000.

Monthly employment losses in April, May, and June averaged 492,000. This is a notable improvement over the first three months of the year, when monthly losses averaged 691,000. Nevertheless, despite some recent indications that economic activity is stabilizing, employment, which usually trails overall economic activity, is likely to decline for at least several more months, although perhaps not as rapidly as during the last six months.

4-1/2 months after its passage, yours truly now has the mighty Robert Gibbs’s and Dear Leader’s permission to judge the legislation’s impact.

Okay, here goes.

ADP’s reported June drop of 473,000 is a whole 12,000 jobs below May’s revised 485,000.

At that steady rate of “improvement,” the economy will start adding jobs in October 2012, after having lost over 9,000,000 jobs in the meantime:


If that steady rate of “improvement” occurs, the nationwide unemployment rate will rise to something like 16% – 17%.

So what’s the problem? (/sarc)

4-1/2 months after its passage, readers also are now allowed to judge the effectiveness of the the mislabeled, time-delayed, historically ineffective stimulus that was rushed into law with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s deciding vote, and without anyone having read it, for themselves.

So by all means, please do so. You have Dear Leader’s permission.


UPDATE: The Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Index, covering about 15% of the economy, came in at 44.8%, up from 42.8% in May. It takes 50% to be in expansion mode. A full history is here.

June’s number is a nice improvement, especially from the year-end value. But remember that hitting 50% will only signify a bottom-out and the very beginning of a recovery. The stimulus-related takeaway is that 4-1/2 months after its passage, we’re not very close to that point yet.

The Non-Manufacturing Index will come out on Monday.

Lucid Links (070109, Morning)

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Noteworthy Net-Worthies:

Thanks to Mark Levin for bringing up my NewsBusters post (mirrored here at BizzyBlog) about the dive in federal receipts near the end of the first hour of his show last night (link to the June 30 audio is here).


I didn’t do anything with the Franken-Coleman story all these months because my instincts told me that Franken and his party would cheat to win. The Wall Street Journal confirms that this is indeed what happened — “Mr. Franken now goes to the Senate having effectively stolen an election.”

For the next 5-1/2 years, yours truly will be referring to the not-funny Franken as the illegitimately selected Senator from Minnesota. Lefties who want to whine about Florida 2000 should read this first, and this second — and go somewhere else to whine.


Robert Rector — “Welfare reform is effectively dead — and the Obama administration is driving a stake through its chest. And what we can expect to see are record ongoing increases in welfare spending for the foreseeable future.”

Gutting welfare reform is cynical, results-be-damned, country-be damned politics. The reform of traditional welfare (once known as Aid to Families with Dependent Children [AFDC], now known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families [TANF]) has been a real-world application of legitimate human compassion during the past 13 years, and remarkable personal and economic results have flowed from it. Both compassion and results are now apparently less important than creating dependent Democratic voters.

Unfortunately, other forms of welfare-type spending have ballooned in recent years, leading Rector to warn that “even though the U.S. spent more than $700 billion on (all forms of) welfare for poor and low-income people last year (not including Social Security or Medicare), equaling about $20,000 for each poor person, President Obama plans to dramatically ramp up that spending in the years to come.”


L.E. Ikenga, a first generation born West African-American woman whose parents emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970′s, warns at American Thinker (“Obama, the African Colonial”) that “The tropes of America’s racial history as a way of understanding all things black are useless in understanding the man who got his dreams from his father, a Kenyan exemplar of the African Colonial.”

Ah yes. I’ve noted a UK Daily Mail story from February 2007 about Obama’s father (“A drunk and a bigot – what the US Presidental hopeful HASN’T said about his father”) a couple of times (here and here). Nobody has ever refuted the content of that piece.

Greg Ransom researched the father’s far, far-left politics as revealed in a 1965 article written by Barack Obama Sr. here (Ransom’s work was originally published in April 2008). Nobody has ever meaningfully refuted what Ransom wrote, but they have called him a bad guy for bringing up the topic.


At IBDeditorials.com“During his campaign, President Obama made a big deal of criticizing leaders who are elected democratically but don’t govern democratically. He’s had a chance to show that it mattered in Honduras. He didn’t.”

Read the whole thing. Barack Obama Hearts (his kind of) Tyrants.

Update: Roger Simon — “Iran, Honduras: Is Obama ‘objectively pro-fascist’?”