July 17, 2009

Lickety-Split Links (071709, Morning)

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Noteworthy Net-Worthies (wherein yours truly bravely attempts to restrain the compulsion to put in his 2 cents):

From Michelle Malkin’s latest column — “The Virginia-based Council for Affordable Health Insurance estimated that the administrative expenses of both programs (Medicaid and Medicare) last decade were 66% higher than those of private sector health insurance companies.”

Language of statist coercion, via the National Taxpayers Union — “the legislation empowers a very busy bureaucracy. The term “Secretary” — as in the Secretaries of Health & Human Services, Labor, Defense, and Veterans Affairs – appears 1,124 times in the bill. The Secretaries — along with Commissioners (199 references), Committees (76 references), and Boards (17 references) are busy conducting studies, developing methodologies, and receiving recommendations among other things — …. including requiring, limiting, penalizing, regulating, taxing, and enforcing their way to affordable health care for all.”

Leftists who question private funding sources for scientific studies, or well-designed polls funded by their ideological opponents, don’t seem to have a problem with a human rights org raising money in totalitarian countries. I wish that were an opinion. It’s an observation.

Kurt at FundMastery has posted Joe Crea’s column on statist health care that originally appeared here at BizzyBlog on Wednesday.

CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf: “Under current law, the federal budget is on an unsustainable path, because federal debt will continue to grow much faster than the economy over the long run.” David Walker of GAO was saying this for years under Bush while the GOP controlled Congress, and then after the Democrats took over. Almost no one listened. The Obama admin’s permanent spending ramp-up has objectively exponentially increased the unsustainability.

Patrick Poole at PJM“An Islamic Hate Speaker Comes to Town (Columbus, OH).”

“There Will Be No Micromanagement” Update — “Obama Opposes House Plan to Protect Chrysler, GM Dealerships.”

WSJ, in an editorial, with analysis not seen at other establishment media outlets — “…. (the House health care bill’s) tax increases …. would take U.S. rates higher even than most of Europe. Yet even those increases aren’t nearly enough to finance the $1 trillion in new spending, which itself is surely a low-ball estimate. Meanwhile, the bill would create a new government health entitlement that will kill private insurance and lead to a government-run system.” Not-able-to-resist memo to IBD-bashers at yesterday’s post: Take that.



  1. Impeach Sotomayor!!!!


    Indeed, it is only through these differences that America can forge a better, more diverse tradition of legal justice. As you know, the Latina women of my culture are passionate and fiery, and if we learn our famously hot blooded men have been cheating with some raven-haired puta at the cantina, there will be hell to pay. As a Justicia on the Tribunal Supremo I will be naturally vigilant for any colleague who strays from the law, and will not hesitate to clobber them with the rodillo of established legal precedence. Afterwards, when we have reached consensus, there will be hot makeup majority opinions.

    This is exactly the kind of wise, precedent-faithful Latina legal approach that I believe will be welcome by others on the Supreme Court bench, all of whom bring their own unique genetic legal wisdom and instinctual empathy. Justices Roberts and Souter for example, with their aloof, sexless, constipated, emotionally-stunted WASPy intellects and natural affinity for preppy white collar criminals. Justice Stevens has this as well, along with a keen grasp for the legal issues facing Americans with senile dementia. As an Irishman, Justice Kennedy enjoys a natural “gift of the gab” and poetically tragic alcoholism. Like you, I imagine
    that Justice Breyer can be kind of pushy and whiny, but we should also remember that as a Jew he is probably very skilled at cases that involve complicated numbers and math. To the casual observer, it probably seems absurd to have greasy Italian “goodfellas” like Justices Alito and Scalia working inside the legal system, but if we give them a
    chance they may eventually break the code of Omerta and finally turn state’s evidence against their Cosa Nostra bosses. Yes, many have criticized Justice Thomas for being a self-hating “Oreo” and “Uncle Tom,” but I like to think that deep inside him still lurks the the DNA of an angry Cadillac-driving streetwise Superfly, ready to show “The
    Man” that his pimp hand is strong.

    Not only should this Archie Bunker characture bigot not be confirmed to the SCOTUS, she must be removed from the Bench, period!!!

    Comment by dscott — July 17, 2009 @ 10:43 am

  2. When all administrative costs– direct and indirect– are actually accounted for, this is what you get:

    “The Virginia-based Council for Affordable Health Insurance estimated that the administrative expenses of both programs last decade were 66% higher than those of private sector health insurance companies.”

    And the deadweight loss of government isn’t even calculated in. Here’s an excerpt from the column that addresses this:

    “What the Medicare overhead calculation obscures is how efficient any insurer could appear if it only offered one product for one market segment in which everyone was mandated to buy it; which was prepaid and collected by someone else under penalty of law; reimbursed only 80% of a provider’s cost; did not have to survive solely on premia, investments, or make a profit; did not have to obey the various state regulations, but instead set its own rules; could not be sued; and much of its overhead functions, debt, and debt service were absorbed by its competitors and various other federal and state agencies.”

    I didn’t even mention patient and client services provided by private carriers and pharmacy benefit managers such as contracting services, formulary management, drug utilization evaluations and review, medication therapy management, quality scorecards, etc.

    Comment by Joe C. — July 17, 2009 @ 10:48 am

  3. Liberals with their hypocrisy kill me. They whined and moaned that TARP needed to be passed so financial institutes wouldn’t go under (which was a lie in of itself to began with as more and more evidence accumulates to show that despite the lib mantra that greedy businesses demanded the taxpayer money it was the other way around in many cases. Large sections of the financial world were healthy and had the bailout money forced on them by the power greedy and taxpayer money hungry government.) but now they complain that Goldman Sachs made “too much” money from the bailout funds. If the whole point of TARP was to restore firms and banks to financial health, how in the hell can they complain about Sachs newfound success? Would they rather that they still be struggling like Citigroup and Bank of America still are? How does that scenario benefit the country? Not to mention they ignore that Goldman-Sachs repaid the bailout money!

    “We don’t want you to fail because it’s bad for the American people, but we don’t want you to succeed either because well, that’s bad too!” Insanity.

    Has the libs become so anti-business that they attack businesses even when they accomplish what the liberals want them to? Or are they just cynical populists who attack Big Business no matter what, right or wrong, because well, “that’s what us “little guys always right, big guys always wrong ((except us, of course)) liberals are supposed to do!”

    P.S. I ran into a lib who when confronted with the facts that the story about how really demanded TARP was misstold by the press and liberals, told me flat out that it didn’t “change anything.” No, other than being the complete opposite of what really happened, it doesn’t change anything. And if the laws of physics suddenly changed into the opposite of what they are now that wouldn’t change anything either I guess. It’s amazing the knee-jerkiness of the lefty “mind” these days.

    Comment by zf — July 17, 2009 @ 11:24 pm

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