July 22, 2009

I Cannot WAIT Until Voinovich Retires!!!

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HT: Michelle Malkin & Ohio CCW

Once again, GOPers abandon their core (and potential converts) for the left. Both Lugar AND Voinovich have been abysmal lately and are now officially to the left of Snowe & Collins.

From Michelle Malkin who is WAY more gracious than I…

Sen. John Thune sponsored an amendment to the defense authorization bill allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapons across state lines as long as they abided by other states’ CCW rules and regulations.

The Senate just voted down the measure by 58-39, falling two short of the 60-vote threshhold needed to block a filibuster.

Several Democrats voted for the amendment, including Sens. Feingold, Dorgan, Bayh, and Webb.

Sen. Pryor switched his vote from “nay” to “aye” at the last minute.

GOP Sens. Lugar and Voinovich voted “nay.”

By the way, I think it’s time to start asking Rob Portman where he stands with respect to all of Voinovich’s bad votes.

This is EXACTLY the same crap we’ll get with DeWine if we’re dumb enough to elect him…

We’ve Got Healthcare Yes We Do!

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“We’ve got healthcare, how ’bout you?!” Mitt Romney’s new cheer, ladies & gentlemen.

You know, too many “conservative celebrities” contend that Mitt Romney [still] represents all three legs of some “conservative stool.” I contend that said pundits are either having Ambien parties with Patrick Kennedy, or using the alternative definition of “stool.”

Among Mitt’s many, many, many, political & legislative warts, resides an 800 lb. gorilla shouting that no true conservative conceives and implements — “universal healthcare,” let alone becomes its greatest cheerleader.

Especially since it fails miserably every time it’s it’s triedevery time!

Some excerpts from Newsweek’s The Gaggle:

Q. What do you think needs to happen over the next couple of weeks if President Obama’s deadline for healthcare reform is to be met?

Romney: I think the President ought to hit the reset button. I think it is critical that he have the participation, involvement, and support of people on both sides of the aisle, as well as people in various sectors of the health economy. If we are going to have a dramatic shift in the nature of so large
a part of our economy then it needs to be something that has been thoroughly vetted and has received great support. Out of a desire to move very quickly, while his support is highest, he has skipped the critical steps of educating, involving, and evolving his own plans to meet the perspectives of the great majority of our citizens.

Q. It sounds like you are encouraging the President to slow down. Aren’t there risks in delaying?

Romney: He’s in a very difficult position. We faced a very similar question [in Massachusetts] as we began our process. We spent over two years putting together a health care plan and then building support for it on both sides of the aisle – working with hospitals, providers, doctors, business groups, labor groups, advocates for the poor. We involved all of these parties, and it took a long time, but what we ended up with was a bill that passed the legislature – if you combine the House and the Senate – 198 to 2.

WTH? He’s talking as if his reckless policies had absolutely no lasting consequences.like it was merely a legislative feat.

Given the documented, colossal failure of Romney’s “universal healthcare,” those pathetic answers leave me with no further words other than to reiterate that if you think that Mitt Romney is the answer, then you’re asking REALLY. STUPID. QUESTIONS.

Update: Ha! Alo over @ Brainshavings thinks that Mitt has been hitting some medical marijuana…did he cover that, too?

Hank Paulson Sounds Like Obama Without His Teleprompter

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(HT PrisonPlanet.com)

Cliff Stearns gives Hank Paulson just a smidgeon of what we, the people would like to give him for his economic terrorism

You can read a thorough synopsis here.