July 23, 2009

Chart This

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Item: “Democrats Block GOP Health Care Mailing”

Well, nothing personal, GOP Congressguys and Congressgals, but not a lot of people have been opening your mail recently.

But Congressman Kevin Brady and others deserve props for the work they have done representing reality, so I’ll publish the chart here to assist them in their educational effort (link will open in a BIIIIIIG new window; HT Moonbatttery):


Readers can spread it far and wide to people who will actually look at it.

The Roll Call article indicates that the Democrats have an “eight-point memo” documenting their objections to the chart’s details. Given the fact that there are hundreds of boxes, lines, and intertwined relationships on the chart, that would seem to be an admission that the GOP chart is 98%-99% accurate.

(begin sarcasam)

Addendum: Well, by all means, include their objections in a helpful insert included with the mailer. Tell the Dems that once the few who are brave enough to open their congressional mail read the accompanying insert, they will will be soooooo relieved that the chart of what health care will look like isn’t really as bad as the “real,” 1000-page-plus plan.

Or perhaps the GOP can yellow-line or otherwise highlight the areas of dispute. That will set everyone’s mind at ease that the healthcare system won’t be taken over by an unwieldy, unmanageable, unaccountable bureaucracy.


Boxer Gets Knocked Out…

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Alas, only figuratively…
(HT: Emailer who wishes to remain anonymous)

Mr. Harry C. Alford, chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, recently went to Washington to discuss material facts in a study commissioned by the NBCC to study the effects of Cap and Trade legislation on jobs.

He came prepared, study in hand, with facts. Materially, that Cap and Trade will result in a net job LOSS of 2.5 Million jobs!!!

Senator Barbara Boxer, a Democrat from California, had her own basis for convincing Mr. Alford that he’s wrong. She came prepared to let him know that he should change his mind and support the Cap and Trade energy bill because…are you ready?

Here it comes… wait for it…

Because other “blacks” disagree with him. Never mind the facts.

She does start out with a supposed relevant fact. Apparently, according to the Senator, Green jobs have grown at a faster rate in recent years… and while I don’t have all the facts, lets look at that statement. Were in a recession or depression. Nearly all job growth is depressed. Now, consider green jobs… there were relatively few and government has thrown money at them so they have grown. So what?

This is a little bit like me saying my company has more growth than my competitor because I grew from 2 employees to 4 (a 100% increase) and my competitor grew from 10,000 employees to 11,000 employees (only a 10% increase). Now, which really had more growth?

Bottom line… Don’t believe the green job myth and don’t believe Democrat politicians aren’t anxious to exploit race whenever they can.

Clearly Mr. Alford wins in a unanimous decision…

Lucid and Lickety-Split Links (072309, Morning)

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Lucid Links:


Sprott Asset Management (PDF) via Doug Ross: “We are now in the early stages of a depression.”

If we are, we can blame the progenitors of the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy, now known as the POR Recession/”Repression” As Normal People Define It. This graph at Doug’s place tracks the beginning of meaningful declines in world industrial output almost exactly to June 2008, when the Terrible Triumvirate put their efforts to take down the economy into overdrive:


The POR Economy has apparently done to the world what it has done to us.


WSJ on BHO and the CBO:

(CBO Director) Douglas Elmendorf …. last week told Congress that you can’t “save” money on health care by having government insure everyone.

For that bit of truth-telling, he was first excoriated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Then he was summoned, er, invited to the White House for an extraordinary and inappropriate meeting Monday with President Obama and a phalanx of economic and health-care advisers.

As Douglas Holtz-Eakin, the Republican who ran CBO from 2003 to 2005, put it, “The only appearance could be that they’re leaning on him. CBO was created for Congress, for independent analysis. The White House did him [Elmendorf] a terrible disservice.”

Obama072209PresserPic “Nice job and career you have there, Doug. It would be such a terrible shame if anything were to happen to it.”

If Bush 43 had attempted this gambit (of course, he never would have), it would have made front-page headlines and would have led the evening news almost everywhere.


USA Today has a disgraceful whitewash of the RomneyCare situation in Massachusetts that must be read with no sharp objects in the vicinity.

Here’s the jaw-dropping opening:

The state that pioneered health care for all is about to take another leap into the unknown: paying for it.

Three years after mandating that residents get health insurance and requiring employers, insurers and taxpayers to chip in, Massachusetts has yet to control soaring costs that are eating up half its budget. So it’s considering an equally radical idea: changing the way doctors and hospitals are paid to reward results.

If you can imagine it, it actually goes downhill from there.

Here’s the brilliant idea for changing how providers are paid:

…. the payment commission …. last week recommended a system in which health care providers would be paid a set amount for each patient.

This is draconian rationing, pure and simple.

Here’s the full report from the Massachusetts Special Commission on the Health Care Payment System (got bureaucracy, guys? Here’s the federal version).

This is not a new idea. It’s called “capitated reimbursement.” When HMOs have tried this, they have been cast as the epitome of all evil. But when the government comes along and proposes the very same thing, with heavier bureaucracy and more than likely fewer appeal rights included, reporters like USAT’s Richard Wolf magically portray it in a favorable light.


Lickey-Split Links:

  • Now THIS, unlike the bogus global warming/globaloney hockey stick (busted almost six years ago) is a really scary hockey stick (HT the Belmont Club).
  • Ford’s recovery continues.
  • In sharp contrast to Ford, GM’s announcement the previous day only dealt with unit sales; there is not a single dollar sign in its report. I believe this foreshadows Fannie Mae/Freddie Maclike non-transparency — or worse.
  • From Babula: “Honduran authorities have seized computers found in the Presidential Palace belonging to deposed president Mel Zelaya. Taking a page right out of the leftist dictator’s handbook, these computers, according to the news report, contained the official and certified results of the illegal constitutional referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct that never took place.” Zelaya had his plans to rig the election fully in place. The Obama administration is, as far as I can tell, still on Zeleya’s side.
  • Allah at Hot Air“Consider this (Obama’s expressed fear that failure to pass a health care bill would “destroy my presidency”) a complete vindication of DeMint’s point, which Obama pretended to take such offense at, that if the GOP defeats ObamaCare ‘it will be his Waterloo, it will break him…’ Evidently The One couldn’t agree more ….” If it comes to pass, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.