August 13, 2009

Lickety-Split Links (081309, Morning)

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  • At HotAirPundit via Gateway Pundit “Bus–ted… Obama Bussed In Supporters For New Hampshire Town Hall.” Funny — I haven’t seen any footage of ObamaCare opponents bussed in from anywhere.
  • At the Wall Street Journal“U.S. retail sales unexpectedly fell in July despite the debut of the government’s ‘cash for clunkers’ program meant to jump-start the auto business and help turn around the economy.” As noted here a week ago (fourth item at link), it may be “because” of C4C, not “despite” it.
  • ChristineTitle IX Saved the World (not)” Brennan thinks Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino should take some time off or resign over what appears at the moment to have been a single extramarital episode, about which Pitino has apologized, apparently sincerely (see video at link). I’m inclined to agree with the time off part at least, but I’d welcome any evidence of where Brennan stood on Bill Clinton’s impeachment, which was about lying under oath in legal proceedings about affairs that lasted for years. Something tells me she wasn’t so harsh. If not, why not?
  • From Patterico (HT to an e-mailer) — “Roxana Mayer: I’m Not a Doctor But I Play One at Town Hall Meetings.” Capsule: “I questioned the credentials of a woman at a Texas town hall meeting who claimed to be a doctor, but turned out to be anything but. She is a graduate student in social work — oh, and an Obama delegate.”
  • Puncturing the “They have no alternative” lie — “RSC Chairman Tom Price has introduced the Empowering Patients First Act. This is another positive solution from the Republican Study Committee that grants access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans, and is centered around the patient.” Of course, solutions such as these have been around forever, but the statists who are in charge in Washington don’t want to hear about anything that enhances freedom and choice.


  1. Here is a question, how can the MSM crow that the recession is over when 1) positive GDP quarterly results haven’t been reported and 2) the EIA is reporting we once again used LESS gasoline than the disasterous year before??? Energy consumption is proportional to economic activity. 3) Summer job hires were virtually nil 4) the gross number of unemployed has not dropped in any month despite the statistical skewing of the unemployment rate due to the continuing reduction in civilian labor force and all those on unemployment for over a year are NOT being counted as unemployed.

    What’s worse is the consumption level is on par for 2003. Scatter plot:

    What we need to convey here is what is the reasonable non-political indications a recession is over because we are not getting it from the MSM or the prattling fools in Congress desperately hoping to gin up a recovery in a vain attempt in talking up the economy. Just because you can talk it down, it does not follow you can talk it up.

    Comment by dscott — August 14, 2009 @ 3:14 pm

  2. I doubt Brennan has been consistent. Pitino is basically done as a coach. It all comes down to recruiting. When a coach sits in the living room of a potential player he is selling himself to the parents. He is trying to convey integrity, discipline, leadership, loyalty, good judgment, etc. Coaches from competing schools won’t have to work very hard to undermine that sale. This isn’t the same as a coach having a DUI (Huggins),or being physical (Knight). The drinking to excess, the cheating on his wife and the actions in dealing with the aftermath bring into question all the traits he should be selling to recruits and parents. Toast.

    Comment by largebill — August 14, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

  3. #2, Sadly Bill, I think you underestimate the cynicism of some families who have basketball-prodigy kids. Pitino’s record of getting people into NBA careers is good enough that he’ll recruit some who have that goal, and that goal alone.

    Comment by TBlumer — August 15, 2009 @ 8:02 am

  4. Interesting angle on the stimulus bill the Dems are so hot to claim it’s saving the US economy:

    This goes to show that a really good boondoggle needs to be long dragged out for the full effect of spreading around money in a systematic manner. Impromptu efforts are so…unpredictable.

    Comment by dscott — August 15, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

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