September 4, 2009

Let Me Get This ‘Straight…’

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A government school in Massachusetts can [fraudulently] suspend a 6-year old boy for alleged “sexual harassment” against a girl, but….

(Wait for it)

(Get out the duct tape)

…Government schools in Maine must allow a 15-year old boy to use the girl’s bathroom.

Un-fricking-believable. I think in the dictionary under “inconsistency,” it should read “see entry for the political left.”

Yet another reason to have the battle of Armageddon against the NEA and cut the Department of Education out of our lives for good. Neither has educated one single child. Neanderthals.

Latest Pajamas Media Post (‘Obama’s Punk Presidency Kicks into High Gear’) Is Up

ObamaTheGangster0809ObamaThePunk0809It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Sunday morning (link won’t work until then) under the title “Our Punk President and His Gangster Government.”

(Image links are here and here.)


Left on the cutting room floor –

  • How crazy is it that Ford has to “negotiate” a new contract with the United Auto Workers union, even though the union has ownership interests in two of its principal competitors, overseen by a government that engineered contract law-violating seizures of value from secured Chrysler bondholders and unsecured General Motors bondholders to enable to union to get its outsized positions in those two companies? The UAW appears to have the government’s implied backing to do whatever it (and the governments) wants. What’s to prevent the government from engineering a strike regardless of what Ford offers?
  • The administration’s mistreatment and sackings of corruption-finding inspectors general (e.g., Amtrak, Americorps).

Also: Thanks for the reminder from commenter “Fred Beloit” at PJM — “In foreign affairs Obama seems to be the dictators’ friend. He continues to put pressure on Honduras for legally replacing an illegal administration. At the same time he ignores Iran’s phony election.” Gangsters and punks tend to gravitate towards tyrants and thug rulers.

The August Employment Situation Report (090409)

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The runup:

  • ADP’s employment report showed another 298,000 seasonally adjusted nonfarm private jobs lost in August, and a revision of +11,000 to July from -371,000 to -360,000. According to a CNN e-mail I received, this was worse than expected.
  • This WaPo blog link says that “Forecasters expect the national unemployment rate to tick up from 9.4 percent to 9.5 percent.”
  • This AP story at the Houston Chronicle says that “Economists predict the 9.4 percent jobless rate will rise to 9.5 percent, with 225,000 net job losses in August.” That’s echoed here.

The -225,000 figure is seasonally adjusted. Looking at the not seasonally adjusted job add/loss figures from previous years, it will be a sign of improvement, or should I say lessening decay, if the economy added some jobs on the ground in August:


July 2009 was the first time since October 2007 that the on-the-ground number improved over the previous year. One would at a minimum hope that that will to continue. Oops, with the release of today’s report that sentence is not longer true.

Things to watch for: Black and teenage unemployment changes in the wake of the increase in the minimum wage that took effect on July 24; whether or not the overall workforce (i.e., people working or looking for work) is shrinking, which would tend to dampen the official unemployment rate; and the impact of revisions to prior months.

We shall see, at 8:30 a.m., at this Bureaus of Labor Statistics link.

The reportOuch, this is not a good Labor Day sendoff for Dear Leader:

Nonfarm payroll employment continued to decline in August (-216,000), and the unemployment rate rose to 9.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Although job losses continued in many of the major industry sectors in August, the declines have moderated in recent months.

No matter how you try to spin it, the 0.3% increase in the unemployment rate is the big news. Absent other evidence, it indicate that the slight rate drop last month from 9.5% to 9.4% was a one-time breather and not a trend-breaker.

Additional items:

  • The adult male unemployment rate (10.1%) is 2.5% higher than that of adult women (7.6%). That gap widened by 0.2% from July’s 9.8% and 7.5%, respectively.
  • “About 2.3 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force in August, reflecting an increase of 630,000 from a year earlier.” That year-over-year change is an improvement over July’s 709,000 increase.
  • “Among the marginally attached, the number of discouraged workers in August (758,000) has nearly doubled over the past 12 months.” The number is down from July’s 709,000 (not related to the same value in the previous item).

Revisions to previous months went the wrong way by a total of 49,000 jobs. June went from -443K to -463, and July went from -247K to -276K. Thus, BLS now believes that 265,000 fewer Americans (-216K reported today minus the 49K just noted) were working in August than it believed were working in July when it issued its July report.

Most important, and something you can virtually guarantee the press won’t mention, is that the on the ground, not seasonally adjusted number for August of -179,000 was terrible:


Additionally, June (from -69K to -95K) and July (from -1,333K to -1,443K) were both revised downward. July’s downward on-the-ground revision of -110K caused it to be worse than the previous year (instead of better, as reported last month), meaning that there is now, pending possible revisions to July and August, an unbroken string of 22 months of poorer year-over-year performances.

Before the report was released, I said that “it will be a sign of improvement, or should I say lessening decay, if the economy added some jobs on the ground in August.” Today’s report, despite the seasonally adjusted job-loss number that came in better than July, really indicates that the decay continues on its merry way.

Positivity: Firefighter reunited with doctor who saved his life

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From St. Petersburg, Florida:

Last Update: 8/27 7:37 pm

Joel Lydecker has shaken many hands, but on Thursday Joel shared a handshake with the doctor who saved his life for the very first time.

….. Five years ago, the former firefighter was hit by a speeding car. The accident left him with extensive brain and bodily injuries.

But Dr. McKalip, a neurosurgeon, immediately operated on Joel, never conceding to the idea that he wouldn’t make it.

“They remembered a conversation that we had in the hospital room when I said I don’t know if he’ll live another day he may come into my office two years to say hi and that’s what I hoped,” McKalip says.

McKalip says he never stopped hoping that day would come.

After spending 80 days in a coma, Joel woke up and has spent every day since working towards his recovery.

“Numerous times I went through this and it was way too hard, too frustrating. You need to put the drive in man and really push, push, push,” Lydecker says.

“He shows us the one thing we have to cling to is hope,” McKalip says.

On Thursday, Joel Lydecker honored the doctor with a certificate of compassion. It is a symbol of gratitude, while Joel himself stands as a symbol of hope.

Go here for the full story.