September 4, 2009

Positivity: Firefighter reunited with doctor who saved his life

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From St. Petersburg, Florida:

Last Update: 8/27 7:37 pm

Joel Lydecker has shaken many hands, but on Thursday Joel shared a handshake with the doctor who saved his life for the very first time.

….. Five years ago, the former firefighter was hit by a speeding car. The accident left him with extensive brain and bodily injuries.

But Dr. McKalip, a neurosurgeon, immediately operated on Joel, never conceding to the idea that he wouldn’t make it.

“They remembered a conversation that we had in the hospital room when I said I don’t know if he’ll live another day he may come into my office two years to say hi and that’s what I hoped,” McKalip says.

McKalip says he never stopped hoping that day would come.

After spending 80 days in a coma, Joel woke up and has spent every day since working towards his recovery.

“Numerous times I went through this and it was way too hard, too frustrating. You need to put the drive in man and really push, push, push,” Lydecker says.

“He shows us the one thing we have to cling to is hope,” McKalip says.

On Thursday, Joel Lydecker honored the doctor with a certificate of compassion. It is a symbol of gratitude, while Joel himself stands as a symbol of hope.

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