September 8, 2009

Mary Jo Kilroy ‘Stars’ in the 2009 Version of ‘Runaway’

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Okay, lip-synching on TV was not the high point of Del Shannon’s career, but at least he sold something (in fact, quite a bit).

Mary Jo Kilroy’s version of “Runaway” isn’t selling anyone on anything.

First, courtesy of Hourglass 1941 (HT Jawa Report), Mary Jo Kilroy runs away from questions about health care legislation:

As HG1941, who is thankfully turning into MJK’s worst nightmare, notes: “Funny how the crowd shrinks when the White House isn’t stacking the deck or the Unions aren’t involved.”

Now, it’s Del, with the requisite 1950s-1960s bouncing bevy of beauties:

Del’s version of “Runaway” is vastly superior, and sincere.

Van Jones: ‘Stronger Than Bombs’ (9/12/2001)

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(Apologies for the vid quality; the original was an old Real Player file. Also, a warning: If you’re sane, sitting through the whole vid may cause your head to explode.)

At a rally in Oakland on the night after the 9/11 attacks, Van Jones (at about the 4:38 mark; HT to commenter Merkava) addresses a far-far-left audience:

Text of Van Jones remarks:

  • “It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders.”
  • “We’ve got something stronger than bombs, we have solidarity. That dream of revolutionary change is stronger than bombs.”

That second item sounds a bit like someone who occupies the White House, doesn’t it?

No wonder Jones resigned just after midnight on Sunday, mere hours after Powerline spilled the beans about what Jones said at this event.

Also, at about the 3:05 mark, someone who may have been the inspiration for Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermon (at 2:10 through 2:45 of the video at the link) the next Sunday, talked of “chickens comin’ home to roost.” Imagine that.

Other video lowlights (statements made by others):

  • (0:33) “…. use this time to show that we’re really upset about all the violence that is goin’ down not only in New York, but also the violence goin’ down around the world, and that the United States was founded on this kind of terrorism, and it still continues today.”
  • (1:10) “We also want to be angry, and allow ourselves to feel that anger and that rage for those stolen lives. We want to also understand though, that those lives were lost because of our government’s inhumane foreign policy. And we should be angry, we should be p***ed off, that what our government does around rest of the world that leads us not to be safe here. That’s what we should be angry at ….”
  • (4:10) “But when we knew what those places represented, we were kind of also glad that there’s a place called the Pentagon where, where, military strategies which have killed millions of people around the face of the world (unintelligible). We know, to see that place burnin’, there was some satisfaction to it.”

Lucid Links (090809, Morning)

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From the Cry Me a River Dept. at the San Fran Chronicle comes a noteworthy assertion (bold is mine):

The middle-of-the-night resignation Sunday of longtime Bay Area activist Van Jones as a White House environmental adviser left many progressives angry at the Obama administration for buckling to conservative criticism of Jones’ controversial past comments and actions.

…. Supporters say the administration surely knew his background when they appointed Jones, the first African American to write a best-selling environmental book, as special adviser for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. In fact, agents interviewed at least one of his former supervisors in San Francisco – Eva Paterson – when the FBI vetted his appointment.

…. “He was swift-boated,” said Medea Benjamin, a co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink and a San Franciscan who has known Jones for 15 years. She spoke to him recently and said he was “very conflicted” about whether to resign.

Of course, “the administration” knew. Valerie Jarrett knew. Michelle Obama and Joe Biden knew (“Jones’ selection also was propelled by powerful patrons, who included the first lady and the vice president”; HT RipClawe at The presumption has to be that Barack Obama knew.

Oh, and here’s a memo to Old Medea Benjamin, who along with the Old Media Establishment couldn’t prevent the American military victory in Iraq under George W. Bush: Thanks for demonstrating once again that the real definition of “swift-boating” is “telling the truth about liberals and far-leftists.”

And in case you missed it over the weekend, Van Jones said that we deserved the 9/11 attacks (“It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders.”) — on 9/12/2001.


Oh, do you remember that 7-page, 63-item questionnaire all Obama appointees were supposed to have completed as part of the vetting process? Van Jones didn’t do one. Note that the FBI interviewed at least one person in connection with vetting Jones. This would indicate that the FBI did their normal investigative thing with Jones.

One of the purposes of such an investigation is to ensure that people, even in entry-level jobs, as noted here, are “reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct and character, and of complete and unswerving loyalty to the United States.”

As if even needed, this is more evidence that Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden, and Michelle Obama knew. The presumption has to be that Barack Obama knew about Van Jones, and from all appearances was, and still is, okey-dokey with him. The only reason he had to go is that he was getting in the way.

Yes, I’m repeating the following sentence …. In case you missed it over the weekend, Van Jones said that we deserved the 9/11 attacks (“The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City”) – on 9/12/2001.


Michelle Malkin has done a review of the latest czar model, Ron Bloom.

Bloom has “no actual, specialized experience in manufacturing,” but does have experience “running struggling companies into the ground and exploiting their workers.”

Tom Maguire has much more — He wonders whether “Mr. Bloom is interested in promoting manufacturing jobs, or unionized manufacturing jobs.” I don’t.

We’re in the very best of hands (/sarc).

What’s also weird about all of this is that Bloom appointment was known two weeks ago, yet the Cincinnati Enquirer treated Obama’s announcement of the appointment at a Labor Day labor union picnic on Friday as if it were some kind of noteworthy “breaking” news.


Can’t believe it, and can’t make it up“Read the bill? It might not help.” Money quote: “But reading actual legislative text is often the least productive way to learn what’s actually in a bill.”


Meanwhile, in the Fannie Mae debacle …. (brace yourself) …. taxpayers are paying the legal bills of looting executives like Frank Raines.