September 10, 2009

Wow …. Stossel Leaving ABC For Fox Business, FNC

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250px-J_Stossel_at_NHLFIt’s official (HT NewsBusters).

I’m sure the money’s good, and that John Stossel is more likely to see his work actually get on the air, which has not always occurred at his former employer of at least 28 years.

But my immediate reaction is that Fox’s gain is not as big as ABC’s loss, and that at least for now free-marketeers are net losers in the deal. That’s because Stossel’s national influence, especially on relatively casual viewers, on ABC’s programs was probably greater than it will be, at least in the beginning, at fair and balanced Fox. ABC will likely devolve into more of a lefty echo chamber than it already is. I wonder if Jake play-it-straight Tapper is starting to feel a bit lonely?

Of course, the hope is that Stossel will carry viewers over with him, gain Fox even more of a commanding lead than it already has, and even (dream of dreams) get into network primtime. So as far as I’m concerned , John, the sooner you prove my concerns wrong, the better.

If Your Attention Span Is At Least 18 Minutes (or even 10)….

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…. you should watch the videos that follow by James O’Keefe of the newly-launched Big Government web site (Big Gov post; direct video Part 1; direct video Part 2; HT frequent commenter dscott).

It would be understandable, though, if after the first vid, you’re too angry or ill to deal with the second. That’s okay; you’ll get the point by then.

The setup:

Hannah Giles and I took advantage of ACORN’s regard for thug criminality by posing the most ridiculous criminal scenario we could think of and seeing if they would comply–which they did without hesitation.

Sickening comedy gold ensues (warning — if you haven’t figured it out already, R-rated content):

The full script of the vids is here at Big Gov.

These are the same people supposedly dedicated to affordable housing, cleaning up neighborhoods, registering new voters, and “social justice.”

Gag me:


Update: More comedy gold at the end of Ed Morrissey’s post at Hot Air with ACORN’s denial.

Ed’s vid reax:

Neither of the two bat an eyelash at human trafficking while advising them to evade taxes and prosecution for their crimes.


More Pointers For Obama…

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Betsy McCaughey has some suggestions for the Commander-in-Czars:

Rip up this awful plan & rewrite it in English

When President Obama addresses Congress and the nation tonight, he should pledge to do three things.

First, he should announce that he will discard the 1,018-page health bill drafted in the House of Representatives and replace it with a 20-page bill in plain English. Twenty pages should be sufficient. The framers of the US Constitution established an entire federal government in 18 pages.

…Secondly, the president should announce that the purpose of his 20-page bill is to cover the truly uninsured. Period.

In these economically frightening times, let’s meet that urgent need, rather than embarking on a health-care overhaul and wild spending spree with unintended consequences.

…Who are the truly uninsured?

According to the US Census, 47 million people say they are uninsured. But 14 million are already eligible for government programs such as Medicaid or SCHIP (for children) and simply haven’t signed up. Another 10 million have household incomes over $75,000.

That leaves 23.7 million people who probably can’t afford insurance. However, an estimated 12 million of these people are newcomers to the United States, many here illegally.

…Thirdly, the president should announce that he will divert the unused stimulus funds to this purpose.

There’s enough in the pot — over $500 billion to cover these 12 million for the next decade.

More details are here.

For an America-hating elitest brat who basically got elected because he reads a teleprompter REALLY WELL (like with his chin up and everything), I bet it really hacks him off that even if the “Joe Six-Packs” of the nation give his “save face” propaganda the time of day, they will only do so while filtering the content through the “said vs. done” BS meter.

A friend reminded me that Obama once asked that we judge him by the people who surround him.

You sure about that, Barry?

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘In Defense of Van Jones [Sort of]‘) Is Up

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PentagonWTCVanJonesIt’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Saturday morning (link won’t work until then) when the blackout expires.

The core question of the column:

So why is Jones gone, while the likes of Tim Geithner, Nancy Pelosi, and Charlie Rangel, to name just a few, are still footloose, fancy-free, and federally employed?

Bonus point:

All of that said, the fact remains that Van Jones has from all appearances not recently committed a crime, has apparently paid his societal penance for his past crimes, and has not committed an error of commission or omission during his brief tenure that would have justified a forced “resignation.” Shoot, if you look around at others in the administration like John HoldrenZeke the Bleak EmanuelCarol BrownerEric Holder, and others, you could probably make a good argument that Jones’ beliefs are in the mainstream of Obama administration and Democratic congressional political thought.

Lucid Links (091009, Morning)

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Allah at Hot Air nails one aspect of Obama’s POS (Pretty Obstinate Speech) last night:

“Everyone in this room knows what will happen if we do nothing,” says the guy who’s committed to doing nothing about social security, Medicare, and the mind-bogglingly enormous deficits that promise fiscal catastrophe in the years ahead while he saddles America with yet another red-ink-bleeding government program. Note well: He’s actually promoting a plan that will lead to health-care rationing as a way to prolong Americans’ lives. We’re living your dream, Orwell.

The still of the vid at Hot Air captures what looks to be our Punk President at the height of a sizzling seethe.


Several years ago, a guy named Joe Wilson was the hero of the press when he falsely and serially claimed that now-proven truth-teller George W. Bush was lying when he said that ”The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

As we now know from the Butler report, the “16 words” were true, and doubly so.

Last night a congressman named Joe Wilson lost control and rudely called the President Obama a liar (according to the News York Times, he said “You lie!”

He was wrong to have done so when he did, and should be sorry about losing control.

He can’t possibly be sorry about what he said because the claim that Obama made — that health care “reform” as currently envisioned in the legislation that is known would not cover illiegal immigrants — is objectively false.


As to whether Congressman Wilson shouted “You Lie!” or “Liar,” Obama has told so many lies about health care “reform” legislation alone that quibbling about which word Wilson used is a distinction without a difference.

As Doug Ross has succinctly pointed out, for Barack Obama to be telling the truth, you have to believe that each and every one of the following are all lying:

  • The Congressional Budget Office (in five different instances).
  • Senator Robert Menendez and .
  • La Raza.
  • Obama himself, in previous years, in several ways, not the least of which is his previous video-captured support for a single-payer system.

I would also add to Doug’s list, in reference to the lie that abortion coverage is not in health care “reform” legislation”:

  • Every pro-life organization and publication that I’m aware of that has read various versions of proposed legislation says it is.
  • The Associated Press says it is.
  • Roughly one dozen Democratic congresspersons on Matt Drudge’s list of supposed health care “reform” opponents in essence acknowledged in a June 25 letter that abortion coverage is in proposed legislation as it currently exists.

Update: Michelle Malkin

But it was Obama who said himself in the speech: “If you misrepresent what’s in the plan, we will call you out.”

That’s what Joe Wilson was doing, wasn’t it?

Indeed, for this and many other reasons, the Left, its Punk President, and its Gangster Government can put its manufactured outrage where the sun doesn’t shine.


From Ron Radosh at Pajamas Media (HT Powerline), historical context around his Ella Baker Freedom Center.

Ousted “green jobs czar,” 9/11 Truther and 9/11 “Deserver” Van Jones named the Center after someone who “was so pro-Communist that she attacked Hubert Humphrey and other liberal anti-Communists as ultra reactionaries. Known as the “grandmother of SNCC (the laughably misnamed Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee),” Baker was aligned with those in the movement who were trying to push the organization to the far left.”

Well, look at the bright side: At least he didn’t name the Center after Stokely Carmichael or H. Rap Brown.