September 13, 2009

Frances Rice @ NBRA Calls Barry Out

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From an NBRA email I received Friday:

National Black Republican Association

By Frances Rice

President Barack Obama is a charming liar. That assertion was made by a liberal talk show host on Air America, a far left-wing radio station.

Where is the caterwauling about racism or a lack of “civility” from Democrats and liberals in the mainstream media or else where.  When ardent Obama supporters start calling him a liar, it’s a sure sign that the wool has been pulled off of the Obama wolf.

In a laughable attempt to keep the Obama fig leaf of truthfulness in place, Democrats and their media allies are now castigating Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina for spontaneously and truthfully calling Obama a liar during Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress.  There was no such hand wringing when Democrats booed President George W. Bush when he addressed Congress.

Ignored is the fact that Obama during his speech trashed as liars average Americans, Republican leaders and all who do not agree with Obama’s radical government-run, rationed health care agenda.  Lost in the media coverage is the fact that laughter erupted in Congress during Obama’s speech when he readily admitted that details of his healthcare plan still need to be worked out.  Sadly, Obama’s duplicitous speech was an insulting campaign ploy to further deceive Americans and divide our nation.

… His dogged determination to turn our country into a failed socialist nation was in full evidence when Obama nationalized General Motors and Chrysler.  He gave to the unions control over the two giant automobile manufacturers, while freezing out retired investors and allocating billions of taxpayer dollars to this socialist power grab.  As a further slap in our economic face, he expanded the corporate bailouts, including giving billions to AIG without pre-conditions.  Then, to add insult to injury, Obama doubled our national debt with his out-of-control spending.

… The lack of any check on Obama’s power, due to a veto-proof Democrat-controlled Congress and a lap dog liberal media, has caused Obama to boldly assert his radical agenda and surround himself with a stable of over 30 advisors called “Czars”.  These unaccountable Obama-appointees are beholden only to Obama.  They are not unanswerable to Congress or the American people, as was intended by our Constitution which requires congressional confirmation hearings and oversight of  political appointees.  Among those Czars are Communists, Marxists and other characters with troubling backgrounds and questionable credentials who should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.  Gone is media outrage over abuse of power or an imperial presidency, as well as any angst about the shredding of our Constitution.

… Other Marxist methods include controlling the media, exploiting ethnic hatreds and demonizing the opposition, as has been done to average Americans protesting Obama’s disastrous public option, rationed-health care scheme.  Obama and his supporters scoffed at parents and called them racist for not wanting their children indoctrinated by Obama with his K-12 speech.  Obama’s talking about the value of education was not the problem.  What rankled citizens was the lesson plan from the Department of Education – before it was changed under pressure from the public – that required children to write papers about how to help Obama achieve his radical agenda.

… Charles Krauthammer in his article “Obama, the Mortal” recounts how Obama in his first address to Congress gave the boldest social democratic manifesto ever issued by a U.S. president.  Krauthammer demonstrates how Obama is laboring under the mistaken belief that his election imbued him with the kind of “banana-republic plebiscite” to enlarge state power and increase our national debt with massive spending.  Obama’s actions to implement his socialist vision for America inspired a powerful outburst of public outrage at tea parties and town hall meetings, legitimate anger that Obama and his minions derided as mob-like and “racist”.  Krauthammer points out that while Obama was castigating protesting Americans, Obama’s administration was “cutting backroom deals with every manner of special interest – from drug companies to auto unions to doctors – in which favors worth billions were quietly and opaquely exchanged.”

… During the 2008 election the liberal media helped Obama hide who he really is from the voting public. Then, when Obama took the oath of office as president, he vowed to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We now find that Obama and his appointed Czars have formed a sinister, shadowy government of domestic enemies against whom we have no defense.

Obama’s ultimate insult is that he has no remorse.

The whole thing can be found here.

NYT Home Page Virtually Ignores Sept. 12 DC Rally, Gives Obama MN Speech Nearly Top Billing

Not that any of this will surprise anyone, but it should go on the record nonetheless.

The New York Times’s home page as of its 10:15 a.m. update looked like this (click to enlarge in a separate window):


You’ll note no mention of the D.C. rally yesterday that drew an estimated 1-2 million people.

You’ll also note a link boxed in red to a Times story about President Obama’s speech yesterday in Minnesota. More on that in a bit.

If even the low end of the D.C. rally estimate holds, it would be the largest-ever gathering in Washington not related to a presidential inauguration — larger than the misnamed Million Man March (October 16, 1995; while others claimed almost a million were there, the National Park Service estimated 400,000), larger than Moratorium Day (November 15, 1969; Wikipedia says it had 500,000; other sources report lower numbers), and larger than the day of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech (August 28, 1963; 250,000).

If the high end of the estimate holds, it would be the largest gathering of any kind in Washington, exceeding the 1.8 million claimed to have attended Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration.

Scrolling further down the NYT’s home page, one finally finds a mention of the rally at the third screen (click to enlarge in a separate window):


At last, there’s a link to Jeff Zeleny’s D.C. rally story. Actually, as you’ll see from the red boxes, there are actually two links to it.

Then note the blue-boxed item listed first in Politics in between those two red boxes. That link goes to the very same Obama report noted earlier that is linked near the very top of the home page.

If you need to quickly explain to anyone why establishment media is dying, you need look no further than the two pictures just noted.

But if you need a third, here’s a picture of the National Edition of the Times’s front page today:


There is a picture below the fold, and it goes to Zeleny’s story about the rally — on a distant page in Section A.

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Positivity: Inquiry into beatification of Cardinal Otunga begins in Nairobi

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From Nairobi, Kenya:

Sep 13, 2009 / 02:38 am

The investigation into the possible beatification of the widely loved former Archbishop of Nairobi, Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga, has begun with the appointment of the postulator of his cause.

Cardinal John Njue, the present Archbishop of Nairobi, has appointed Fr. Anthony Bellagamba as postulator. A Consolata Missionary, Fr. Bellagamba is a former professor of pastoral theology at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). His appointment coincided with the sixth anniversary of Cardinal Otunga’s death, the Catholic Information Service for Africa (CISA) reports.

Fr. Bellagamba was born in central Italy and first worked in Kenya from 1958 to 1963. He came to know Cardinal Otunga from 1984 to 1994 while teaching at CUEA, where the cardinal was chancellor.

The priest, a former Vice General Superior of the Consolata Missionaries in Rome, now works at Allamno House, the Consolata seminary in Nairobi.

He described Cardinal Otunga as a man who possessed “a great sense of the Divine” and a great sense of the supernatural.

“His prayer life was exceptional. His gentleness, kindness, was very, very attractive. He would take time to talk to you,” Fr. Bellagamba said, according to CISA. “He was so simple – not simplistic, because he was shrewd – but he was simple in the sense that he was not double-faced. What he believed, what he thought, he said.”

As postulator, Fr. Bellagamba will coordinate the beatification investigation and will lead a commission of church experts who collect all information from written and oral testimonies about the candidate’s life. If the archbishop of Nairobi thinks the results are suitable, they will be presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. ….

Go here for the rest of the story.