September 13, 2009

NYT Home Page Virtually Ignores Sept. 12 DC Rally, Gives Obama MN Speech Nearly Top Billing

Not that any of this will surprise anyone, but it should go on the record nonetheless.

The New York Times’s home page as of its 10:15 a.m. update looked like this (click to enlarge in a separate window):


You’ll note no mention of the D.C. rally yesterday that drew an estimated 1-2 million people.

You’ll also note a link boxed in red to a Times story about President Obama’s speech yesterday in Minnesota. More on that in a bit.

If even the low end of the D.C. rally estimate holds, it would be the largest-ever gathering in Washington not related to a presidential inauguration — larger than the misnamed Million Man March (October 16, 1995; while others claimed almost a million were there, the National Park Service estimated 400,000), larger than Moratorium Day (November 15, 1969; Wikipedia says it had 500,000; other sources report lower numbers), and larger than the day of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech (August 28, 1963; 250,000).

If the high end of the estimate holds, it would be the largest gathering of any kind in Washington, exceeding the 1.8 million claimed to have attended Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration.

Scrolling further down the NYT’s home page, one finally finds a mention of the rally at the third screen (click to enlarge in a separate window):


At last, there’s a link to Jeff Zeleny’s D.C. rally story. Actually, as you’ll see from the red boxes, there are actually two links to it.

Then note the blue-boxed item listed first in Politics in between those two red boxes. That link goes to the very same Obama report noted earlier that is linked near the very top of the home page.

If you need to quickly explain to anyone why establishment media is dying, you need look no further than the two pictures just noted.

But if you need a third, here’s a picture of the National Edition of the Times’s front page today:


There is a picture below the fold, and it goes to Zeleny’s story about the rally — on a distant page in Section A.

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  1. Look at that front page, an item about Wisconsin factories where I’m sure the “stimulus” package gets credit for bringing them “hope,” an hysterical and alarmist environmental piece about the ravages of “unclean water” (just brush your teeth people and that kind of stuff wouldn’t happen, not to mention even “clean” water has acidic properties that will eat away at your pearlies if you don’t brush them off) and a propoganda piece about the supposed abuse of detainees in a Afghan prison. And yet no mention of a huge rally.


    Comment by zf — September 13, 2009 @ 12:38 pm

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  3. The NYT, Msnbc, Cnn ect do not realize or care that the people that buy Newspapers and watch the news are the same people that participate in these events and go to town hall meetings. Their continuation of supporting an agenda and not reporting the truth is quickly leading to their demise.

    I quit watching Cnn in 1999 when Donna Brazille told the lie many, many times that her sister had been denied the right to vote in Florida. She is still there and is a symbol of Cnns lack of credibility.

    Comment by Bloglifetime — September 17, 2009 @ 4:27 am

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