September 20, 2009

Sunday Night Entertainment

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It’s Sunday night. So let’s have a little fun, with a viral vid from a couple of months ago, and its follow-ups:

Related vids are here (statement by the musician, Dave Carroll) and here (United Breaks Guitars 2), and here (CBS interview).

The Shady Bunch

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Values Voters Summit Update: Mitt Romney’s Biggest Cheerleader

RomneyNo0808Following up on Rose’s Monday post on this weekend’s Values Voters Summit, former Massachusetts governor Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at yesterday morning’s “Plenary Session.”

The day before Romney’s appearance, he received a ringing endorsement for the wonderful work he did “reforming” health care in the Bay State (bold is mine):

Our country now faces the best opportunity in decades to provide quality health care for all Americans while containing spiraling costs. My state, Massachusetts, can serve as a model for national reform.

…. When we in Massachusetts set out to change our system, some were afraid. People almost always fear change, and politicians sometimes seize on that fear to prevent it. But in an act of political courage, a Democratic senator, a Republican governor and a Democratic state legislature formed a broad coalition with health-care providers, medical experts, business and labor leaders and patient advocates to fundamentally reform our system. And we have maintained our coalition as we’ve moved forward.

…. Even in the midst of the current economic downturn, our state budget was balanced. (1)(2)

…. A special state commission has unanimously recommended moving away from the “fee for service” practice that drives up costs and fragments care, and replacing it with an alternative payment strategy designed to reward doctors and hospitals for providing coordinated care that achieves the best health outcomes for patients and lowers costs. (3)

…. At the national level, nothing will happen if we fear change. But innovation can work for everyone if we give President Barack Obama and congressional leaders a chance to do what we have done in Massachusetts.

Translating this writer’s insufferable spin into what has happened in the real world, RomneyCare has resulted in the following (footnoted above):

(1) Large tax increases to offset exploding spending.

(2) Despite the tax increases, steep budget cuts affecting quality of care.

(3) Large-scale rationing, with built-in incentives to providers to deny care. When HMOs tried this (while providing more loopholes and appeal rights than I predict the government will allow), they were decried as the epitome of all evil. Now the government wants to do it, it’s a great idea.

The op-ed writer “somehow forgot” to tell readers that RomneyCare, for the first time in the state’s history, provided for state-subsidized abortions with a $50 co-pay in an actually-enacted bill. (State court rulings going back a quarter-century had “declared” that the state must cover abortions through Medicaid for the poor, and the state did so, even though the state Legislature had never enacted an enabling law to truly allow them.)

So the author of this Wall Street Journal op-ed calls what Massachusetts is doing the model for ObamaCare.

Who is this person? Why, he’s Barack Obama’s Mini-Me, David Axelrod’s cult of personality test case, the one and only …. current Democratic Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

“Values Voters” Summit organizers yesterday presented Mitt Romney, an abortion-imposing, care-rationing ObamaCare “pioneer,” as a politician worthy of attendees’ attention, while at the same time holding a session on the following:

Burke Balch, Director, Powell Center on Medical Ethics, National Right to Life Committee; Dr. David Prentice, Senior Fellow and Director for Life Sciences, Center for Human Life and Bioethics, FRC; Grace-Marie Turner, President, Galen Institute

Long lines, refusal of care, months waiting for needed surgeries, rationing of treatments, mandates in support of abortion. These are all results of the health care plan currently being debated and placed in the United States, affecting all aspects of your life from your family decisions, to your paycheck to your tax bill. Is it the role of the federal government to provide womb to tomb healthcare? What about personal choice?

The endless $ellout to Mitt Romney has long since become intolerable. I really wonder whether there’s a limit to the depths of hypocrisy to which Tony Perkins and way too many others in the social conservative community’s alleged leadership ranks will $ink.

Sarah Palin was invited but did not attend because she was welcoming her son back from a tour of duty in Iraq. Mitt Romney told the press in 2007 that his sons, who have not served in the military, were supporting their country by “helping me get elected.” Comment unnecessary.

A Mitt Romney 2012 GOP presidential nomination would virtually guarantee Barack Obama’s reelection. The press can’t wait to get Romney nominated.

Positivity: Young Chicago woman runs half marathon to enter convent

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From Chicago:

Chicago, Ill., Sep 19, 2009 / 07:19 am (CNA).- A young woman has completed a Chicago half-marathon in a fundraising campaign to help eliminate her personal debt so she can enter religious life.

Alicia Torres, a 2007 graduate of Loyola University Chicago, began “The Nun Run” campaign with the support of friends. She and five companions ran the 13.1-mile Chicago Half Marathon on September 13 to raise funds to help pay down her debt.

In a Thursday e-mail interview with CNA, Torres said she plans to be a part of a new Franciscan community at the Mission of Our Lady of the Angles in Chicago’s West Humboldt Park neighborhood. The community is under obedience to Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Francis George and will be under the oversight of Fr. Bob Lombardo, CFR.

“It is a great joy and honor for me to be part of this beautiful work for God,” she said.

Torres said the Chicago Half Marathon went “tremendously well” despite an ankle injury two weeks prior to the race.

“This was my first distance run since freshman year of high school when I ran cross country. I was able to finish 13.1 miles on Sunday in 2:40:03 (Thanks be to God!).”

Though “extremely exhausted,” Torres said it was motivating for her to offer a specific intention for each mile.

She reported that she has raised at least $28,000, not including donations sent to the Laboure Society within the past two weeks. The Laboure Society, an organization dedicated to eliminating debt for prospective entrants to religious life or the priesthood, is helping the young woman.

According to Torres, her initial debt of $94,000 was due to some “very bad interest rates,” adding that she works full time and has paid down over $12,000 of her debt with her own money. Torres presently works for the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Respect Life Office.

Her “very positive” interactions with the media have assisted her cause. The Chicago Tribune’s Manya Brashear was “such a delight” and spent nearly six hours with her and her community, Torres told CNA. The Catholic New World, where her friend Joyce Duriga is an editor, has also been helpful as has radio host Drew Mariani.

Torres reported that the first day she was on Mariani’s show she received about $4,500 in donations.

She said she was “absolutely shocked” to be interviewed for the National Public Radio show “All Things Considered.”

“I had wanted to pursue a career in journalism before I became serious about God’s call and will for me, and so all of this just proves God is not outdone in generosity,” said Torres.

Go here for the rest of the story.