September 24, 2009

Lucid Links (092409, Morning Updated)

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11:30 p.m. Update – I have carried this post, which originally went up at about 10 a.m. this morning, to the top for the following update.

Earlier this afternoon, I left a message for and sent an e-mail to New Trier Superintendent Linda L. Yonke requesting a response to yesterday’s post. I promised that I would give her response fair play here and that I would note her non-response if she chose that course of inaction.

Unless her e-mail got into my junk folder and I missed it, Ms. Yonke has apparently chosen not to respond.


Thanks to those who linked to yesterday’s post on New Trier (IL) High School’s Obama speech indoctrination. I surely won’t catch ‘em all, and I’ll update today if I see any more, but here goes: Michelle Malkin, Underground Conservative, Backyard Conservative, Sword at the Ready, Conservative Liberal, American Elephant. Also: Unbeknownst to me until now, Conservative Brand was on the case last week.


Howler of the morning — This sentence is from a misheadlined Associated Press story (“IRS, ACORN sever ties over scandal”) about ACORN:

ACORN, meanwhile, said it had already suspended its tax program, raising questions about who broke up with whom.

Given what has really happened, what would posses anyone to write that? Who in the bleep does AP writer Stephen Ohlemacher think he’s fooling? Another in a long list of negative alternative names for AP should be “Absolute Protection.”


ACORN is suing Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

Three thoughts:

  • It’s interested how employees who were supposedly fired for doing unacceptable things end up being co-litigants with their employer. How often does that happen?
  • They’re gambling that limiting the action to the alleged violation of Maryland’s law against clandestine recordings will prevent discovery. If they find the “right” (i.e., leftist hack) judge, they might, but I don’t think such a limitation would withstand appeal. I see no reason why the defendants shouldn’t be able to see anything and everything.
  • They’re also gambling that they can somehow turn public opinion around andm with the help of the press (see first item above) put sympathy in their corner. Anything’s possible, but I don’t see how.

Then there’s the “little” matter of whether ACORN even has permission to do business in Maryland.


Caught this exchange between ACORN’s Bertha Lewis, Congressman Darrell Issa, and Fox News’s Chris Wallace Sunday in the process of doing other posts yesterday (bolds are mine):

WALLACE: He (President Obama) says that he believes that ACORN should be investigated.

LEWIS: Well, that’s his opinion also.

ISSA: Well, it’s also Chairman John Conyers’ opinion, and he’s asked his subcommittee ranking — Chairman Nadler to pursue that. And again, this is not Republicans. This is about all the corporate structure, whether things have been violated.

You know, if you want to have an independent investigation — and I’ve heard that expression used by Bertha many times — you go to Pricewaterhouse or Ernst & Young and you — you walk in and say, “I want an audit of our corporations. I want a — and when we get done with it, make it public.”

WALLACE: Let me — let me interrupt — let me interrupt you, if I may, because you said this last week that you would name an independent auditor by Friday to review ACORN. I looked at your Web site 20 minutes ago. There’s still not a word.

LEWIS: You will have that announcement on Monday, making sure that when we hit the ground running that everything is in place, because it is important that we continue…

WALLACE: Is it going to be somebody…

LEWIS: … to do that.

WALLACE: … independent like Pricewaterhouse? Is it — I mean, you’re naming the auditors…

LEWIS: Well, it’s not going to be…

WALLACE: … so some people are going to…

LEWIS: … Pricewaterhouse.

WALLACE: … wonder whether or not…

LEWIS: You’ll find out who that person is, and you’ll also note that we brought in things last year, new auditors, new financial professionals, to make sure that they gave us sound advice, which I’ve been implementing, as well as making sure that what you just saw never, ever happens again.

In saying, “You’ll find out who that ‘person’ is,” Lewis perhaps inadvertently gave away that she wasn’t going to conduct the “total audit” she had promised only four days earlier. Her follow-up sentence is meant to communicate that “we already have ‘auditors,’ so leave us alone.” Nice try, dear; no sale. You may have engaged “new auditors,” but have they ever done any audits, or has there work been limited to “sound advice” (which could for all we know be totally unrelated to controls and procedures)?

The question remains, “Would no legitimate auditing firm touch the engagement, or did Lewis not even bother to try to get one?”

Instead, as discussed in the update at this Tuesday post, they chose as an “investigator” a Democratic Party hack with a horrid past.


Oh my“Obama WH adopts Bush indefinite-detention position.” That’s the title from Ed at Hot Air, who is correct when he says that despite administration spin, “Obama has adopted the Bush position in its entirety.”

I agree with the policy; the political cravenness and refusal to say “Y’know, my predecessor was right about this (and I was wrong during the presidential campaign)” is sophomoric.

Christians Face Criminal Charges

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I guarantee you that if this had been the other way around, we’d be hearing about the great “sharing of beliefs” taking place in the UK.

From The Daily Mail:

Christian hotel owners hauled before court after defending their beliefs in discussion with Muslim guest

By Jonathan Petre
Last updated at 12:28 PM on 20th September 2009

A Christian couple have been charged with a criminal offence after taking part in what they regarded as a reasonable discussion about religion with guests at their hotel.

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were arrested after a Muslim woman complained to police that she had been offended by their comments.

They have been charged under public order laws with using ‘threatening, abusive or insulting words’ that were ‘religiously aggravated’.

…The couple, whose trial has been set for December, face a fine of up to £5,000 and a criminal record if they are convicted.

Although the facts are disputed, it is thought that during the conversation the couple were challenged over their Christian beliefs.

…Mr Whiting, who last year successfully defended street preacher Anthony Rollins in Birmingham, said: ‘There is a dispute as to the facts of the allegations, but Ben and Sharon do not accept they were threatening, abusive or insulting.

‘They are committed Christians and it is the defence’s contention that they have every right to defend their religious beliefs and explain those beliefs to others who do not hold similar views.’

After the incident, the couple voluntarily attended St Anne’s Street police station in Liverpool, where they were interviewed under caution.

In July they were arrested and charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 and Section 31 (1) (c) and (5) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

The rest is here.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, proof that it is illegal to offend someone unless they are Christians.

Social Security: The Closer You Look, the Worse It Appears; Media Has Ignored for Months


Thanks to info “steveegg” at No Runny Eggs linked me to earlier today, I had to add the word “Annual” before “Cash Flow” at this post (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog) that originally appeared Wednesday.

That’s because the system is already running monthly deficits, and significant ones.

Back in February, the system also ran a deficit. It was bad news, but because February is an unusual month containing a full month of payments but only 20 days of collections (actually 19, since Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday), I didn’t think it was an indicator of a near-term problem when I noted it in early April. I was wrong.

The degree of the decay is obvious when you look at July’s and August’s results. The drastic decline in year-over-year collections noted in Wednesday’s post indicate that September is certainly going to be no better, and will probably be worse.

Go to this link and you’ll be able to replicate the tables that follow (simply type “7″ or “8″ at Item 3):


As you can see, the Old Age program was somewhat positive during July, but the Disability program’s deficit pushed the overall result into the red.

August was much worse:


Both programs ran a cash deficit in August. I have to think that the $5.76 billion cash shortfall might be the worst performance in decades, and maybe ever. Given how poor overall September collections were through Monday compared to the similar period in 2008, September will almost definitely be worse.

What I have been calling the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy, now the POR Recession/”RepressionAs Normal People Define It, since July of last year explains why things have gotten so bad so fast. But the more fundamental problem is that any and all attempts at reform have been stymied by the Democratic Party and the establishment media (but I repeat myself) for the better part of 15 years. Now that the fiscal chickens are coming home to roost, there is dead silence about all of this.

I suppose any mention of Social Security’s scary decay would jeopardize the chances of passing state-run health care. We can’t have that.

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Well, Ya Don’t Say…or Even Mention…

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More truth from Frances Rice



By Frances Rice

During the 2008 election in a video, former Democrat President Jimmy Carter, without batting an eye, called Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama a “black boy”.

Carter’s racial slur earned him not one word of condemnation. If a Republican politician had called Obama a “black boy”, a phrase most blacks deem to be an offensive epithet, that person would have been labeled a racist and drummed out of the political arena by Democrats and their liberal media allies.. Unscathed by his insensitive remark, Carter now has the audacity to scold average Americans, calling them racist, merely for protesting against Obama’s government-run, rationed health care scheme and out-of-control spending designed to turn our country into a failed socialist nation.

A million march to US Capitol to protest against ‘Obama the socialist‘” by David Gardner shows how the White House was shocked by the massive rally of Americans in Washington, the biggest crowd of people since Obama took office in January. The reaction of the White House was to attack the protestors, calling them a “mob” of racists.

The charge of racism is like fire, a dangerous weapon that can be used to destroy all it touches. Without regard to the damage caused to our nation, Obama, aided by Carter and other race hustlers, continuously fans the flames of racism to intimidate into silence Americans – black and white – who oppose Obama’s socialist policies.

In his book “The Drama of Obama Regarding Race”, inner-city minister Rev. Wayne Perryman provides a clear-eyed look into how the Democrats – from the time of slavery until the age of Obama – have used racial politics for partisan political gain.
Some Blacks Now Have Doubts About Obama” by Star Parker exposes how – despite slurs, intimidation, and widely reported physical attacks from union thugs – a few brave black souls have showed up at tea party protest rallies.

Black Tea Party Express Tour Team Member Experienced Racism” is an article by black Singer/Songwriter Lloyd Marcus who traveled with the Tea Party Express Tour of 16 states and 34 rallies before ending at the Taxpayers’ March on Washington.

Marcus explains how during the tour he experienced vicious racial verbal attacks, not from tea party protesters, but from the left – people who support President Obama’s radial socialist agenda.

…Democrats seem not to understand that a backlash has begun against their insidious use of racial politics. Average Americans, incensed about being unfairly tarnished as racists, are fighting back. Showing that the Democrats’ charge of racism has lost its sting, some people are scoffing at the accusation and even laughing in the faces of the race-baiters. The video “Testing The Racism Theory” demonstrates this attitude and exposes the hypocrisy of Democrats who favor white Democrat candidates over black Republicans.

Why is it not racist when Democrats demean black professionals such as Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Gen. Colin Powell, Justice Clarence Thomas and RNC Chairman Michael Steele, denigrating them as “sellouts,” “House Negroes” and “Uncle Toms”? Racist pictures and cartoons of black Republicans generated by Democrats are included in the article “Simple Sambo and Ignorant Mammy”, and more details about racism in the Democratic Party are in the article”Can Republicans Win Back the Black Vote?”

Frances Rice is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, a lawyer and chairman of the National Black Republican Association. She can be contacted at: www.NBRA.Info

The whole thing is here.

Good Schools Only for the Rich…and Congress

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Excellent piece over at One News Now.

Education – ‘the great equalizer’
Pete Chagnon – OneNewsNow – 9/19/2009

A panelist with the Bill Cosby town hall event weighs in on educational choice.

The About Our Children town hall featuring Bill Cosby will be broadcast live on MSNBC on Sunday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The event was the idea of the Independent Women’s Forum president who will also moderate the meeting, which will focus on education, parenting, and health.

Derrell Bradford is deputy director of Excellent Education for Everyone – a school-choice advocacy group co-founded by Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker. Bradford will be discussing education at the event. “Every person has to make education a priority — every child, every parent,” he contends. “It is a serious thing, it is the thing, it is the great equalizer, and it is how we will fix much that ails this great nation.”

He adds that at the same time leaders cannot tell children to take education seriously and then continue to send them to failing schools. Bradford believes that educational choice is key to success — and that with choice, children can get a superior education at a fraction of the cost the government is currently spending per child.

“In Newark, [where we have] a billion-dollar school system…we are spending $25,000 per kid…that’s elite private school tuition to get 40 percent of our kids who can’t pass our high school exit exam, which you can pass with a 50,” he points out. Bradford says that type of system is typical of the bloated monopoly the government has on schools — and until that monopoly can be broken, he argues, true education reform will not be achieved.

Amen, brother. The whole thing is here.

The Department of Education and the NEA have not educated one, single child. Sure, a few cents here and there make it to the classroom, but for the most part, the focus is on how many union members they can employ.