September 29, 2009

Uncle Sam’s September Collections Dive at Fiscal Year-End Minus Two Days

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This is just awful:


(Sources: Sept. 28, 2009; Sept. 29, 2008)

Well, at least it’s consistently awful.

With all due respect to the data accumulators in the government and elsewhere, it’s going to be interesting to see how there can be any real economic growth occurring when the money the federal government rakes in from that growth has plummeted by such huge amounts so consistently during the entire quarter compared to the third quarter of 2008.

Further, in the third quarter of last year, the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Recession As Normal People Define It was in full swing, with an annualized GDP contraction of 2.7%. Receipts were already heading down a year ago; this quarter is compounding on that. Yet the economy is growing again?

How to Keep Your Doctor Under BaucusCare aka ObamaCare v.__ (I Lost Count)

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To keep their current medical providers, employed Americans covered under employer-provided insurance plans only have to look at their insurance situation once a year during open enrollment, stick with what they have or change it, make sure their doctor remains in a covered network, and pay what they owe when they incur deductible and other out-of-pocket costs.

This chart, provided by the Republican side of the Senate’s Joint Economic Committee chaired by Sam Brownback, explains how “easy” it’s going to keep your doctor under Montana Senator Max Baucus’s version of ObamaCare (click here or on the graphic to see the original in a separate window; you may have to enlarge the graphic that separate window to be make it fully readable):


A reminder: As noted bank in July, here’s how HB3200 plans to structure the insurance and delivery system (as above, click here or on the graphic to see the original in a separate window):


Glad they’re working so hard in Washington to simplify our lives. (/sarc)

Positivity: Cousins grateful for ‘miracle’ survival

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From East Cambia County, Alabama:

Monday, September 28, 2009 10:36 AM CDT

David Gibbs and Jeremy Rackard believe in miracles.

Gibbs is the owner of David’s Paint and Body Shop in Atmore and Rackard is a relative and an employee of A-1 Landscaping. Both men’s lives were spared as they worked what began as a minor incident on I-65 last Friday.

“We had a call of a car in the ditch,” Gibbs said. “It turned into something else and we are blessed to be here.”

Rackard said he was just helping out on a call with Gibbs on his way home.

“I was at the shop when the call came in,” Rackard said. “I wanted to help and drove out to help him with it.”

Gibbs related the story of how the incident unfolded.

“We had pulled a car out of the ditch and another car (a white Mustang) went into the ditch,” Gibbs said. “We actually even ran from the Mustang when it went into the ditch. Then we pulled (the Mustang) out of the ditch and were getting it unhooked when everything happened.”

Gibbs said the Mustang hooked to his equipment was being handled by his cousin, Rackard, when a van slammed into the rear of a police car monitoring the scene.

“The police car slammed into the Mustang Jeremy was under,” Gibbs said. “(The police) car flew over and landed in the ditch and the (Mustang) rolled over (Rackard). I think he may have actually been run over twice.”

Rackard said he was unconscious for a short time after the cars rolled over him. “I must have been out for a little while,” Rackard said. “I know when I woke up, I was facing in the other direction and my shirt was soaked in gasoline.”

Rackard could only point to one thing that saved him.

“I was there standing in the middle of a wreck,” Rackard said. “I can say it was nothing but God that saved me. God had His hand in it, and that’s the reason I’m here today.”

The result of the accident sent Rackard to Atmore Community Hospital for what could be deemed minor injuries, Gibbs said.

“They took Jeremy and the man and woman in the van to the hospital,” Gibbs said. “He got some cuts but he is lucky to be alive. I guess it was a blessing he was under that car and didn’t get hit. It was a miracle.” ….

Go here for the rest of the story.