September 30, 2009

Dem Congressman: ‘Republicans Want You To Die Quickly’; What Will the ‘Civility’ Crowd Say?


The Politico’s Jonathan Allen reported last night that Democratic Congressment Alan Grayson of Florida let loose on the House floor. (UPDATE: Politico now has a YouTube video of Grayson’s performance at the link.)

Hopefully, Allen himself was only being sloppy with his own wording:

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., warned Americans that “Republicans want you to die quickly” during an after-hours House floor speech Tuesday night.

His remarks, which drew angry and immediate calls for an apology from Republicans, were highlighted by a sign reading “The Republican Health Care Plan: Die Quickly.”

“Warned”? As if “Republicans want you to die quickly” is a fact?

What follows, via Politico’s Glenn Thrush, is what you can’t say about a President:

Especially useful: The section on how to properly insult the executive branch in the in the chamber.

“Disgrace” and “nitwits” — okay.

“Liar” or “sexual misconduct” — ixnay.

Under section 370 of the House Rules and Manual it has been held that a Member could:
• refer to the government as “something hated, something oppressive.”
• refer to the President as “using legislative or judicial pork.”
• refer to a Presidential message as a “disgrace to the country.”
• refer to unnamed officials as “our half-baked nitwits handling foreign affairs.”

Likewise, it has been held that a member could not:
• call the president a “liar.”
• call the president a “hypocrite.”
• describe the president’s veto of a bill as “cowardly.”
• charge that the president has been “intellectually dishonest.”
• refer to the president as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”
• refer to alleged “sexual misconduct on the president’s part.”

Yet saying that “Republicans want you to die quickly” is not a problem?

In a November 2005 House floor speech, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) quoted a Buckeye State Representative who wished to remind Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) of something:

House Republicans maneuvered for swift rejection Friday of any notion of immediately
pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, sparking a nasty, sometimes personal debate over the war following a Democratic lawmaker’s own call for withdrawal.

….. At one point in the emotional debate, Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, told of a phone call she received from a Marine colonel.

“He asked me to send Congress a message – stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message – that cowards cut and run, Marines never do,” Schmidt said.

What Schmidt said supposedly violated a ruling against criticizing a fellow individual House member, even though Schmidt was only relaying a constituent’s message that did not itself criticize Murtha personally; if the poor guy took it personally, that’s his problem. Schmidt, under pressure from fellow party members, later apologized; I say she had nothing to apologize for.

Schmidt’s statement got her saturation media coverage and a Saturday Night Live parody.

But I’m betting that asserting (not “warning,” Mr. Allen) on the House floor that “Republicans want you to die quickly” — in effect personally tarring each and every GOP House member — will be seen as okey-dokey, or at a minimum won’t generate a wave of outrage, if it’s noted at all.

I can’t wait to see all of the coverage of Grayson’s smear in the supposedly civility-obsessed establishment media. Actually, I can, because I virtually know that I’ll have to. I half-expect that the cop-out will be, “Well, our old buddies at the Politico covered it, and they did a fine job, so we don’t have to mention it.”

The real reason will be that civility is a one-way street.

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BizzyBlog Update: Here is the vid

What a buffoon.



  1. Um, no, it’s actually the dems health care “reform” that calls for pushing people toward death when they become too much of a burden on the new bureaucratic system.

    And it’s a typical lib response, when you don’t feel it’s the governments job to do something they always respond by shallow and shrill cries that that means you don’t want the job shouldn’t be done at all. Against farm subsidies? That means you want to keep farmers poor. Against Medicare? That means you want seniors to not get medical help. This will not not be the first time shallow emotionalism will be used to pass a socialist, government-power expanding, counter-productive bill that actually worsens the situation instead of solving it. It’s the socialist way, arrogantly presupposing that problems can’t be solved or handled without the government sticking it’s nose in and using scare tactics about the supposed awful things that will happen without Big Brothers “help” and demonizing the people who oppose the intrusions.

    Comment by zf — September 30, 2009 @ 10:47 am

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