November 9, 2009

National Right to Life Did What?

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While this type of thing breaks my heart (b/c it goes on all the time), I am grateful for the truth.

(HT: Emailer)…

Dear friends,

Please take 5 minutes to read this…then read it again. A friend and I were just talking about the “major” Right to Life organizations being focused NOT on ending abortion on demand, rather “regulating” abortions and as such remaining plausible, “fight-the-good-fight” entities (to whom billions of dollars are given each year). Too many of them have taken our money, bought a political seat at the table and then pimped out our votes to one or both political parties…all for self-preservation (Mt. 23:13-39).

We must continue to seek out alternative sources of information and prayerfully ask the Lord to continue revealing the wolves in sheep clothing and realize that anyone who claims to be “pro-life” should be unabashedly eager to lose their “title,” “seat at the DC table,” and [in some cases] their private jet if it means that their mission was a success.

Let me know if I can assist you in further research.

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” ~Hosea 4:6

What followed in the email from AIP continues to enrage me to the point of no words…

Nov. 8, 2009
I have my pro-life credentials. I’ve fought in the trenches, so shut-up.

Too many times while in the trenches, Right-to-Life national leaders have been there wiping out our side, handing victory to the pro-aborts.

Today, I lament and pray for and with Rep. John Shaddegg (AZ) who knew that if he could have received just a little bit of Right-to-Life’s cooperation, Pelosi’s health care bill would have gone down. Instead, Shaddegg got a Right-to-Life knife in the back.

The battle lost in the House over the government health care takeover rests in large part on the shoulders of the national Right-to-Life leaders. They are pinheads and they must resign now.

As the political dynamics tightened around the health care vote, liberal pro-aborts had to concede to a vote on the pro-life amendment in order to shave off enough pro-life democrats for victory. A bitter political pill for their side, but they saw the bigger victory and could spin the pro-life amendment as “just acknowledgement of existing law contained in the long-standing Hyde Amendment.” (Hyde Amendment = No federal funds for abortions)

Well, Shaddegg had a plan to throw sand in the gears and likely ruin the political machinery grinding out a victory for the government takeover of health care. He was rounding up the votes to kill the pro-life amendment (by voting “present”) and thereby killing the whole bill and quite possibly the entire effort. This would have caused such a train wreck, it is doubtful the liberals could have recovered, i.e., Waterloo.

But, NO … as this plan was quietly being put together, Right-to-Life issues a noontime letter on the day of the vote stating a “present” vote will be scored as a NO vote, elevating it as the “most important vote” since the 1997 vote on the Hyde Amendment.

KABOOM! Right-to-Life once again snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Good for Shaddegg being the lone “present” vote on the amendment.

This screw-up is so historic and monumental that the Right-to-Life leadership must take the honorable actions and resign, immediately.

Shaddegg has a 100% rating from Right-to-Life. He is not a mystery or a double-dealer. After all the work he has done on their behalf, a little help would have gone a long way.

Instead, it is clear … Right-to-Life is more concerned about fundraising by “getting the win” on the pro-life amendment. How long do you think that amendment will hold as the bill makes its way through Congress?

Go away Right-to-Life leadership. Your actions are pitiful.

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And we wonder why Roe still exists? Clearly Congress isn’t the only entity that needs a “do-over.” Hard not to tag both under “scams.”



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