November 16, 2009

Take Sowell’s Housing Market Series Seriously

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It starts today at

Here are his first two paragraphs:

The new and risky methods of financing home purchases that rose to dominance in the early years of the 21st century could not have replaced more traditional rules and standards for granting mortgage loans unless those who regulated banks and other lending institutions had agreed to such changes.

In reality, government agencies not only approved the more lax standards for mortgage loan applicants, government officials were in fact the driving force behind the loosening of mortgage loan requirements.

Those “government agencies” happened to be the Democrat-crony companies known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose actions were promoted by members of their party and tragically acquiesced to and occasionally promoted by the opposition.

Read the installments as they appear. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to excerpt from Sowell’s series as that occurs.

Dave Yost Wins BIG Over DeWine in Butler County… (Also see Follow-up)

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Matt over at WMD has all the details!

Doesn’t get much better than that for a candidate. I expect Warren & Clermont to follow suit.

What degree of “take your head out of your arse” party hack would actually vote for Mike DeWine, the man lost to a socialist with $20 million in his war chest, is beyond me, but I do know this: If the frat boys @ the state GOP blow the opportunity to show good faith by getting behind Yost (after shoving Mr. Samsonite — as in has more baggage than — for Secretary of State down our throats), then they will diminish the political pendulum shift to the point where no one who wins will have the clear mandate that is needed.

If/when that happens, be ready, because they will blame conservatives…they always do. Kevin DeWine did it last year, so all he has to do is change the date of the memo. That guy he is getting to be about as lame as Michael Steele…


FOLLOW-UP (from Tom): Here’s some of the Middletown Journal’s coverage by the WMD’s fave, the intrepid Josh Sweigart –

Local GOP snubs DeWine in attorney general bid
Republican panel endorses Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost.

Local ties and name recognition weren’t enough for former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine to get support for state office from what one observer called an “angry crowd” at a Butler County GOP meeting Thursday, Nov. 12.
Instead, the party endorsed Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost in the leadup to the Republican primary for state attorney general.

Yost called the move a “game-changer” in his bid to challenge incumbent Attorney General Richard Cordray, a Democrat, next year.

…. “Basically, he (DeWine) was paying for his past sins,” said (Butler County Sheriff Rick) Jones, criticizing DeWine as too liberal for, among other things, supporting gun control and being soft on illegal immigration.

“It was an angry crowd,” Jones said of the question-and-answer session preceding the vote. He said DeWine was “shocked” and shook his head as the results came in.

Yost called this evidence that DeWine’s support from Ohio Republicans is waning as the May primary approaches.

…. A poll this summer by DeWine’s campaign showed him with 82 percent of support among Republicans.
But Yost said a poll last week showed that had slipped to 58 percent, or 22 percent when likely Republican primary voters were reminded of DeWine’s voting record.

As detailed in my Comment 1 below, four years ago in the U.S. Senate GOP primary campaign, county endorsement defeats happened repeatedly, and at the hands of virtually unknown challengers, but DeWine took a primary victory by dodging direct contact with his opponents and relying on the power of incumbency.

Those advantages are gone. Dave Yost is in political office, is doing a great job, and holds positions compatible with sensible conservatism and the rising tide of constitutional populism. All DeWine has left, and all DeWine’s defenders can cling to, is “name recognition.” Big whoop — Republican and sensible conservative voters overwhelmingly recognize that the name DeWine has a synonym: RINO.

DeWine’s “shock” should have been in the form or, “Dang, I had no idea I was so out of touch with the sensible conservative mainstream.”

Now you know, Mike. Get out while the gettin’ out is good.

Lickety-Split Links (111609, Morning)

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What If ObamaCare Had a Rally and Nobody Showed Up?


On Thursday, shortly after Lou Dobbs left CNN, the network finished fourth in the cable news race, both during the day and during prime-time, in the 25-54 demographic, behind its Headline News. Fox not only has a bigger overall audience among all viewers than its three “competitors” combined (this has been the case for some time, and by a pretty significant margin), but is also on the verge of consistently doing the same within the 25-54 demo.


Dobbs told the Associated Press shortly after his CNN departure (HT TV Newser) that “I’m going to reach out to everyone with whom I’ve had a disagreement and see if there’s a way in which we can calmly and dispassionately discuss our differences and talk about solutions.”

I’m far from an across-the-board agreer with Lou Dobbs, but I’m confident that we could have such a discussion. Barring a seismic shift in the leftist mindset, Dobbs is sadly about to learn that there is no interest in dispassionate discussion in the radical open-borders crowd, or in solutions that don’t involve near-total capitulation to them.


“Union and Whistleblower Complaint Documents SEIU Ballot Fraud” — This was in a union organization election in Fresno, CA.

But they and their ACORN buds would neeeeever “tamper with …. ballots,” “void the ballots,” or “engage in illegal threats,” during public elections. (/sarc)


The most pathetic thing about President Obama’s bow to Japanese Emperor Akihito is still the bow itself. But a close runner-up is the desperate attempt to cast it as either a customary thing to do or some form of cultural sensitivity.

No, it was either ignorant supplication to an official of an ally, or petulant repudiation of our country’s position in the world. And it sure as bleep wasn’t “customary” (HT Hot Air — “46 Handshakes, One Bow”):

Miracle at sea – 3 survive in capsized boat for 90 hours

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From south of Japan:

It was a miracle: three Japanese fishermen were rescued after surviving for nearly four days with no food and water, trapped under their vessel which had overturned on the Pacific high seas due to an oncoming typhoon. On October 31st, the three were released from the hospital and were flown back to the Japanese mainland to meet waiting relatives and reporters.

On October 20th, eight men set out on the “Daiichi-Koufuku-Maru” to fish the Pacific Ocean off of the small Hachijo Island in the Izu island chain, a couple hundred miles south of Tokyo. When they did not return contact late on the 24th as scheduled, alerts went up. Unfortunately, all search efforts were forcibly delayed due to Typhoon Lupit’s rough weather. Sometime around noon on the 28th, the Daiichi-Koufuku-Maru was found floating upside-down about 80 miles East-Northeast of its last known position, according to the Asahi.

Inside the capsized boat rescue workers found three men – Takamitsu Nyubara, Moriyoshi Utsunomiya, and Masao Hayakawa – trapped, but still alive. Divers helped extract the men and they were taken to a local hospital on Hachijo. The three were released in the morning of the 31st and flown by helicopter back to Japan’s mainland to meet awaiting family with hugs and tears. The one of the elementary-aged children of Nyubara said in tears, “I’m glad I can see Dad.”

At a press conference on the afternoon of the 31st, their survival story was elaborated. ….

Go here for the rest of the story.