November 18, 2009

Comparing Yost’s and DeWine’s Responses to OH AG Cordray’s Indefensible Move

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Yost, at his web site (excerpted; read the whole thing; bold after title is mine):

Lowering the Price of Perfidy

The taxpayer-funded defense of three rogue state workers who invaded Joe the Plumber’s privacy sends the wrong message to other state workers: don’t worry, we’ll take care of you if you get caught. It’s more than just an individual wrong: it degrades our government and encourages bad behavior.

…. The attorney general has a duty to defend state workers who are sued.

…. But the law lets the attorney general off the hook when state workers go rogue. When the worker is doing stuff that’s not part of the job – say, searching for politically embarrassing material in confidential government databases – the attorney general “shall not” represent them. The same rule applies for workers who act with malice, or recklessly. No free legal defense.

“Shall not” is not my phrase – it’s what the law says.

When a state worker makes a mistake, the government should defend them. Mistakes happen — but what happened to Joe the Plumber wasn’t a mistake. It was a deliberate act, with an attempted cover-up.

…. The threat of big trouble and legal bills is a deterrent to such bad behavior, and it should be. A free, taxpayer-funded defense lowers the price of perfidy for others who would loyally do the dirty work of their political masters. That price doesn’t need to be lowered — it’s low enough already.

DeWine, at his web site:

….. ….. ….. …..

The story’s three days old. Where’s Mike?

Yeah, he commented on Cordray’s move in the DDN article:

“These people violated the privacy of an Ohio citizen and they did it, it would appear, to advance a partisan political campaign, and I think taxpayers will be shocked to find that their tax dollars are going to defend them,” said Mike DeWine of Cedarville, the former U.S. senator and Greene County prosecutor.

But so did Yost:

“It’s an outrageous use of taxpayer money to defend the invasion of a citizen’s privacy.”

Yost even does the sound-bite thing better than DeWine, who supposedly has had years of practice.

DeWine has begun the process of receiving what from all appearances will be serial spankings at county endorsement meetings; the first of what I expect will be many was administered by Butler County last week (BizzyBlog coverage and commentary is here). Yost got the county’s endorsement by a 68%-32% margin.

DeWine’s virtual non-presence on the web (a home page, a bio, and a PDF of his candidacy announcement) contrasts sharply with Yost’s frequently-updated, well-presented effort.

Yost has been following the state employee-orchestrated Joe the Plumber perfidy almost since it began and campaigning aggressively while carrying out his prosecutorial duties in Delaware County. DeWine has been virtually silent and schmoozing big-bucks people (not very successfully, as I understand it) while teaching a college course or two. I think that’s a precursive indicator of who will work harder as a sensible, principled conservative representing the interests of the Buckeye State’s citizens.

As to Cordray, an opposition party with spine would be pursuing impeachment, or at least censure, or at least a legislative resolution, or …. at least issue a press release …. or even put up a blog post. But in this state, there’s only ORPINO, the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only. Thus, there has been no response.

Positivity: Kosovo leadership to organize celebrations for Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday

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From Pristina, Kosovo:

Nov 18, 2009 / 12:50 am

On Nov. 11 the National Council of Kosovo met for the first time to organize the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Blessed Mother Teresa’s birth.

The Italian bishops new service (SIR) reports that the meeting took place in the Culture Ministry’s palace and was attended by Culture Minister Valton Beqiri, the president’s delegate Xhavit Beqiri, Ali Podrimjia of the Academy of Science and Art of Kosovo and Jusuf Bajraktari of the History Institute of Kosovo.

Fr. Lush Gjergji, a biographer of Mother Teresa, represented the Church in Kosovo at the meeting.

“This special year will open on December 10th 2009 on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of her Peace Nobel Prize,” Fr. Gjergji told SIR News.

Mother Teresa, whose birth name was Gonxha Bjoaxhiu, was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopjie in what was then the Ottoman Empire. Today, the city is capital of the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.

Her parents, of Albanian descent, were born in Kosovo and she often visited the land in her youth.

According to SIR News, she had a special bond with the Marian Sanctuary of Letnica on the Kosovo-Macedonia border. ….

Go here for the rest of the story.