November 25, 2009

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Deconstructing ClimateGate’s Smoking-Gun Email’) Is Up (ALSO: Rush’s SITYS For the Ages; PJM Climategate Links)

It’s here.

Given how many other writers have weighed in at PJM, I appreciate their acceptance of my submission on short notice.

The subheadline is, “A leading light of climate change inadvertently exposes AGW’s crumbling foundation.” That exposure comes from a Kevin Trenberth e-mail, acknowledged as genuine. It comments on an October 9 BBC article (“What happened to global warming?”) by Paul Hudson, and among other things complains that:

The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.

On, it’s much, much more than that. As you’ll see in the column, that e-mail, along with Trenberth’s response to its exposure, forces an incontrovertible and settled conclusion: The whole AGW (anthropogenic global warming) enterprise is and has been a bunch of globaloney — a term I have used correctly for almost three years in 118 posts going back to January 2007 (two earlier ones are here and here) — from the very beginning.

The column will appear here at BizzyBlog on Friday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


Related: The past few days have been a giant SITYS (See I Told You So) for Rush Limbaugh, who has been on to this nonsense for two decades.

Limbaugh took the opportunity yesterday to make some very important larger points. There’s no substitute for reading the whole thing, but here are a few related excerpts from his comments yesterday (link will go behind his subscription wall after a week; bolds are mine):

…. We really live, folks, in two worlds. There are two worlds. We live in two universes. One universe is a lie. One universe is an entire lie. Everything run, dominated, and controlled by the left here and around the world is a lie. The other universe is where we are, and that’s where reality reigns supreme and we deal with it. And seldom do these two universes ever overlap. A great illustration is what’s happening here with what is now incontrovertibly known as a hoax. We know that the lead place, this Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University — which is the number one advisor and communicator with the IPCC, which is the UN’s climate-control crowd.

We know that data was made up to advance the notion that man is causing the climate to warm. We know that data was purposely left out that hides the fact that the earth is cooling. Even on this bunch’s website, they cannot hide the fact that temperatures have not increased the last ten years, and they’ve had to come up with some of the most irrational, illogical explanations for it. “Well, it’s the ocean currents out there. It could be El Nino or La Nina. A lot of stuff is going on,” but they specifically ignore anything related to the sun! And without the sun, there’s nothing. How you can ignore the sun in the whole concept of warming is idiocy. But the point is this: We have now the facts. I don’t care how it happened, whistle-blower or a hacker.

…. So it’s a hoax. We know these people — and I’ve known it all along. I know who these people are. I know who communists are. I know who liberals are. I know how they have to get things done. They have to lie. This ought to be among the biggest stories to come down the pike in a year, and it is in that side of the universe where we all live, in the real world. As far as the left is concerned, the story hasn’t happened.

…. what is happening is the people in the Universe of Lies are ignoring it. Their agenda will be paramount — and I guarantee you that as we speak, the hoaxers and everybody involved in it from Algore on up to this Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University are plotting strategy on how to keep forging forward because of two things. There is a hell of a lot of money at the end of this train and these people want to get their hands on it. A lot of it is ours, a lot of it is grants from other governments, plus the power that’s going to come with that. The second thing is that the scientists involved in this so-called consensus stand to have their reputations in ruin ….

…. You know, folks, the two universes here — The Universe of Lies, The Universe of Reality — they don’t overlap anymore. And this is even bigger than global warming, which was my point yesterday. It’s about everything that the left is involved in. What this fraud, what the uncovering of this hoax exposes, is the corruption that exists between government and academia and science and the media. Science has been corrupted. We know the media has been corrupted for a long time. Academia has been corrupted. None of what they do is real. It’s all lies! It is all oriented toward a political outcome. It’s bigger than global warming. And of course science has been corrupted here.

…. what they have done here is now make it reasonable to doubt everything some scientist says who gets government money from somewhere. And if you know what’s good for you, if you know that they’re leftists, you won’t believe anything they say any time, anywhere, about anything. Their ideas are so hideous, are so insidious, so anti-free market, that they have to dress their ideas up in a phony cloak of compassion: Saving the planet, saving the polar bears, saving the water, saving the earth, saving whatever it is. “Saving the poor,” while they destroy the poor. It just infuriating. So we have now the Four Corners of Deceit, and the two universes in which we live. The Universe of Lies, the Universe of Reality, and The Four Corners of Deceit: Government, academia, science, and media.

…. if you live in The Universe of Lies, the last thing that you are governed by is the truth. The last thing you are governed by is reality. The only thing that matters to you is the advancement of your political agenda. And you tell yourself in The Universe of Lies that your agenda is so important the world will not survive without it and therefore you could lie, cheat, steal, destroy whoever you have to to get your agenda done — because your opponents are eeevil, and in fighting eeevil, anything goes. …. And that is why in The Universe of Lies in this country, those of us who live in The Universe of Reality are the true enemy.

The PJM collection runs the gamut from the data itself to the politics. Here are the ones I have found (sorry to anyone at PJM whom I might have overlooked):

  • Ian Pilmer — “Climategate: Alarmism Is Underpinned by Fraud”
  • William Briggs — “What Is — and What Isn’t — Evidence of Global Warming”
  • Charlie Martin — “Climategate Computer Codes Are the Real Story” (“a harried programmer …. couldn’t replicate the scientists’ warming results”)
  • Iain Murray — “Three Things You Absolutely Must Know About Climategate”
  • Christopher Horner — “Competitive Enterprise Institute Sues NASA in Wake of Climategate Scandal”
  • David Steinberg — “Global Warmists Dig in Their Heels over Climategate — Kind of”
  • Charlie Martin — “Climategate: Violating the Social Contract of Science (Updated)”
  • Viscount Christopher Monckton on Climategate: “They Are Criminals”
  • Charlie Martin — “Global WarmingGate: What Does It Mean?”
  • Rand Simberg — “Climategate: When Scientists Become Politicians”
  • Richard Fernandez — “Do Hacked Emails Spell the End of the Global Warming Industry?”
  • Charlie Martin — “Hacker Releases Data Implicating CRU in Global Warming Fraud”
  • Ed Driscoll — “All the News That’s Fit to Bury”

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